Amotion Review

artist: A Perfect Circle date: 12/24/2004 category: dvd

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A Perfect Circle: Amotion
Released: November 16, 2004
Only two weeks after A Perfect Circle released Emotive (a very different album from their other two), they now come with a CD/DVD set titled Amotion.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.5
Amotion Reviewed by: spoonman017, on december 24, 2004
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Sound: Of course, A Perfect Circle's music is great. The DVD hosts APC's video collection and "The Noose" live. "The Noose" is amazing live! Amotion also comes along with a bonus remix cd that is alright. I was disappointed by a few remixes, but "Weak And Powerless" (tilling my grave mix) is definitely worth a listen. In "The Hollow"s remix, Paz Lenchantin puts in her vocals for a haunting remix, which is also interesting. // 8

Content: Amotion carries a full archive of A Perfect Circle's videos, along with the "Blue" contest winner, and the three runner ups. Also included are three Bikini Bandits trailers which aren't worth watching, and the extended, unedited version of "The Outsider" is also on the DVD. "The Noose" is concert is included. It's a really good performance, it sounds like a cut from the album almost. A picture gallery is also on there. I haven't counted all of the pictures, but trust me, there is enough to keep you occupied. A small home video of random clips by Billy Howerdel is included. The video is pretty strange, but there are some humorous clips on it. And last but not least, my favorite, the commentaries. For each video, Maynard or Billy (your choice) commentates the song you are watching. Each commentary on each song is interesting, and probably the best feature on the DVD. // 10

Production Quality: The production on all the videos are superb. The production of the home video collection by Billy Howerdel is definitely less than perfect, but it is only a home video. The contest submissions for "Blue" are also okay, less than perfect again. The live clip of "The Noose" is very nicely done. It looks very professional, and has very very good quality. There isn't any hidden features on the DVD that I'm aware of either. // 8

Overall Impression: Amotion is all an A Perfect Circle fan could ask for. Everything on the DVD is perfect except the music that plays on the home screen is extremely annoying. It seems like the majority of all the things contained on the DVD have already been released, but it's good to have them all on one disc that you can access whenever you want. The only thing else that I could ask for is more live performances, but there seems to be a live DVD in the works, so they couldn't spoil that. Overall, this was a pretty good addition to my DVD collection. The price is pretty low, especially since it comes with a Remix album with 9 tracks. If you have the cash on you, buy this DVD, and if you don't have the cash, find some way to get some, and buy it. // 8

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