Party For The Grown And Sexy review by You, Me, and Everyone We Know

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  • Released: Jan 28, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.6 (9 votes)
You, Me, and Everyone We Know: Party For The Grown And Sexy

Sound — 10
I found this band through Drive-thru's 2008 sampler, then realized they had a free EP to download as well. The first song blew me away, as did the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. They sound like a mixture of The Spill Canvas and Fall Out Boy all rolled into one. On "I'd Be More Interested If You Were Already Spoken For" I get a strong impression that it is The Spill Canvas, but they have an edge to them which suggests otherwise. On "Dirty Laundry" they introduce a more indie sound. The drums are up-beat and keep you interested. I don't usually like the "indier" sounding songs, but this one is clever, and interesting. "...Because I Spit Hot Fire" has a more Brand New feel (Deja Entendu). It's good to hear the bass prominent in the song and an open hi-hat through the verse, gives the song more life. The singer sounds like he wants to scream sometimes, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It's this which makes you realize it's a powerful song and immediately makes you want more! "Carolina Heat" again is different. Starting out on an acoustic guitar it takes a minute and half or so to bring in the rest of the band, but that's not a bad thing. Even when the band first comes in the song is kept mellow, whilst still building up. When the singer repeats "Your skin is just peeling wallpaper" you know it's going to build up to something impressive. And it kind of does, but it's not convincing enough. This is my only real disappoint on a very promising EP, I was expecting it to blast away like on "...Because I Spit Hot Fire" but instead it stayed on the same level rather than moving up, don't get me wrong, this is still an awesome song! "Livin' Th' Dream" is my personal favourite. I love the cool guitar riff that kicks in after the muted guitar part, it just sets the whole song off and makes this band worth the listen. The second verse reminds me of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, not sure why but I love it. The drum keeps a strong kick beat going which just draws you in and makes the song catchy as hell!

Lyrics — 9
There's very little wrong with the song writing. It rhymes well, but at the same time there's places where it doesn't rhyme at all, yet still flows and sounds near perfect. That (in my eyes) is the mark of a great song writer, someone who doesn't need to rely on rhyming to make a song great! The lyrics match the music and it's all layered together well.

Overall Impression — 10
I said before it sounded like Fall Out Boy mixed with The Spill Canvas, and I'd easily choose You, Me, And Everyone We Know over both of these. 2008 has only just begun but I've already found a band I'd love to see go somewhere this year. They're catchy and have a sound anyone could fall for. "Livin' Th' Dream" impressed me most, but "Do It Again!" is a great opener and "I'd Be More Interested If You Were Already Spoken For" makes me feel like it's the summer all over again. The only flaw I could really find was "Carolina Heat" and how it just doesn't kick back into the song like I was hoping. The production is great, everything is balanced nicely and makes for an enjoyable listen. Drive-Thru have a habit of finding some of the best bands around and they don't fail with You, Me, And Everyone We Know! Watch out for this band, they're awesome!

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    Don't let him comparing them to fall out boy, they definatly have their own distinct style. 100% worth checking out
    10secondepic wrote: Don't let him comparing them to fall out boy throw you off, they definatly have their own distinct style, but sometimes sound similar. 100% worth checking out
    messed up the comment the first time, fixed.
    this band isn't really that well known but if everybody gave them a listen i could almost gurantee an instant success in popularity. Awesome band.
    Very cool band, I just listened to them once and I was hooked. This EP is great in my opinion.