Paper Walls review by Yellowcard

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  • Released: Jul 17, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9 (126 votes)
Yellowcard: Paper Walls

Sound — 10
Oh yes, Yellowcard is back and they have rocked my world for several years. But, on July 17, 2007, they released a new album named Paper Walls. As you expected, this is my favorite album of this year. Yellowcard is extremely my favorite band because of this brilliant masterpiece. I just couldn't stop listening to it. To me, this album of theirs is worth a fortune. Now, let me guide you through every song this album. 01. The Takedown - this is the best rock song of music history and also my favorite song of this century, if possible. Th guitars, violin, drums and bass are perfect in this song. The drums are furious throughout this song. The guitar solo is incredible. The violin is fast-paced. The vocals will force you to sing along. I fell in love with this song and this is my no.1 song on the album! 02. Fighting - the rock song I was impressed with. As the first song released from the album, I was surprised. My favorite thing in this song, is the vocals. The verse is incredible. But I just wish there were more lyrics to the song. But overall, this a pure rock song. 03. Shrink The World - love the lyrics. Perfect arrangements. I love the vocals. This song is like a Down On My Head Pt.II. The guitar riffs make me listen to it over and over again. Good song to listen if you want to rock out. 04. Keeper - brilliant song. Brilliant chorus and verse. The vocals are very emotional. This song is not like Martin Sheen or JFK but the opposite. "I wish I could be, somebody else. Wish I could see, you in myself. Wish there was something inside me, to keep you beside me." Like I said, brilliant chorus. 05. Light Up The Sky - the first single off the album. I love this song! It isn't like any other Yellowcard song. Oh yes, this one is special. The drums fired me up in this song. And, the chorus is very comfortable to hear. But I still wish that The Takedown was the first single off the album. 06. Shadows And Regrets - this is one of my personal favorites. An acoustic song suddenly blows up with electric guitars, bass guitar, and drums! The chorus is wonderful to hear with such good vocals. 07. Five Becomes Four - the most fast-paced song on the album coming through. This song reminds so much about Life Of A Salesman. I love hearing to the drums of this song. Longinue Parsons (drummer) did a very good drum work. Well done for that. But I still wish that the verse was better. But anyway, this song still rocks my world! 08. Afraid - I can't say to much about this song because it is such an amazing song. I want you to hear this song yourself. Ryan Key (vocalist, guitar) did a very good vocal work. Perfect chorus! Reminds me so much about Ocean Avenue. 09. Date Line (I Am Gone) - when I first heard this song, I knew I was going to love this. No, but even better. The song starts with some drumming work. And then comes to the verse and the awesome chorus. After that, you will be satisfied with such a nice song with very good lyrics and vocals. 10. Dear Bobbie - this song is full acoustic song and an emotional one. You will hear Ryan Key's grandfather's voice that may make tears drop down from your eyes. The lyrics are totally brilliant. The chorus is very emotional and melodic. That makes this song special but to me, the weakest song on this album. But overall, I still love this song as much as the other songs off this album. 11. You And Me And One Spotlight - love this song so much! Especially, one of my personal favorites!! I can't stop talking about this song! When you hear this song, remember to turn up the volume extremely high. You will start to love and appreciate your life just like I did when I heard this song when I turn the volume really high in my dad's car. I feel like apologizing for everything I did wrong in this world. I thank this song billions. 12. Cut Me, Mick - very good rock song. Catchy and fast-paced. Drums will always turn me around listening to this song every second, if possible. Amazing vocals and cool lyrics apply in this awesome song. 13. Paper Walls - the final song off this album and the most extraordinary one. The song starts with a choir singing. Suddenly, boom! The rock section comes in! For me, the most sweetest and extraordinary song that will past expectations. I incredibly love the chorus like billions of stars dropping from the sky. Yellowcard has closed their case with the most extraordinary song off the album. Well done, Yellowcard. Well done.

Lyrics — 10
I really think that the lyrics are absolutely perfect for the songs available. The lyrics make the song more powerful, emotional and more comfortable to hear. Ryan Key's voice is extremely terrific and is perfect for an album like this. To me, the songs which have the best lyrics are The Takedown, Keeper, Light Up The Sky, Date Line (I am Gone), Dear Bobbie, You and Me and One Spotlight and Paper Walls.

Overall Impression — 10
Yellowcard, to me, is a band that managed to take me to their world. In fact, it just gets closer and closer. The best songs are well, every song is perfect. What do I love about it? Everything in this album. What do I hate about it? Absolutely nothing. If it were stolen/lost, would I buy it again or get something else? I would rush to the nearest record store and immediately purchase a new Paper Walls album. Like I said, this album is worth a fortune. This may very well be their best album so far, and I guarantee, it will get better and better. Finally, thanks for reading this review.

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    empty apartment=city of devils=keeper.....(oneof them minus the violin solo)
    i'm disappointed with this album. It is just aletdown compared to some of their older stuff. Or it might just have that i bought at the same time as Bloc Party-Weekend in the city, Which is by far one of the best albums of the year.btw the takedown is the best song on this album
    This album is awesome- all of them play their instruments brilliantly- every song kicks ass!
    ocean avenue was great, lights and sounds sucked even thought it had decent tracks like down on my head and lights and sounds,i'm pretty disappointed by YC right now and the stuff from the new album is worth commending for effort the band put in, but from the songs i've heard from the album, just not worth buying
    Awesome CD that I was really happy with - I actually really like their song Paper Walls, cause it's all about letting stuff go and moving on. "Let's take what hurts and write it all down, on these paper walls in this empty house," and then LP starts up the drums - "and when our ink runs out, we'll burn it to the ground," really awesome emotional stuff there.