Wolfmother review by Wolfmother

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (336 votes)
Wolfmother: Wolfmother

Sound — 9
Great Zep-style riffs, linked together by simple but effective chord sequences. The drumming is also effective, with some almost primal rolls and a shift away from the simple rock beats many modern drummers use in the post-bonham, baker and moon music industry. The keyboard didn't stand out, I was not even aware at first listening there was a keyboard player.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are poor, and mainly rhyme-based, which means the band obviously have no real point to get across. They do not add anything to the music, so the singer may as well be humming. The singing is good, but a little high-pitched for my taste. I would prefer a standalone singer to a guitarist-singer, so the guitarist can focus on the important part of playing.

Overall Impression — 8
I like my classic rock, and this is a nice break from the indie/emo modern rock bands. My favourite tracks are Dimension and Witchcraft, which both have crafty riffs, effective in their simplicity. I do not like Apple Tree, as it's lyrics are just preposterous. If I lost it, I would probably buy it again, but not necessarily in a hurry.

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    love this album pretty much every song is amazing fun, simple, zeppelin riffs, keeping true rock alive great to play live
    Prince Albert
    all i have to say is wolfmother is the best freakin' band that I've heard in a while. These guys are just what we need these days with gay bands like Fall Out Boy corrupting young children's minds.
    i have done my research, i come from aus, and if you did too, you'd know the point i'm trying to make... the point i'm trying to make is that, here in aus, seldom aus bands are played over tv or radio, it is mostly bombarded by overseas acts. There are other bands like AC/DC (i am giving you that one, i should of mentioned them too, so you could actually follow me) and Skyhooks, but most of the time, we have none. Bands like this that are from aus, is like finding a needle in a haystack, a diamond in the rough. I'm not apologising for my comment, i stand by every word.
    You sir, are a tool. you obviously haven't heard much australian rock. do your research before you make lame comments
    That's why i said many, name as many popular hard rock bands that have come from aus as you can, and come back to me.
    Album of the year. DEFO. I can hear a lil bit of deep purple, especially in dimension
    this album is the best i've heard in years!! and im going to see them next month! cant wait! i saw them at Reading Festival, they kicked ass!! these guys are s**t hot
    this album kicks ass. really love the riffs and the solos the well used power chords... this is just a fantastic album
    Spartan 117 wrote: I_Psychotic wrote: not many good artist come out of aus. this is one exception. ever heard of a little band called AC/DC?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?
    Nothing against bands from Australia, but he said not MANY. Name one band OTHER than AC/DC (and Wolfmother).
    Spartan 117
    I_Psychotic wrote: not many good artist come out of aus. this is one exception.
    ever heard of a little band called AC/DC?!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? !?!?
    I_Psychotic wrote: not many good artist come out of aus. this is one exception. is that a joke? ACDC just to name one
    I_Psychotic wrote: not many good artist come out of aus. this is one exception.
    You sir, are a tool. you obviously haven't heard much australian rock. do your research before you make lame comments
    phizzle wrote: bambi_slaughter wrote: not a bad band..but led zeppelin did this all already..and zep did it better...so whats the point of doing soemthing somones already done better? What the? how are you meant to make music then. There would be people under the "best" all the time nothing would be released. So there should be no punk bands because they won't be better then the Sex Pistols ( i dunno if they were punk just using an example). Your point makes no sense.
    I totally agree dude. I think Wolfmother is bringing primetime music back to the good old days. And don't give me that bullsh-- about how the frickin stole from Zeppelin and Sabbath. How is anyone going to make any rock that sounds anything good that doesn't at least sound a bit like either of those two bands. Everyone steals from later generations. It's a well known fact. So I guess since Sabbath and Zeppelin already wrote the Bible of rock, bands like the Black Keys, The Black Crowes, the Foo Fighters, Green Day, The Offspring, and Sum 41 should just give up at playing in fear of maybe writing a riff that sounds even remotely like a sacred Iommi or Page riff, which they probably didn't even know existed in the first place? If you say that, then you are saying that you would rather hear shit like frickin ashlee dumbass simpson, and the Grammy award winning 3 6 mafia, and whoever the fu-- else, than a band that brings back real music to MTV and mainstream radio. I am so glad that someone is finally saying, "Shut the hell up everyone and listen to our kickass music." I think Wolfmother is becoming the classic rock represetative for classic rock junkies like ourselves. There are very few bands out there today that aren't just playing to make money and Wolfmother is one of those bands. Show a little respect and cut them some slack about their very first album. So what if it's not LZ4 or Appetite for Destruction or anything else. They are trying to rock their little Aussie asses off and they are giving hope and inspiration to young stupid ass kids who could watch BET or Wolfmother. I am THRILLED that I see Wolfmother on the 10 spot on MTV than the frickin G-unit. So don't hate, congratulate! Wolfmother might not be the next big thing in pop music, but its a huge f---ing improvement.
    First of i am canadian and i descovered wolfmother a month ago, and i was very very shocked to finally hear some good music on the radio,Like black sabbath, Zepplien and deep purpel all smashed in one band, also this is there first big disk, give the band time they will get better. Everyone at my school made fun of me cus i dont listen to "New" music ( Emo rock, rap, and other junk ) And I hope thease guys spearhead a classic rock revoultion, and more bands like wolfmother go main streem
    Tony_26 is a moron, its the other way round although wolfmother aren't the worst stealers ever, this is completly off topic but the bitter end but sum 41 is just a bunch of riffs that sound like Metallica even though it is a brillaint song. and rhcp, dani california, the solo steals just about directly from Purple Haze by Hendrix and just about all Hard Rock/Metal songs steal either the cromatic riffs (like these guys have) or the E C D E riff in paranoid by Black Sabbath
    Tony_26 wrote: wolfmother is better than led zeppeling. at least wolfmother didnt steal their music
    you sir are an idiot
    Well, they are really good compared to alot o' artists these days...and just to clear something up, Wolfmother is considered 'heavy metal' because of the bands they draw from. They obviously draw from Zeppelin and Sabbath, which are considered 'heavy metal' as well as hard rock, while bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith are just hard rock...and that is why; just thought I might attempt to clear some confusion.....