Genesi[s] review by Woe, Is Me

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  • Released: Nov 20, 2012
  • Sound: 1
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1 Junky
  • Users' score: 4.5 (68 votes)
Woe, Is Me: Genesi[s]

Sound — 1
It's about time someone reviewed this album. Let's save your time though, and just say that this album is a JOKE. I cannot fathom why these guys are even in the industry. Why did they decide to, ya know get all of these new members, make genetic-core puke from the gutter that in turn brings the end result as the worst metalcore band in history? Austin Thornton, the biggest douchebag of the band, and for all I know, the control freak, which, if none of you know, all of the old band members left in spite of him. Which now they formed another band called Issues. Now, this review is not about that band, but I will say they are not great. They did a song that dissed these guys, and this so-called band called Woe, Is Me also did one too, and as a matter of fact, both songs leaked on the internet the same day. Meanwhile, as I'm not even past 20 seconds of WIM's new single, I cannot shake off the fact that I am majorly annoyed by the continuous, barbaric, utterly annoying screaming. It's like someone decided to make love with a donkey, and took over the vocals. Well... Anyway, I'm sickened by their music. Can't say their debut album was any good, but at least the use of keyboards and synthesizers were pretty good. Here, there is no keyboardist, and on top of that former lead guitarist of Abandon All Ships makes no key riffs to even bring this band together. All chug chug chug open note to the extreme crap. And y'know, I actually enjoyed the clean vocalist at first, but as the second time in to listening to "Family First" - the only song I liked on my first listen through, I cannot say that that's a good song anymore. It's just too cliche, but more importantly, Hance is wayyy to whiney and pitchy. It annoys the crap out of me because he doesn't have many parts in this album, and this was the one song with all clean vocals, whereas the other songs just had him in the chorus. It's almost like he's forcing his voice out. That's no bueno.

Lyrics — 1
I... I dunno where to start. So here's some sample of lyrics. This one is from "F.Y.I.": "With the devil on my back And God in my heart I used the hands that built you up To f--king rip you apart You turned their whole world upside down And filled heads with doubt But there's just one small thing you forgot about That on the other side of heaven There's always a hell And that's one f--king place I know all too well". Too much swearing, too much negativity. This: "So I'll pick up a pen And from beginning to end I'll write the three words we will defend: Follow your dreams Go!" It has too much cheesiness. This song, called "Call It Like You See It"... I... I just cannot say how unordinal this song is: "And I have learned not to rely on all the promises you make, 'Cause when you play with fire, getting burned is just a chance you take. I'm running out of time, there's no room for mistakes. You can use this as you will, but I won't cross my fingers yet. Wishful thinking lets you down, when what you see is what you get." These guys seem to keep their angst towards ex members of the band, and it's getting real old fast. It disgusts me to even read these lyrics. Now, for the lead single, and quite possibly the worst song off this horrendous album. "I've Told You Once" spewing out repetitive rhymes: "So hold these words up to your chest Prove to them all why you're the best And when they say you're just like the rest It's time to put that courage to the test". Not only that but I heard that the intro got stolen from one of Periphery's hits. WIM trying to be djent? That's a joke. I mean listen to how muddy their sound is. Another line from this joke of a song, "'Cause you say that we're cowards and that we're the ones to blame, But we're one in a million and you're all the f--king same". Let me just say, words speak for these lines.

Overall Impression — 1
Oh, the irony of how horrible this album is. Let me tell ya, these guys are a dime a dozen. They're taking everything all of these other horrendous metalcore bands are doing nowadays and bundling it all up in one. That's not talent whatsoever, that's just immature garbage. I gave these guys a chance on their debut album, but now that everything's pretty much changed for the bad I cannot say the same. One more thing; Matty Mullins, get the hell out of this album, and stay away from Danny of AA, it's ruining your talent. Okay, I'm done.

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    I personally like Issues, it's somewhat ridiculous and definitely not your standard metalcore but it's different and it's creative People are complaining about Issues because it doesn't sound like what metalcore should to them, but then people also go and hate on Genesi[s] for sounding too much like metalcore. Make up your ****ing mind and don't hate just to hate. Issues bring something new to the table whereas other bands are just rehashing the same old shit. At the very least give them some credit for that.
    Couldn't agree more dude! Everyone just likes to have something to bitch about.
    Ice Nine Kills as well dude. I was at a music festival and decided to stop by for their set and ended up missing most of Texas and July's set because INK were unreal live.