Angels Of Love review by Yngwie Malmsteen

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  • Released: Mar 10, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 8.5 (36 votes)
Yngwie Malmsteen: Angels Of Love

Sound — 8
It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on UG but I thought I would start off again with a review on Yngwie Malmsteen's new acoustic album 'Angels of Love'. Today (March 19) I picked up this album up in anticipation cause I found a copy (it's hard to find some decent albums where I live). Once I got home, I popped the disc into my computer and put on my headphones, I must say, I'm not too surprised of what I heard. In a quick summary, it sounds like his ordinary stuff but slower and without drums and a singer. In Malmsteen's last album 'Perpetual Flame', I found that the drums were really repetitive; same goes on 'Angels of Love'. The piano and other musical instrumentation's harmony was as repetitive to 'Perpetual Flame'. There was nothing complex about it. This would probably be the biggest flaw of the album. Even though that is, it's easy to recognize that it's Malmsteen's work.

Lyrics — 7
There are no lyrics in this album but I will use this section to review the melody instead. The guitar work is more expressive to all his other solo work. This makes it more favorable, instead of plain speed. It's slower, much slower, but more expression, feel and dynamic. But at times, you can catch the backup instrumentation, it can over powering the melody in songs like 'Crying' and 'Miracle of Life'. Overall, the melody is a stretched, long and slow solo, with some fast fills.

Overall Impression — 7
This is like putting your 'toe in the water' to test it sorta approach for Yngwie and the fans. It's not bad, but it's not great either. Lukewarm I would say. It's does sound like Malmsteen, but that it's downfall. The harmony is just too repetitive, that will keep me from listing to this album over and over again. That being said, there are some enjoyable tracks on this album: 'Crying' (minus the harmony), 'Saving our Love', 'Ocean Sonata' and 'Sorrow'. I hope Yngwie realizes that for a outstanding album, there needs to be a strong, complex and expressive harmony line. It's a nice change to hear something different, not impressive but a good start to a different style to what he has been playing. I recommend listening to this first or buy it on sale, but if you're a die-hard Yngwie fan, you will definitely want this in your collection

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    Thanks for the rewiev, now I know how the CD is so I can buy it..
    review doesnt sound that great... i'm still getting this album though i like to listen to malmsteen's stuff
    Gotta disagree with the review. I picked this album up yesterday and I think it's fantastic. And I normally can't stand malmsteen songs.
    Sound: Amazing & will definitely touches your heart.//9* Lyrics and Singing: You know when it comes to yngwie don't expect for vocals a lot.His guitar melody is enough to express everything. //9* Impression: This is like connecting your soul with the angels/love/god/purity .The every track of this album has it's own meaning. It's so pure & refine melody that it's hard to describe.Just Listen to & let you heart speaks //10*
    Dragon Fly
    The problem with this album is that every song has the same kind of structure. It's a lot of the same. I'm not really impressed, while I am a fan. A very sad and disapointed fan, because I didn't like 'Perpetual Flame' either. And to be very honest, 'Unleash the fury' wasn't that great either. It's all to much of the same, his solo's, his compositions... and I don't like Tim Owens at all! Don't get me wrong, I listen a lot to his music and I repect the man, but I do think he should come up with something new once...
    Dragon Fly
    Cause when you a such a great musician as Malmsteen, you should come up with new things and not always do the same. And this album is just the same, only different instruments.