Kingdom Of Might review by Woe of Tyrants

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  • Released: Jan 6, 2009
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (39 votes)
Woe of Tyrants: Kingdom Of Might

Sound — 9
The sound of the CD is pretty amazing, ranging from the bruteiful solos to the guttural vocals or the drum work. It's all thoroughly skilled and layed out. Guitar: My favorite thing first, the riffs and solos are amazing, some of the best I may have heard. Blazing speed, sexy sweeps, and high technicality. They also have a talent of creating solos that sound good even with extreme fast speeds, so it doesn't sound like they're just trying to shred for the sake of shredding. 'Pearls Before Swines' solos, riffs, everything is just so brilliant, beautiful, and yet, still can maintain a sense of heaviness. I'll be honest though, the sound/tone they use throughout their solos is indeed something I'm very enticed by. It gives a sense of epicness and technicality which fits right into the music. To be honest, some riffs almost made me think of old 8 bit video games in some parts, which I liked too. 'Like Jasper and Carnelian's solo has a jazzy feel even and also reaches a more classical sound and is definitely one of the higher up ranker songs when it comes to guitar work on this album. There are even some fantastic instrumentals on the album. Drums n' Bass: I'm not the best at realizing impressive bass and drum work usually and to be honest, I feel bass is almost unnoticeable on much of the album, or maybe I'm just missing it. The drum work is solid and definitely has impressive times along with impressive timing and definitely is fit in with the music excellently to keep it all going smoothly.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of the album are pretty impressive and on par with the musicianship. Very intricate and meaningful. The album is a concept album (I think) and from what I've read, has a Christian influence, not that it's straight out Christian, but it tries to suggest that you start to take in everything around you more and just think about some stuff. If I interpret right also, it's also has a concept of how amazing it is to believe that one person, thing, whatever God is, could create everything that is, and was. Even though I myself am not Christian, the lyrics are wonderful and blow away many lyrics people write nowadays. If nothing else, they can even be interpreted in other ways, even as just a whole different story in itself. Vocals: Now, I'm not the biggest fan of most screaming and growling still, but I'm growing into it more though. Now, the vocals on the album are basically ALL screaming, growling, and such variants, no clean vocals. This does disappoint me because a mixture of screams, growls, and clean vocals and really emphasize points amazingly. Nonetheless, the variations of vocals are still impressive. Multiple types of growls and screams are audible throughout and they are also understandable unlike many heavier bands. The only other disappointment is that the mastering on vocals doesn't feel the best, it's balanced right but the quality on them seems kinda iffy sometimes. Nonetheless, nothing that isn't easily look passed.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall, it's am amazing album if it's a genre you like. The guitar skill, the vocals, the lyrics, everything is amazing. The variety ranging from tech metal sounding solos to jazz to classic rock. If you wanna give it a preview, I suggest checking out either 'Pearls Before Swine' or 'Like Jasper and Carnelian' as those are two of the best songs all around on the album. The only thing keeping it from a 10 for me is the lack of some clean vocals for more variety.

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    I sampled this on Amazon...their sh*t sounds good...I may get the album this weekend, we'll see...
    metalcore is reaching the point nu-metal did years ago too many bands doing the same thing soon no one will give a shit and the only bands that get remembered will be the ones who sold the most records. not these guys
    Great band, especially live. Won't be the same without Burns, but Dozer is pretty beast. Enjoyed every minute, especially Break the Fangs of the Wicked
    seanplaysforblb wrote: Wow more generic metalcore claiming its death metal. Im so sick of this stuff. And no I didn't hear any impressive leads. Im sorry but this stuff is just so cookie-cutter and even has shitty ass breakdowns. THIS IS NOT DEATH METAL!
    I agree this is not death metal, but it is by no means metalcore either. Breakdowns aren't confined purely to 'core...listen to Nocturnal Mortum for example to see what I mean. This actually sounds like modern thrash to me, really similar to Sylosis, (try about 30 seconds into Pearls Before Swine), albeit more techy. Perhaps it could be classed as melodic death...but it's not death metal in the same way that bands like Nile, Necrophagist or Psycroptic are. Amazing music in any case. Many congratulations to these guys on an amazing album. Keep it metal \m/
    For those of you that say you dislike WoT's music, I respect your opinion if you actually gave it a listen and just don't like it. If you are just some eletist **** that wants something else to bitch about, go **** yourself. I know all the members in this band, and all the previose members first hand. These dudes can shred. Period. If you think this album is just full of generic breakdowns and watered down solos then you are mistaken. Sure, they have parts that might sound similar to something someone else has done. But who doesn't? Everything has already been played, all of the note order possibilites have already been done. So all of you eletist pricks, you might as well give up the guitar because you will not come up with something that hasn't already been done.
    I like this band's stuff, just not the lyrics. Not to be prejudiced or anything; but I'm an athiest and I listen to a TON of black metal, so the Christian vibe just doesn't do it for me. Otherwise: killer, killer, killer musicianship! The guy who wrote them off as "just another metalcore poser band" obviously didn't listen to a single note on the album.
    heard some of the stuff here and there, so far so good, the guitarings good, not technical enough to be wankery but technical enough to be interesting and non-generic
    Opened for these guys before earlier this year and I like them a lot. Cool guys and awesome musicians. Got some double bass tips from the drummer. Cool stuff
    Dozerdwarf wrote: The comments here are pretty funny when you've been in the band they're being written about!
    Haha agreed. Just knowing you guys makes this pretty interesting. You've got some people who seem to really like your stuff.