Show Your Bones review by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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  • Released: Mar 28, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (84 votes)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Show Your Bones

Sound — 9
Check of a March issue of any music magazine or even Time newsmagazine at the first part of the month and you will see the critics raving over Show Your Bones from the Yeahs. Calling it everything from the best album of the past 6 months to the definition of a band's growth in sound. SHow Your Bones is all of this and more as it isn't a remote to what the first Yeahs album sounded like with the exception of the brutally honest raw emotion shown on the first one. It sounds like the same old Karen O but sadder to the tune of maybe Pat Benatar and the riffing sounds like Whitesnake or Journey from arena rock days. But the two compliment each other very well. This album nearly broke the band up because they were disputing over if the album should sound similiar to the first scratchy, concrete sounds of Fever to Tell or should they get more in-house studio producers to create a more poppy sound and from the end result I cant tell if anyone got their wish. Very creative and groundbreaking for an art-punk band from New York without a bassist.

Lyrics — 7
Well, lyrically Show Your Bones is far less than a masterpiece because at times Miss Karen can be so vague that its hard to even imagine what she could possibly be talking about such as the songs "Honeybear", "Phenomena" and the first single "Gold Lion". However lyrically the album does have its strong points when Karen finally taps into that brutally honest self indulgence as she does in "Mysteries", "Warrior" and "Turn into". ANd moreso than the first album she shows her skill and versatility behind the mic as she expands behind just screaming and whining which worked well for the first album but would not have been the same strange pleasure for a second.

Overall Impression — 9
SHow Your Bones does not compare to anything I've heard in a while but is a novel listen if your going through a breakup or just find utter enjoyment in odd music. The strongest points on the album are "Cheated Hearts", "Turn Into", "Phenomena" and "Mysteries" and the only really bad I can say about the listen is that there arent enough of the fast and louder punk influences from Fever to Tell. But the end result is a very solid listen.

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    Just because nobody else has seemed to notice, Fever to Tell was the YYY's first official album, but they had a self titled EP out before that which was album length. I hated having to read through your retarded and biased comments. I also hate stupid people who think they're clever. So next time keep your mouths shut unless you're commenting on the album that has been reviewed.
    The lyrics seem vague but they're introspective. The majority of the album is a reaction to those that criticized the yyys for selling out. Lydia Lunch tried to put them down by saying they were to pop, and the yyys replied by showing they couldn't care less.
    Also how hypocritical is it that all those former No Wave artists who were "rebelling against everything" come back and tell bands like Black Dice, Liars and Yeah Yeah Yeahs that they are for lack of a better term posers. So they added melody to the gritty energy of No Wave. Since when is it a crime to have a record contract? A band would be a poser if it recreated exactly what the noise scene was. All this indie arrogance and snobbishness. 'Oh that bands a total sellout cuz they tune their instruments'. And at the time no one had a problem with making noise that was also some what musical. Look at James Chance or Bush Tetras. Lunch is only jealous cuz Karen O did we she never could, remain cool without alienating listeners.
    "sweets" - that song annoyed me, don't like it. other songs - purrrfeect
    Gman400 wrote: US invented them so they rule the majority. I've only seen this bands one video on MTV or w/e a while ago and it was probably one of the worst songs I've ever hard in my entire life. I'm not tryin to start an argument or be an ass, this's just what I think.
    you must be deaf.. and blind too!