War To End All Wars Review

artist: Yngwie Malmsteen date: 11/04/2009 category: compact discs
Yngwie Malmsteen: War To End All Wars
Released: Nov 7, 2000
Genre: Neo-classical metal
Number Of Tracks: Pony Canyon
This is a quite good Neclassical Metal album, as you'd expect it from Yngwie.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.7
War To End All Wars Reviewed by: beatrocker, on november 04, 2009
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Sound: This is a quite good Neclassical Metal album, as you'd expect it from Yngwie. I'm a big Yngwie fan, and this album didn't disappoint me, at least not in songwriting and music. But although the music is awesome, the sound quality is very bad - the mix is the worst I ever heard. The drums sound extremely thin, sometimes it sounds like the drummer (John Macaluso) was playing on tins. You cannot hear the bassdrum sometimes, and in the overall mix the drums are too loud. The bass is way too loud as well, and the rhythm guitar sounds muddy. And the lead guitar is way too loud. And the singer (Mark Boals, my favourite singer) is often "buried" by the other instruments, you can't hear him clearly all the time. // 8

Lyrics: As I said before, the singer on this album is my favourite singer - Mark Boals, he's just awesome. But the lyrics are typical for Yngwie songs, the best example is the first verse of "Crucify", where you can hear: "In hell your soul will burn forever, bringing eternal pain." But the lyrics somehow fit the music. // 9

Overall Impression: I think this album is good. Although the production is horrible, it's still way better than all that shit you hear on the radio nowadays. As I said, I love the music on the album, but I hate the production. The most impressive song is "Miracle Of Life", a beautiful ballad about Yngwie and his family. If this album was stolen, I would definately buy it again, because the songs are great. But I hope Yngwie will remix this album someday. // 9

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