Tattooed Beat Messiah review by Zodiac Mindwarp And Love Reaction

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  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 10 (4 votes)
Zodiac Mindwarp And Love Reaction: Tattooed Beat Messiah

Sound — 9
I call this album "The Great Lost Album" 'cause in my damn country nobody heard of this band or of this album. It certanly deserve more respect and more glory. Tattooed Beat Messiah is f--ing hard rock/ heavy metal masterpiece. The whole Love Reaction project is created by visions of bands leader Zodiac Mindwarp (real name Mark Manning). Mark sure had showed his genius ability for writing songs, and even poetry (on introduction speech "Wolfchild" or on back of the album cover). Music they play is very easy to listen and very catchy, I mean this stuff is winning formula. Every second of album is interesting and it makes you listen to it more and more. Every song is all about making love. You can give 'em the name for the song like "Holy Book of Desteny" and they would create dirty, sleezy song as you've never heard before. Album also contains cover of "Born to be Wild", wich sounds more harder and better then original and I personaly find it best cover version of this song. The one and only complaint on the album is that there are too many similar riffs. Guitar solos are great and dinamic, sometimes short, but I think guitarist shouldnt solo too long if he/she dont have any idea or vision, so I appreciate their guitarist (Slam Thunderhide).

Lyrics — 10
Like I said Mark is one in a million. Its very hard to find such good lyricist. Every song is is about sex, sometimes metaphoric, sometimes raw. Mark speaks of sex through some kinda lascivious and misogynist way. I could give thousand examples of good lines from the album, but I will just quote few of them: "I love this war 'cause I never lose, cut me baby I just bleed booze...", "Blue static fizz on a detued station, she's a sleeping beauty with a bad reputation...", "I'll rock you baby 'till your clothes catch fire, I'll tell you that I love you but you know that I'm a liar, oh baby it aint no sin, say your prayers, let the daddy stick it in..." and so on. Every single second of a vocal recording is done very well. I love Marks vocal, I know he cannot be compared with Dickinson or Rob Halford, but he fits their sleezy and dirty lines with his "roaring" and perverse vocals. The back vocals are also done excellent and they make their refrains even more catchy. Personaly I found him the best lyricist and most wordy character of the 80'.

Overall Impression — 10
Does it compare to other albums(artists)? Its very hard to say... musically not, but with its energy and hit-to-hit maintenance it could be compared to AC/DC's "Back in Black" album and with Motorheads "Ace of Spades". Tattooed Beat Messiah is like a big cannon loaded with rockin' tunes that are just waiting to explode. Every single song is like a quest to party all night. I recommend this album to every lover of true rock'n'roll or hard rock. You can also see some music videos on Youtube for "Prime Mover", "Backseat Education" and "Planet Girl". But there are also other great songs wich proudly stands in line with these mentioned above on this hard rock/ heavy metal masterpiece. If I somehow lose my copy of Tattooed Beat Messiah I would buy new.

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    i totaly aggree with you man... best rock album of 80' favorite song is Prime Mover...that song is fcking amazing... you just cant beat that...a whole new genre of rock n roll...and vocal, fcking on chorus of prime mover, when u hear that Mark fckin voice...dirtiest voice ever, it rocks... zodiac rocks man. Thx for reviewing zodiac mindwarp...maybe will more people find out about them... cause they should... they fckin rock.
    Holy crap.....more people have actually heard of Zodiac? Zodiac Mindwarp is totally underrated.
    not me...UG team wrote released, genre, label and number of tracks
    And live they did the best version of I'm your man by Wham ever made. Brilliant albums, brilliant live, brilliant laser eyes. One of my all time favourite bands.
    I first stole this cassette tape in 1989 after seeinf the Prime Mover video.This has been a member of my music collection ever since(twice on cd after one was stolen) As sleazy and cheezy as this album may be,I definitely put it up there in my personal top 20.Some of the "more mellow" songs are just as great ( Kids Stuff, Drivin' on holy gasoline) From star to finish this is a timeless piece of 80's sleaze