Get Nice! review by Zebrahead

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  • Released: Jul 27, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 6.9 (9 votes)
Zebrahead: Get Nice!

Sound — 8
From Zebrahead you'd expect to hear catchy pop/punk songs, with a somewhat heavy element added as well as the odd ska rhythm or two, all accompanied by some awesome solo's and Ali's signature rapping. "Get Nice!" is all of those things, some of the best solo's I've heard from them in fact. One thing I will say is that I think the album gets a bit repetitive after 10 songs, I was happy to see 16 songs on it as its more for your money but after listening to them I felt that the last half of the album just didn't live up to the first half. Some of the songs are awesome mind you, "Blackout" is a great opener, "Nothing To Lose" keeps up the catchy chrosu theme with a great solo. "She Don't Wanna Rock" is okay, not one of the best, the first two singles "Ricky Bobby" and "Get Nice!" are f*****g brilliant! In my opinion some of the best songs I've heard from Zebrahead. The album carries with song after song sounding pretty good before it seems as if maybe they'd ran out of catchy chorus ideas and Ali's rapping all seemed a bit too repetitive. A few of the songs on the last half of the album do stand out though so its not all bad ("Demon Days"). Nevertheless... A great sound... A great 10 to 12 songs... Lets not forget that part!

Lyrics — 6
I much prefer Matty's singing to Justin's, I'm not sure why, I think I just prefer the sound of his voice and the fact there seems to be more rapping when he sings which suits Zebrahead. I was really impressed with the vocals on the album, the rapping is flawless, as you'd expect, in all the right places. The singing is in parts... Amazing. He sings so high its hard to sing along to but that's not a bad thing, its impressive. But sometimes I feel as if Matty sings too fast or tries to cram too many words into short spaces. The lyrics of Zebrahead have never impressed me much, but that's never taken away from their awesome sound. I know people will disagree with that. But the lyrics are no different on this album to any other album. I don't like the lyrics to songs like "I'm Definitely Not Gonna Miss You", "Kiss Your A-s Goodbye" or "This Is Gonna Hurt You Way More Than It Hurts Me". Very simple lyrics which don't do anything for me, but other people may enjoy. I've sometimes felt that Zebrahead seem like they're trying too hard with their lyrics, previous songs like "Hell Yeah!" on "Phoenix" are an example. Sometimes songs work well with the whole "rise up, rise up" or... "hell yeah, lets go" lyrics but I've felt sometimes its a bit cheesy. Thankfully on this album whenever they've done something like that its suited it and made the energy levels rise! Overall the lyrics are okay... Not brilliant but some people may find them more appealing as they're not in the slightest bit bad other than 3 of the 16 songs!

Overall Impression — 7
As far as Zebrahead's other albums go, I think "Phoenix", "Broadcast" and "MFZB" are the best ones, this can sit firmly in with them but I don't think it will ever go above them. There is a slight lack of a "lead single" or "anthemic" type song on the album. "MFZB" had "Rescue Me" and "Hello Tomorrow". "Broadcast" had "Anthem" and "Postcards From Hell". "Phoenix" didn't really have one, but I felt it was a better album than this one. "Get Nice!" is the only song on the album I can see becoming a firm fan favourite, but whether it does or not... Despite this, it has some very impressive songs and I was glad I brought it. The most impressive songs are "Blackout", "Nothing To Lose", "Ricky Bobby", "Nudist Priest" and "Demon Days". But the standout track is "Get Nice!". These songs stand out, simply because most of them have either, mind blowing solo's ("Ricky Bobby") and catchy as hell melodic simple solo's ("Get Nice!"). The chorus' to each of these songs are catchy as hell too, with "Get Nice!" being absolutely brilliant! If it was lost or stolen I'd buy it again definitely. Simply because the songs that I don't like the lyrics to or find less cathcy than the others ones are not bad tracks, just not up the rest of the albums standards. If you like Zebrahead (old or new), I'd say you should give it a go, don't expect anything you haven't heard before from Zebrahead. Expect Zebrahead! P.S. I've got the Japanese version with two bonus tracks on it ("Light Up The Sky" and "A Freak Gasoline Fight Incident"). Both awesome tracks. Download them with the rest of the album.

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