Wolfmother review by Wolfmother

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  • Released: Oct 31, 2005
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.7 (336 votes)
Wolfmother: Wolfmother

Sound — 5
Wolfmother. What is all the hype about? After actually listening to the entire album, I was amazed to see so many gleaming reviews. After a few tracks, it is clear to see that these Aussie rockers are influenced by the greats. Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath spring to mind, but there is something missing. Wolfmother simply do not have the character, or the fire of the above bands. The album stays strictly in the classic rock genre, with generic power chord riff after generic power chord riff. I have nothing against bands that imitate the big guns, but it is clear that Wolfmother are punching above their weight, in a musical sense.

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics, to me, sound as if they are the scribblings of a dreamer, with a large supply of marijuana. The lyrics often tell of adventures, but go nowhere. They are a poor attempt at epic, and become quite irritating towards the end. One plus point of this album is the vocal performance of Andrew Stockdale. His voice is fairly similar to that of Robert Plant, if you take away the operatic side from the Led Zeppelin frontman. His voice definetly suits the genre of music that is displayed on this record.

Overall Impression — 4
After listening to an album by Led Zeppelin or Sabbath, Wolfmother simply do not compare. I do not hate every song on the album, though. Individually, I enjoy listening to White Unicorn, Woman, Joker And The Thief, and Love Train. But this album is full of songs that are like the tracks I just mentioned, but without the life. Too much of the album is filler, with empty verses, and uninspiring choruses. This means that I have switched off, mentally, by the time that the good tracks come around. Flat, lifeless tracks like Dimension drag the album down. If the album were stolen, I would not be particularly downhearted. Honestly I would be happy that someone had taken it off my hands. If you enjoy stoner rock, with a hint of classic rock, please choose the magnificent Queens Of The Stone Age, not Wolfmother.

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    wildchild6660 wrote: i think this must be the only new band in this century so far to play pure, no bullshit rock music
    A) That's not true B) They're not that good
    i wouldnt hate this band as much ( and i hate them a lot)if they werent so overrated but they are so i do. Stockdale has the guitar talent of a 12 year old boy who knows a handfull of chords and the pentatonic scale. the other guys are ok but the bass/keyboardists uses his keyboard too sillilyiy. he like lifts it over his head and gets crushed by it halfway through a song. they probably had an awesome producer and so they sounded alright. but it is extremely unfair to less popular bands with shiteloads of talent like Trivium and Mastodon. But my opinion could change if they had a killer second album, who knows. man why did anyone bother to read the whole comment.
    muso_ chris
    these guys are awesome. i bought it the day it came out, and ever since, ive been hanging out for the next one. apparently early 2008.
    ^ actually not true. Originally, bands like Led Zep and Deep Purple and the like were "heavy metal" bands. But now it's just classic rock to us.
    for the review by crazypunkman, "Tales from the Forest of Gnomes" wasn't left off of the US & UK releases, the title was just shortened to "Tales"
    also wolfmother win the fight against idiots saying bands with zeppelin or sabbaths style are old men. wolfmother are all in their early 30s i believe
    Tony_26 wrote: wolfmother is better than led zeppeling. at least wolfmother didnt steal their music
    i like wolfmother but i have to say that is absolutely stupid. zeppelin only used parts of other songs in about 7 or 8 tracks. and also, wolfmother use many things from zeppelin, hendrix, sabbath etc. also wolfmother like zeppelin. you hate zeppelin you like wolfmother. confusing much. and to people who hate wolfmother, why? would u rather hear a guy wearing makeup and womans clothes whinge?
    SnowMan1 wrote: Tony_26 wrote: wolfmother is better than led zeppeling. at least wolfmother didnt steal their music What the hell are you talking about. Better than Zeppelin? You should be banned from this site. And spell it right next time. Zeppeling sounds like a baby bird.
    Hell yeah. Zep rules, Wolfmother is the protege of vintage rock perfection and we should all recognize that. Check these guys out.
    you're not alone... it does sound like Zep i might have to buy this album later
    Sound: Yes, they emulate Zep, Sab, but is there anything wrong with that? No No sir, I've heard a lot of other stoner-rock bands, but except for Queens Of The Stone Age, none is a s good, let alone better. And what about Deep Purple, the biggest kings of hard-rock ever!? One can clearly hear them in W-ers sound! And let me remnd you that stoner-rock is about emulating not only The Holy Trinity of heavy music, but also incorporating early Pink Floyd ("Where Eagles Have Been", and "Dimension"'s middle section) and T-Rex ("White Unicorn"). Also, we can find some Beatles, Jethro Tull, and even punk (in "Apple Tree") and Meat Loaf (loud synthesizers' part in "Joker & The Thief" ) ! 10/10 Lyrics: Pretty decent stoner-rock lyrics. About women, eagles, dimensions... Boyz have imagination 10/10 Impression: VERY-VERY-VERY satisfied!!! I don't care even if they do rip off rock-classics, I don't care if they're stoner or pneo-prog or whatever, - I care for the MUSIC! 10/10
    There albums are good probbably about a hight 7 or an 8 like most are up there and they arent super original but then again no one band is completely original i mean think about it. But they are a nice breth of new FRESH AIR to the new music most people listen to. and these guys are sooooo much better live theyre phenominal high energy fun to see band i got a chance to see these guys in baltimore a year or so ago and it was great. but definently get out and see them live
    Frusciante_50's is true but they are bad and although critical it is quite funny to read nice one!
    A7X_hyperfan wrote: Tony_26 wrote: wolfmother is better than led zeppeling. at least wolfmother didnt steal their music How could you even THINK about saying that? That makes me sick...
    Listen to Howard Stern, I know he's had someone on his show that provided evidence of songs that Zepplin had ripped off. I don't want to start a flame war but his comment is warranted, despite its controversial nature. The extent to which Zepplin ripped off songs can also be debated.
    I don't like it when people accuse Wolfmother of being unoriginal. If their music is good, and they aren't stealing material from other bands, what's the freakin problem. Also, if anyone saying this is a metalhead, they would be a hypocrite for liking 90% of the bands they listen to. If you look at it this way, everythings a rip-off of everything. Just chill out and enjoy some good music! I mean I can understand if you say "this riff sounds like a specific Zeppelin song, they copied it, so they suck", but you people are saying "this sounds like it has a Zeppelin feel to it". THIS IS A GOOD THING!!!
    P.S. I have the original, i.e. Australian version of the album, - it has a slightly different track-list that is much better than the latest one.
    They're entertaining, but I'm not a huge fan. They were okay live. By the way, so what if they have riffs that sound like LZ, Page took PLENTY of his from old blues artists anyway...
    has any one noticed that the Woman riff sounds strangely EXACTLY THE SAME to the Roadhouse Riff by the Doors? and that the power chord riff in Joker and the Thief sounds uncannily like Lord of This World by Black Sabbath?