Broadcast To The World Review

artist: Zebrahead date: 04/01/2010 category: compact discs
Zebrahead: Broadcast To The World
Release Date: Mar 2, 2006
Label: Sony
Genres: Rock
Number Of Tracks: 14
The new album is great. Guitars are uptempo, the rhythms are powerful and energenic, and the instrumental section is rocking like never before.
 Sound: 9.8
 Lyrics: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
Broadcast To The World Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 02, 2006
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Sound: Just like the great Van Halen Zebrahead have now changed singers in an axstreamly important time in their career but have overcome this obstical and have jaust become better. After writeing 3 albums and recording 2 1/2 albums worth of brand new matereal their sound just keeps getting better. As with most ZH CDs it would take a couple listins to grow on you but once it does its like a virus seeping through your body that you can not exscape. With the sound rangeing from exstreamly heavy to power balad and pop/punk you get all your favorit sounds in once CD. // 10

Lyrics: They have gottin better with Matty (new singer for those who didnt know) and they are sounding fun again. With MFZB they got very serious, almost to the point of being un-enjoyable. But with this cd you can deffanitly tell they are back to their old days of writting songs happily and freely without haveing to worry how they are writtin. // 9

Overall Impression: To me personally this is the best of the best in my cd collection right now. unfortunatly there is no real way to get this cd in the US or Europe untill later this spring/summer unless you are willing to pay an extra amount to order it from Japan. But it is their best effort so far and hopefully I'll see some of you at their shows this summer. // 10

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overall: 10
Broadcast To The World Reviewed by: offspringfan41, on april 01, 2010
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Sound: Broadcast To The World is Zerahead's first album with new vocalist Matty Lewis. Though many will miss Justin, I think the change was for the better as this album is amazing! The songs on this album range from pop punk to punk rock/rapcore. Out of the 14 songs on the album, the only one I can say I don't like (my opinion) is The Walking Dead. The other 13 are awesome! The best songs are Karma Flavored Whisky, Postcards From Hell, Broadcast To The World, Lobotomy For Dummies, Down In Flames, Back To Normal, and my personal favourites, Rated U For Ugly and Anthem. These songs usually consist of Ali rapping in the verse and Matty singing the chorus and epic solos from Greg. // 10

Lyrics: Personally I do not care much about lyrics nor am I good at interpreting them so I will just qoute some here and let you decide: "life starring you, breaking through, hold on tight to the radio. It's sad but true, coming to the end of near you." "she said 'thanks for my misery' and I said 'hell needed company'" "I'm feeling lost, I'm feeling like my heart's been carved out with a spoon. Put on display, for all to witness this decay of me and you" I will rate this a 10 due to the amazing vocals of Matty and Ali and the good backing vocals. // 10

Overall Impression: This is Zebrahead's best album and that is an accomplisment in itself. I am impressed with this even when comparing to albums from all of my other favourite bands such as Sum 41, The Offspring and Green Day. In most other good albums I can find 3 or 4 songs I don't really like. In this I can find 1. In most other good albums there are 2 or 3 songs that I REALLY LIKE. In this there are 7! This is an amzing album and I am suprised zebrahead is relitively unknown considering how awesome they are. If it were stolen or lost I would DEFINATLY buy it again! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Broadcast To The World Reviewed by: teenguitargod, on november 17, 2006
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Sound: Zebrahead's music has an impressive rock-rap feel to it. Most of their songs are hard rock, but they all have a meaning to them. They don't need crushing guitar solos and an amazing drummer to be great. All they need is exactly what they have and that is the oerfect combination of music and meaning. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics are what make their music come alive. They are very powerful and penetrating if you listen hard enough and time to interperit what they are saying. Their "rapper" has a kind of raspy voice while rapping, ut is a decent singer while just singing normally. Thier guitarist/singer has an amazing voice and is very talented, which is why he sings the vast majority of the choruses in the songs. // 10

Overall Impression: Zebrah head has a one of a kind style that can compare to nobody else but themselves in other records. My favorite song from the album is "Anthem", and my second favorite is "Lobotomy For Dummies". The second one tlls a story, kind of, while the first is just about seeing from other people's point of view. // 9

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overall: 9
Broadcast To The World Reviewed by: BillyThrow, on november 17, 2009
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Sound: The first album with Matty Lewis singing. a little bit has changed with him in my opinion. Nothing really new is brought to the music, but if you compare "MFZB" and this record you`ll see that the sound isn't as dark as in "MFZB". "A Broadcast To The World" is bursting with happy pop-punk songs that will put a smile on your face but still has some heavy songs. Ali still raps his heart right out but a little too much in my opinion. One thing that strikes you is the guitar work. While Matty throws (decent)power chord guitar riffs in your face Greg is shredding so hard. There are just amazing guitar-lines, espacially in "Wake Me Up". The sound of the album just totally please me. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics is not the most important thing about zebrahead but lines as "I'm feeling lost/I'mm feeling like my heart has been carved out with a spoon/Put on display/for all to witness this decay of me and you" are just amazing. And it fits to the feeling of the music. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is one of the best albums I own! Awesome melodies, awesome guitar work, awesome Pop-Punk(rap) songs! The most impressive songs are Anthem, Back To Normal, Postcards From Hell, Karma Flavered Whiskey and Down in Flames (only on the japanese release) If it were stolen/lost I would kill to get it back in my hands! // 9

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