Wolfmother review by Wolfmother

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2005
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (336 votes)
Wolfmother: Wolfmother

Sound — 8
Any band that starts off a song (Dimension) with such a primal Plant-style scream catches my attention. Wolfmother wears their classic rock/hard rock influences proudly on their collective sleeves. Their music is a modern day mixture of Led Zep and Sabbath. Although there is no technically mind-boggling solos like in either of these great classic bands, WolfMother brings the rock through solid rhythm guitar and some fun keyboard solos.

Lyrics — 8
Lyrics have never been strong in the Classic Hard Rock genre. Wolfmother keeps up this trend by using rhytmically fitting, simple rock lyrics. The lyrics are nothing fantastic, but they don't detract from the music in any way. And come on people, no one thinks Plant is singing anything great when he's singing "shake for me girl, I wanna be your backdoor man, hey ho hey ho hey ho", but it's the feel and the energy conveyed that matter. Wolfmother does a good job bringing the same energy.

Overall Impression — 8
It is a pretty good album when compared to the modern junk that is produced these days, but it can't compare to the classics. If you already have quite an extensive collection of Zep and Sabbath, you could certainly do worse than buying a Wolfmother album. If you don't have a good collection of the heroes of hard rock, however, buy Zep and Sabbath and it'll be a better purchase. Overall Wolfmother's an enjoyable listen, especially: Love Train, Dimension, and Woman.

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    I know its an afro, but i was referring to his face aswell
    I hate keyboard playing also, but I gotta admit that they did a great job with the keyboards on this one, I actually liked it. Every song on this album kicks *ss and I disagree with people who say the singer sounds like Robert Plant, sure he does on the song woman but if you listen to the rest of the album, I'd say he sounds more like Jack White. This is the best band since Kyuss and it's the best new cd i've heard in 10 years. The only thing this band needs to do is to get another guitarist who can do bad ass solos, but the riffs on this album are awesome. Just need better and longer solos.
    Actually theres alot of reference to ripping off Zep and Sabbath, but i also heard a huge The Datsuns vibe going on here, minus the kick ass solos. Still I enjoy the album, its just some fun, tripped out rock and roll.
    Y2A 66
    I don't know why everyone insists on immediately comparing a new band like Wolfmother to the legendary Led Zep. Of course a band who hasn't been around very long is not as good as the greatest rock band of all time. I think stating this is getting a little unnecessary. Having said that I think its a pretty good album, I like it. Who cares what their influences are or who they resemble. You can't fault a few guys for playing a type of music that has been played before.
    They are pretty cool, but in my opinion they are getting so much attention because their sound is so similar to Sabbath/Zep/etc., which got/deserved a LOT of attention..
    [Creative Name]
    pumpkins_rule wrote: It's pretty sad that bands are still imitating Led Zeppelin after all this time...
    no it's pretty awsome because that was they don't play gay ass emo music. As long as they don't totally copy their influences it rocks!!!!!
    wolfmother rocks, I like Woman and that video. Led ZeppelING? Steal music? Whatever, he obviously doesnt know what hes talking about.
    Everyone borrows from someone else, just as Zeppelin borrowed from another style. Just because it's similar to someone else's style doesn't mean it kicks ass as much. These guy's, for a three piece, rule some ass. The riff's are so Sabbath, that's what I first noticed.
    i am a huge led zeppelin fan and it is nice to hear something new that sounds like zeppelin. in my opinion if they became even more like zeppelin that would be a plus for them. however i dont think they have the ability to be more like zeppelin because none of them are as good of musicians as zeppelin. if they threw in more guitar solos and jams then they would be great. they'd be given even less credid for being too much like zeppelin then but at at least they're a new band so you can see them evolve over the years. i think the singer should give his guitar to someone who can use it better. zeppelin wouldnt have been zeppelin if it werent for jimmy page's technical ability, originality, and song writing ability. wolfmothers first album is good because people say, "hey they're like zeppelin and sabbath and its about time modern music sounded more like that." but if they come out with annother album that sounds just like this one they're going to get much less popular.
    Im from nz and dis cd has been out here for a while now. i got it a couple of days after it came out and its one of the best F***n cds ive ever bought
    i think that the album is awsome and at least they are bringing the old type of style music back... i mean, who else is doin that right now??
    I love Led zepplin, i love black sabbath and I also love Wolfmother. You cant compare Wolfmother with these bands. Totally different times. theres an influence there but i bet 99% of musicians that write there own music have an influence of what someone else wrote before them. I got to see wolfmother 4 times in '05 and i saw alot more bands as well. They are definetly up there as far as modern bands and live performances go. Get the album. Doubt you would be dissapointed
    It's not fair to contribute a new band like Wolfmother to the gods of rock. At least they're trying guys.
    Tony_26 wrote: wolfmother is better than led zeppeling. at least wolfmother didnt steal their music
    How could you even THINK about saying that? That makes me sick...
    lol, the album is pretty good, didnt expect that kind of music but i like it
    69.so.fine wrote: I was thinking this would be another shitty foreign folk-metal band (because of the name), but they're pretty badass.
    yeah wolfmother sounds like a folk band
    I'm not going to flame but seriously Tony_26, what were you thinking?? Anyway I've heard the album and it was okay but fairly generic light stoner rock, very VERY heavy Sabbath influence which isn't a bad thing but if you like it just buy anything by Kyuss instead, they really were a lot better and they did manage to capture the sound of being "lost in the desert, baby" a lot better than these guys.
    Steph Bets
    mate one of the best albums i've heard in a long time. seeing them the 21st. dungen are supporting. cant wait!
    when i first heard wolfmother, i couldnt stop listening to their songs on the album. they're one of the only bands that have that classic sound that you never hear anymore, which i love. ive heard a lot of ppl talk about that this band sux because they sound too much like zeppelin and sabbath, or their lead singer is their guitarist so he cant do any kewl guitar riffs. well i gotta tell you, guitar isnt the only thing that makes a band great, its how the bass, guitar, drums, vocals, maybe keyboard mix to make the great sound they play and thats what wolfmother's all about
    the singer wears a dark side of the moon shirt everyday. they're pretty good-sound just like zeppelin
    i never liked wolfmother and i saw them at bdo this year and still didnt think anything different, if you want a band that has that hasa similar sound but is a million times better listen to deep purple and led zep
    _TheWorst wrote: The only plus is that I'd rather here Wolfmother on the radio than Avril Lavigne or Ashlee Simpson, or etc .
    Very much agreed.
    bambi_slaughter wrote: not a bad band..but led zeppelin did this all already..and zep did it better...so whats the point of doing soemthing somones already done better?
    What the? how are you meant to make music then. There would be people under the "best" all the time nothing would be released. So there should be no punk bands because they won't be better then the Sex Pistols ( i dunno if they were punk just using an example). Your point makes no sense.
    I just bought this album last night and have listend to it nonstop, i think if rock had stayed true to its zeppelin/sabbath/deep purple roots, this is what modern music would sound like.
    The riff in the song woman is pretty much the same as this song I heard on my local classic rock station...actually alot of their stuff is copied.
    guitar joe
    im from aust so g'day mate. to anyone who has not herd wolfmother id like to explain them like this, they are a PSYCADELLIC rock trio who have i my oppinion sucessfully combined highly influenced sabbath riffs with zeppelin like psyke out sessions within the song (eg whole lotta love and Dazed and confused though there is no violon bow used). any 1 who buys this thinkn they will hear influences of jimmy page will be bitteryly dissapointed as the guitar work is nothing spectacular though riffs are cool and easy for beginners to play. i like them as they have successfully brought a psychadellic aspect back into music and made it cool, well at least in aust, as for the rest of the world well see.
    yea there good but there no where near aussies bands such as the vines and grinspoon or jet i no this cuz i am aussie
    69.so.fine wrote: I was thinking this would be another shitty foreign folk-metal band (because of the name), but they're pretty badass.
    You've never heard folk metal until you've heard "In Extremo". German folk songs with distorted guitars and bagpipes. Kinda addicting though...
    as a note, tales from the forest of gnomes is still on the us/uk versions, but its called tales