Going For The One review by Yes

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  • Released: Jul 7, 1977
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.1 (7 votes)
Yes: Going For The One

Sound — 8
The sound of this album is more akin to Relayer than to Fragile or Close to the Edge, but still maintains differences. After 1974's Relayer, Yes decided to take a few years off for solo work, some of which ended up on this album: which in no way demeans it's value. Rick Wakeman was back with his trusty Moog and a variety of other keyboard instruments. The sound is not the best, as it gives the feeling of being a little dry, but all in all, nothing to complain about.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are in typical Yes fashion, with Jon Anderson penning most of them. 01. Going For The One - Steve Howe uses a slide guitar in this song, and is the most off beat song on the album. 02. Turn Of The Century - a more gentle, introspective song. Anderson once again shows off his penchant for oblique lyrics. An eloquent vocal performance. 03. Parallels - written entirely by bassist Chris Squire. Most likely a leftover from his solo album Fish out of Water. This is by far the best song on the album, and one of the best songs is Yes' diverse catalogue. It contains some of Squire's best bass work, a constant flurry of groove. Rick Wakeman for most of the song plays several chords on a church organ, and Steve Howe generally fills in the gaps with some of his most impressive work. 04. Wonderous Stories - written by Anderson on a mandolin, another high point for the album. Magniloquent vocal harmonies. 05. Awaken - by far the longest song, over 15 minutes. Reminiscent of Relayer's To Be Over. Sombre and flowing.

Overall Impression — 10
Top 5 Yes album material. Parallels easily stands out as the supreme song of the album, with Turn of the Century and Wonderous Stories close behind. The album is slightly more mainstream than any other previous albums, which means that Yes left some of their creativity out. If it were lost/stolen I would replace it immediately. This album is in no way inferior to any other album, as it is too different to be properly compared. Completely worth it.

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    The Yes albums worth owning: 1. Relayer - Earth shattering. Musicianship that is above and beyond anything ever produced by a five piece rock band. Progressive music as its meant to be and one of the best albums ever made. 2. Close to the Edge - title track is mind blowing. Siberian Khatru is staggering. 3. The Yes Album - a triumph. A pleasure to listen to every time. 4. Fragile - excellent in every aspect. The tracks of individual contributions is a nice concept as well. Especially like Squire's Fish. 5. Going for the One - Well crafted. Awaken steals the show. 6. Time and a Word - under-appreciated. 7. Yes - pretty good. 8. Tormato - has its moments. 9. the Ladder - enjoyable for the most part 10. Drama - ok. a little too 80s at times. 11. 90125 - certainly the band's best pop effort. 12. Keys to Ascension - if you're a die-hard.
    11. 90125 - certainly the band's best pop effort. worst excuse for a comeback but i love yes i have every album
    Roundabout Survival Owner of a Lonely Heart Long Distance Runaround are my favorites
    Many folks love Topographic Oceans as well. Personally I don't care for the record but the live performances of the songs are exceptional.
    maidenpriest69 wrote: also check out reunion by yes its top 5 material
    I'm assuming you mean "Union"? As far as I know, even the band members hate that one with the passion. So I'm in no big hurry to listen to it. From the little samples I've heard here and there, I take the band's side on it. Ugh