Greatest Hits Review

artist: ZZ Top date: 07/23/2007 category: compact discs
ZZ Top: Greatest Hits
Release Date: Apr 14, 1992
Label: Warner Bros.
Genres: Arena Rock, Album Rock, Rock & Roll, Blues-Rock, Hard Rock, Boogie Rock, Pop/Rock, Dance-Rock, Southern Rock
Number Of Tracks: 18
Surveying two decades of their output, Greatest Hits isn't the perfect overview you might expect, but it's still a pretty darn good driving album.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Greatest Hits Reviewed by: metal4me, on july 23, 2007
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Sound: The sound was great, but how can you not expect great sound from ZZ Top? Billy Gibbons' guitar just sings out. His guitar playing skill are phenomenal, and it is very evident on any of the songs. As Jimi Hendrix once said, "anyone can play the blues, but not everyone can feel the blues." Gibbons can play and feel the blues. I could listen to Gibbons play for hours. He calls his guitar "Miss Pearly Gates," and he has good reason to. Frank Beard's drumming is great as well. It's not incredible, but it is very good and fits the music perfectly. Dusty Hill's bass playing is good, but unfortunately you can't really hear it all that much. If you listen closely however, you can hear it. It is quite good. I wish instead of the remix they would have the original "Legs" on here. // 10

Lyrics: Everyone's probably heard at least one ZZ Top song in their life, and they can probably sing most of it. The lyrics are very good. They aren't incredible, but very easy to sing along to. The songs are very catchy. Billy Gibbons aka the Reverend Willie G, and Dusty Hill have great voices that fit perfectly into their music. They both have great blues rock voices. No one else could sing the ZZ Top songs quite like Billy and Dusty. // 9

Overall Impression: The Greatest Hits from that Little Ol' band from Texas. A compilation of all of the hits from the bearded blues rock trio. It is probably their best CD, seeing as how it is their greatest hits CD. The only disappointment in this album is that it was missing the song, "I Thank You". That is one of my favorite songs by them. Other than that song, it's basically all of the classic ZZ Top songs you want to hear. I'm going to their concert in September. It's going to rock! // 10

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