Paper Walls review by Yellowcard

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  • Released: Jul 17, 2007
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (126 votes)
Yellowcard: Paper Walls

Sound — 9
Yellowcard bounces back from Lights and Sounds with their new album Paper Walls. Now, why do they bounce back? To be honest, it's hard to describe generally, so let's just go down the list before I sum it up: 01. The Takedown - the opening track. It's a good idea fo start with a fast track, you know, to keep your blood pumping for the whole album, if you know what I mean. LP keeps it really fast in this track, and with Sean's fiddling and Mendez' solo, you're probably born without adrenaline to not get pumped up for this. 02. Fighting - one of the first songs the public heard off the new album. Yellowcard slows down a bit compared to 'The Takedown', but remains it's fast pace. As usual, LP's drumming and Sean's fiddling maintains the pace well. 03. Shrink The World - this track maintains 'Fighting's pace, with Sean performing a really fast paced fiddle along the way. 04. Keeper - Time to slow down. This is similar to Space Travel. As with other Yellowcard songs, each member easily adjusts to the pace for the overall feel of the song, which means that LP moderates just how fast drumming is necessary for the song. Sean has very nice touches to the song's whole feel as well. 05. Light Up The Sky - the first single off the album. Whoa, I miss my friend, again. Just a little note about this song. I learned the song as much as I can (a bit decent amount, honestly) and played this for my friend a few days before my graduation, since she couldn't attend. And no, we're not dating, in case you're asking. Anyway, back to the sound. This is Yellowcard's song for the girl you love the most #1. Well paced song, and as explained earlier, all members adjust to the pace, effectively contributing when necessary, like Sean's fill when the guitars are not strummed. 06. Shadows And Regrets - slowing down a bit compared to Light up the Sky. It is an appropriate pace with regards to the song's meaning. This song, according to sources, is dedicated to Shad, Ryan Key's personal drummer friend who died in an accident. Sean's style adjusts to the song, probably the main contributor to the overall feel. 07. Five Becomes Four - I forgot to tell you. Ever since 'The Takedown', the violin is officially a rock instrument. And there's proof in this song. LP quickens the pace, and I mean quicken, and Sean blends both slow and fast fiddling for an effective and appropriate style for the song. And if I'm right, the song's about Ben Harper. 08. Afraid - the pace pattern somewhat repeats from the first three tracks. Nothing much special about the track. To put it in simple words, it's a standard paced Yellowcard song. 09. Date Line - the drum pace varies throughout the song. The violin touches are all in the right places. While 'Afraid' is a standard paced song, 'Date Line' is a standard Yellowcard song. When I mean standard, I meant nothing special like solos or bridges. And correct me if I'm wrong, but if you listen to blink 182 as well, doesn't the intro to this song a bit similar in style (not rhythm) to one of blink's songs? 10. Dear Bobbie - Yellowcard's acoustic entry for this album. From here on, the pace wouldn't speed up to 'Fighting's or 'The Takedown's caliber, but that doesn't necessarily mean that everything's slow. Unlike How I Go, LP doesn't play here, so skip that part. Anyway, the guitars are played really well, with a piano accompaniment, most likely from Pete. The violin then comes later rather than early as to not ruin the emotional intent of the song. And to put two cherries on top of the sundae, there are insert recordings of Ryan Key's grandfather reading some love letters he had with Ryan's grandmother. The best acoustic song Yellowcard has so far, if not ever, made. You're bound to cry at least once hearing this song. And this song is Yellowcard song for the girl you love the most #2 (by order in the CD). 11. You And Me And One Spotlight - anyway, in this song, there are not much, if any, drum rips from LP. The violin remains a standard pace as well. And there is a piano accompaniment as well. 12. Cut Me Mick - this speeds up from 'You and Me and One Spotlight', with a simple style for each instrument played. The bass plays an important part in this song, during verses and finishing song. 13. Paper Walls - the title track and the final track. A bit faster than 'Cut Me Mick', the song opens with a choir singing a few notes before the band enters altogether with their repsective instruments. For this song, the instruments start playing one at a time during the verse to increase the feel to the necessary levels, with a moment of guitar only music. Unlike the final tracks from Ocean Avenue and Lights and Sounds, the song just abruptly stops. Paper Walls is an improvement of Lights and Sounds, no arguing about that. What disappoints me a bit, however, is how the songs are arranged pacewise. After Date Line, it's not going to speed up to the same level, which I could see is a weakness for the album, as most Yellowcard songs the majority of the public knows are fast. But the style, I give 3 thumbs up if I have a third hand.

Lyrics — 10
Many have heard Ryan's singing skills before, and yes, it's just as good as usual, with Sean and Pete helping out in background. The focus of this part of the review, however, is on the lyrics. The lyrics go well with their respective paces. The most impact any of the lyrics will deliver will most certainly come from 'Dear Bobbie'. As I mentioned earlier, there are recording inserts of Ryan Key's grandfather reading love letters he had with Ryan's grandmother. The lyrical style in this album is designed to really draw out specific emotions from the listener. With the recording inserts, the style's full potential is reached, as displayed in 'Dear Bobbie'.

Overall Impression — 10
Most definitely an improvement of Lights and Sounds. This album actually combines the styles of the three previous albums (One for the Kids, Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds) with some adjustments. As mentioned earlier, song order bothers me, as well as Paper Walls' abrupt ending. But it seems minor compared to how good the album can really be. Of course, as hinted earlier, 'Light Up The Sky' is my favorite in the album, followed closely by 'Dear Bobbie'. Anyway, it's coming out Jul 17th. And please, murder is a crime. Even though the album's that worth it, we don't want anyone hurt or dead over it. Thank you.

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    I honestly liked Lights and Sounds way more than this album. This album has wayyyy too many songs about girls and just the same old pop punk sound. Lights and Sounds seemed to stay away from that same old pop punk sound, was more musically visionary, and they also wrote lyrics about stuff besides girls.
    Paper Walls is a great album. People can listen to whatever music they choose to. Anything that can have a melody is music, not the incessant noise that is metal.
    Does anyone know where i can find violin sheet music/ "tabs" for shrink the world??? Lol... i think the guitar's up here, but... violin is my passion above the 6string.
    I love yellowcard!! Haha, I actually didn't think the takedown was the best of the tracks... and light up the sky totally represents the album feel. AND... fighting's lyrics are so sweet
    guitarista_727 wrote: splinter843 wrote: guitarista_727 wrote: nodice182 wrote: 2nd review: STOP SAYING 'PACE'. What do you want the guy to say? well he could have mixed things up by using words like: speed, beat, rate, tempo, quickness, et cetera. Makes sense. Honestly, I wrote this review about 1 or 2 a.m., so I didn't really much have energy to process a more diverse vocabulary. I'll keep that in mind next time, though. Thanks.
    yeah i had no intention of bashing ur review at all...i just realized it when the guy above me said something about it, so i just decided to comment on the same topic....its no big deal...and i commend you for taking it as constructive criticism as opposed to reacting really defensive and stuff like some ppl do if u know wat i mean
    splinter843 wrote: guitarista_727 wrote: nodice182 wrote: 2nd review: STOP SAYING 'PACE'. What do you want the guy to say? well he could have mixed things up by using words like: speed, beat, rate, tempo, quickness, et cetera.
    Makes sense. Honestly, I wrote this review about 1 or 2 a.m., so I didn't really much have energy to process a more diverse vocabulary. I'll keep that in mind next time, though. Thanks.
    guitarista_727 wrote: nodice182 wrote: 2nd review: STOP SAYING 'PACE'. What do you want the guy to say?
    well he could have mixed things up by using words like: speed, beat, rate, tempo, quickness, et cetera.
    I really hope this album is more like Ocean Avenue. lights and sounds just plain sucked
    I have a pirated copy of paper walls there are only 11 tracks I tabbed 6 of them...hehehe...
    much better than their LIGHTS AND SOUNDS, this album reminds me of OCEAN AVENUE which is the most kickass album!!!
    I'll be the first to bash them! I just can't stand this poppy punky crap. It's just a lame a excuse for music really. It's for people who are to much of a wussy for metal and people who aren't soft enough for just pop. I think YC is just annoying.
    maybe ill listen, but after i watched "walls of death; lamb of god vs yellowcard" i cant help but chuckle at the expense of yellowcard.
    nodice182 wrote: 2nd review: STOP SAYING 'PACE'.
    haha yeah i counted it 17 times! And about the album...its very good!
    wow, no yellowcard bashing yet? well im not going to start, i don't hate yellowcard, but i stopped listening after ocean avenue, i just cant get into them anymore
    I personally enjoyed Ocean Avenue alot more than L&S. Will this album impress me? Call me emo, but the lyrics in OA were very moving, and L&S was a letdown for me. Dear Bobbie sounds like it may have that sort of emotional weight I'm looking for, But doesnt sound like something to which i can relate.
    Oh my ****ing god!! the album is Awsome althought i lstened just 3 songs, it rocks !!
    Jackolas wrote: lol they still going? Cheesy pop punk ftw! I remember making out to my gf hard to some of their songs off of that Ocean avenue album XD
    lmaoo. i'll probably get this album. i think it's so ****ing awesome that they have a violin in their band haha.
    very good album. has more of the lights and sounds vibe, even thought the band said it would appeal to both the fan bases of ocean avenue and lights and sounds. i still think it's a good album. very mature sound compared to ocean avenue. most of the songs seem to have a dark vibe around them, unlike in the ocean avenue CD.
    Saw them yesterday at Warped Tour, pretty cool band, they played a couple songs from this album, and it kinda sounds like their sound is getting old, they need to revamp
    this album rocks. all the songs rock! their albums just keep getting better and better. the violin makes em so unique.