Live In The LBC Review

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 02/26/2010 category: dvd

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Avenged Sevenfold: Live In The LBC
Released: September 16, 2008
The live DVD features the band's April 10 hometown show at Long Beach Arena headlining the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour.
 Sound: 8.3
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 8.9
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 7.5
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: Eps123, on september 18, 2008
7 of 11 people found this review helpful

Sound: I have seen Avenged Sevenfold live before so I already kinda got an idea of how they would be like on this DVD. Nevertheless, I am still very impressed by their musical abilities in front of a huge crowd. The fact that the sound is more than satisfactory only makes this better. This was one of Avenged Sevenfold's biggest shows as the show was filmed in their hometown, California, in the Long Beach Arena. I think that Synyster Gates especially had the same style as on the record, although he used his whmmy bar a lot, his improvised solos were typical Synsolos, nothing unexpected. Of course M Shadows has the same singing style as on the record. It's not exactly screaming, but it's more of his normal voice with a scratchy background. // 8

Content: This DVD holds a full live show at the Long Beach Arena in California as well as a fair range of extras, such as backstage footage. The setlist was powerful. It starte with Critical Acclaim which is the perfect opener for a huge show like this. During the show they played their greatest hits, such as, Afterlife, Bat Country, Second Heartbeat, Almost Easy, Seize The Day and many many more, and they ended with the classic Unholy Confessions, before they came back running on the stage with a mind-blowing A Little Piece Of Heaven. There was also a lot of variation in the setlist. As most of you know, Avenged is a hard rock band, but they had a lot of variation in their setlist, they had rough songs, and at some points they slowed down with a beautiful Gunslinger and Seize the Day. One of the highlights was probably the fact that they played Walk by Pantera and actually had a member of the crowd sing it. // 8

Production Quality: The porduction quality was ok, not perfect. The camera setting for example, annoyed me slightly. During some points in the songs, the camera changes angles as the bass drum beats, and as we know, The Rev uses his bass drum a lot, and so the camera changes a lot which is annoying bcause you can't see anythig or anyone then anyway. Other than that, the production was satisfactory to me, good filming, good editing, good mixing. // 6

Overall Impression: Well, Avenged havereleased another DVD earlier, called All Excess, and this one does not compare to that DVD, and not necessarily in a bad wway, but this is a live show DVD and All Excess is a more "tour life" DVD. And it is completely different than any of their records, eventhough it does involve a lot of the same songs. Whenone buys a record, one is more curious to what the songs sound like, with a live DVD people wanna know what the band sounds like on stage. The most impressive thing on this DVD is that the Avenged guys actually picked a guy out of the rowd to sing a song with them. I have never seen anything like that before and I just think that shows incredible respect towards the crowd. I love this DVD because it truly accentuates the talen and wide range of ideas and musical ability each of these guys have. This DVD shows some great potential. What I hate about the DVD is that there isnt too much backstage footage, just the tour intros for every gig they had in the states, and I wish they filmed some more backstage events, such as, life in the dressing room an hour before the show. Just to show what these guys are up to before shows. Nevertheless, I think this DVD is great, because now we can see our favourtie songs live anytime we want, and I would be very bumed if I lost this DVD or got it stolen. If this did happen I would definately buy a new copy of this. // 8

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overall: 8
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: PoshBoy, on february 09, 2009
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Sound: While Sinister Gates and Zachy Vengeance shred their guitars simultaneously, The Rev throws a double base pedal sound that will not quit. Johnny Christ gives a effective performance but M. Shadows steals the show with his amazing vocals. Almost too amazing if you know what I mean. The use of pre-recorded music is more than prevalent during a number of their songs. The sound is more than incredible but that's kind of the downer. It wasn't real. // 7

Content: This concert was done in Long Beach, CA and it was obvious the So Cal city was paying homage to their home town heroes. The band does a great job incorporating the crowd when the play the cover of the infamous Pantera's "Walk". They play all their best songs from "Wake of the Fallen"; "City of Evil" and Self-Titled Album. At no points in time are going to disappointed with the set list. Although it comes with very few features, this DVD holds it's own and is fun to watch over and over again. Especially if you're stuck in a town that doesn't have many concerts. // 8

Production Quality: The production was professionally done and had all the smells of major label. It filters the crowd and music beautifully and gives the feeling of listening to a CD. Good job overall, but it is the same old, same old we are use to from arena rock bands. If you're in to that kind of thing. I know I prefer realistic. // 9

Overall Impression: The DVD compares well to the newest albums, however it is a far cry from "Sounds of the Seventh Trumpet"; a personal favorite of mine. Even though I was sadden to see these guys turn so trendy I was more than entertained with this DVD. It captured the most important part of music... energy! // 8

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overall: 8.5
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 20, 2008
2 of 18 people found this review helpful

Sound: I first bout this dvd/cd off of as a pre-order. I was pretty excited to get it because Avenged Sevenfold are amazing live and sound just as good as they do on the studio records live. This DVD was shot in the hometown of Long Beach, California on April 10th 2008 as part of the taste of chaos tour. // 9

Content: Well the setlist is a very good choice and put into a good order. It is as follows. 01. Critical Acclaim: this is the perfect opener, packed with great guitar bits by Syn and Zacky it will get you moving for the ride of your life! 02. Second Heartbeat: I hadn't actually heard this song before. So this was the first time and if it was played as good live as they do on waking the fallen then it's a real good track. 03. Afterlife: surely any A7X fan will know this which is off der latest album. This has got 1 of Syn's best solo's on it will blow you apart esspecially live 04. Beast and the Harlot: this is off City Of Evil and is a fast paced song. It is played at nearly everone of der concerts. 05. Scream: this has got a real bass vibe to it and if you don; t bob your head to this then you have got serious rythem problems! It also has hot girls on tage dancing with the band. 06. Seize the Day: this is one of my favourite songs by Avenged. I love how it builds up heavier and fast then Syn's solo is just real gd. I learnt it on guitar cause it was such a real gd but easy solo to play. 07. Walk (Pantera cover): to be honest with you I wasn't really into Pantera until recently but I must say A7X make a gd attempt of this cover. Live they ussualy have a fan from the crowd come up and sing a couple of verses with them, and I must say the fan who joins them on here was a pretty good singer and M. Shadows even joked that if his voice went during thw show he kneqw who to call haha. Well he may need him at the moment. 08. Bat Country: another song I hadn't heard a lot about but it a gd song not my favourite but a pretty gd song if your an older fan of the band. 09. Almost Easy: this is off of there latest album and is a realy good fast song with an amazing verse riff that I just had to learn on guitar cause it was so good and catchy. 10. Gunslinger: this song is about war anf troops and they devote it to the troops out in Iraq which was really kwl. 11. Unholy Confessions: this is another early A7X I hadn't heard a lot of but it s such a good song fast paced perfect for a gig. Encore: Avenged then go backstage for a few minutes while a video plays saying the crowd wants another song. Everyone goes nuts and then they come back out. 12. A Little Piece of Heaven: this is the encore song.It is a real fast song off there latest album and brings an amazing DVD to a close! // 8

Production Quality: The sound and picture quality was really well done and chosen. Well it has been released in HD so if you have got HD then your will have the concert of your life at home It was also shot in surround sound so even better if you have HD and surround sound. This DVD is the perfect A7X DVD itt was well worth the wait and there fans will love it and will keep playing it over and over again because of how good the DVD quality is. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this DVD is what an amazing DVD If you ran A7X fan or not you will still like this DVD cause of how good of quality the sound and technical stuff is. If i lost it i would go by another 1 and hunt the person down and kill them with my trilby and drumsticks lol. I love the technical stuff, how the setlist is put 2gether and the band interaction with the crowd! And i h8 fuck all about this DVD its a perfect present for ANY music fan!!! // 8

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overall: 8.5
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 23, 2008
2 of 5 people found this review helpful

Sound: Saying this now, but this review is for Diamonds in the Rough and not the DVD. Okay then. Anyways, as we all know Avenged Sevenfold is fairly inconsistent when it comes to a specific genre. While this album may be considered CD #4.5 for the band, Diamonds in the Rough almost takes a step backwards sometimes as some traks are clearly more COE-esque as opposed to sounding like the material from the last effort. That's not a bad thing either. As expected, there isn't any screaming at all but if you were more into the hard rock / metalish stuff from City of Evil than the random slur of whateverness for the untitled album, than you might just dig some of these tunes. Syn and Zacky still have their guitars going on for 90% of the time and the Rev is same old. Tension, however, has an almost exclusive bass riff for the verse and the lyrics are done in an almost nu-metal style... sort of. I guess Shadows is actualy just talking fast over heavy music. There'll be more detail on the specific sounds as each song is reviewd indivdually later on. But overall, it wasn't stepping out of their safety zone and there's nothing particulairly new here. This CD has no big bad swear words either, as far as I'm aware. Content matter may be a different story in some cases. // 8

Content: Okay, as stated above this is for the CD exclusively. There are a variety of different songs, varying from the b-sides from the A7X album to some classic metal covers and some 'remixed' tracks. If you thought that they'd bring the screaming back, there's a solid five second yell at the end of the Fight and that's about it. Sorry old school fans. Anyways... 01. Demons (6:16): the big intro with a cool opening riff. This song is a prime example of a COE / A7X Hybrid. The verses are like their newer material, but the chorus has a COE style I think, with the loud / quiet effect. It also reverts back to a longer song style and has some cool guitar to it, namely some sweep picking from gates after the second chorus which always sounds sweet. This tune is about surcombing to one's personal demons. If I had to bet, I'd say that the Rev was behind the lyrics but perhaps not. 02. Girl I know (4:26): this is one of the better song on the album. The opening riff is a rip from Beast and the Harlot. The verse is simple but the pre-chorus is awesome and the chorus isn't bad at all. Chorus tempo has a nice hard hitting ruthem then slips into Syn's craziness. The solo is very rock and roll. This song is straight up about a hooker. 03. Crossroads (4:33): oh boy, do I ever hate this song. it's hard to believe that the same band that recorded STST made this. Evolution, I guess. But the guitar is damn annoying and the lyrics, which have a cliche'd point are poorly written. it's about Christianity vs. The opposite lifestyle pretty much. Some insist this tune is catchy, but I find that it is probably the worst on the album. 04. Flash of the Blade (4:05): this is an Iron Maiden cover. I don't listen to much Maiden, but fans of the band will probably dislike this becuase Shadows voice isn't very good here, at least compared to the original. Fine song I guess. Not my favourite, but some people might dig it and others won't. That probably isn't much help. Deal. 05. Until the End (4:46): another good track, and this album's 'Seize the Day'. There is also a slight Guns n' Roses vibe here, and the opening riff is kind of like Demon Hunter's Fading Away. There are some unexpected chords here which fit well and some decent string sections. I don't like the song's ending however, as I don't think the abrupt dying off suites it. Until the End is about friendship and moving on. Awww. 06. Tension (4:51): this song is what happens when you combine half of the A7X together. The riff, as stated above, is almost all bass and sounds a lot like Scream but with an X-Files effect going on in the backround. There is a very hip-hop ness to this tune, giving it a nu-metal fell sort of. That is until the breakdown and solo which sound like something from Dear God almost, which as one would expect doesn; t fit at all. The ending guitar brings the initial sound back but leaves another dissapoiting ending. The chorus sounds a lot like the ending part of Unbound as well. The lyrics, which are again lacking are about stress. 07. Walk (5:24): this cover of Pantera's classic has been out for some time now. Definatly not at the level of the original, but then again they don't add much at all. It's basically of mirror image of it's predeacsor, but somehow not as good. Still, if you wanna some sweet rythem to jam to this is great and the solo is an excellent shout out to one of the best guitarists there ever was. 08. The Fight (5:54): err! This song does not want you to conform to the status quo! Rebel children! All that aside, this is an interesting piece with some heavy hitting rythem but a forgettable verse. Nonetheless, this is a different sounding track. It probably is remeniscent to some other piece of music out there, but for Avenged it's unique in my opinion. Altogether, it's more hard rock I'd say but it's just... different. Not bad at all. 09. Dancing Dead (5:54): think 'And All Things Will End' but less hardcore. Another track that has some older aspects about it. The chorus style is sounding redundant by this point, and Shadows attempts a variation which he doesn't have the vocal range to support in my opinion. Or maybe he liked it the lackluster way it is. But the bridge and solo are great. There's a heavy breakdown with a nice little shred session and then some hardcore singing which would have been excellent had it been screamed. But they're past that stage... sigh... This is another song with a lame finish. I hate how half of these songs just drift into nothingness. Give them some real endings! Bah. 10. Almost Easy (CLA Mix) (3:57): if you liked the original version of this song, good news! it's been re-released on this CD with almost no differences at all! Really, this is a pretty pointless addition. 11. Afterlife (Alternate Version) (5:58): the only differences here are in the bridge and chorus. There are some minor sting adjustments as well. If you didn't like the original, this isn't really different at all. If you were a fan of the original, you'll like this too. There isn't a lot that's special about this 'remix'. // 8

Production Quality: I'm not so savvy with production, but this isn't bad at all. it's what you'd expect in this day and age, so take that for what it's worth. It sounds like any of their other stuff since being part of a major record label. The b-sides were recorded with the self-titled album so it's the same deal. // 10

Overall Impression: Again, Avenged shuns a single genre classification, though not as much as the self-titled album. Overall, there is a deinant hard rock sound here and it's not bad. The screaming is obviously gone as are the amazing never-ending solos of COE. Avenged is always evolving, and it's to see that while they don't have to always spread themselves over the musical spectrum in a ridiculous manner (A7X album), they can still defy simple classifaction. The most impressive tracks would probably have to be Until the End and Girl I Know. There are some tracks that are nothing special, and others that suck. As these tracks are predominantly b-sides, one might expect them to be lacking compared to A7X (the album) but that is certainly not the case. Some of these tracks could easily have complimented the short ten from said album. Since this is what I'd consider a half-a-cd, I'd say it was pretty good. Not amazing, but not bad either. If you are a fan of the band no matter their genre, then you should pick it up I suppose. If you liked COE you might want to check it out before purchasing it. If you are a fan of the new sutff then you'll probably loves these tracks. And, if you are a more hardcore fan from several years back... sorry, I guess. The 'remixes' are dissatisfying as there isn't anything special about them really, and the covers are almost carbon-copies of the originals, but again, not as good. Combined with the DVD, A7X fans might just want to pick this up, even if you dislike the newer material. I saw Taste of Chaos in Calgary and he screamed a lot of Second Heartbeat, so that part is worth it for sure. A7X is a great live band and this CD is a nice compliment to the DVD. Overall, it was a worthwhile purchase. // 8

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overall: 8.3
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: Justice4AllOne, on october 07, 2008
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Sound: First things first, I'm not only reviewing Live In The LBC, but Diamonds In The Rough, as well. With that out of the way, let's start with the sound of the DVD. It was a fairly good quality of sound. I only have 3 live DVDs thus far, and the sound of this DVD blew "St. Anger - Live" and "Nirvana - Unplugged" away, completely. It was mixed nearly perfectly! My only complaint is that M. Shadows' microphone is a little too quiet, and you can hear the backing vocals over him. The DVD, overall, sounded very good, with a good sound guy, who mixed it near perfect, and the guitars and bass remained in tune through the whole set. I couldn't have mixed it better myself. The inclusion of a real organ on stage for the first song was a huge plus for the sound, as well. The only overdubs were for the encore, which is 90% orchestrated, anyway, and the intro for Afterlife, which slightly bothers me, as the album is advertised on the cover as having no overdubs. Also, a small complaint, they mixed Gates' guitar and mic over to the left channel and Vengeance's guitar and mic over to the right channel, and the television in my bedroom only has mono, thus, I had to plug in the red AV jack so I could hear Gates' lead guitar, and Christ's bass, which closely matches the rhythm anyway. Now for the CD. It was mixed very nicely, nothing seemed out of place to me. I thought the inclusion of bass, which the band has been leaning to lately, was very nice, since Christ's basslines have usually matched Vengeance's rhythm. I also liked the use of piano and synthesized sounding guitars, which sort of threw me for a loop, the first time I heard the record. Overall, my only complaint is the over-distorted guitars on Walk. // 8

Content: Live In The LBC: 01. Critical Acclaim 02. Second Heartbeat 03. Afterlife 04. Beast & The Harlot 05. Scream 06. Seize The Day 07. Walk 08. Bat Country 09. Almost Easy 10. Gunslinger 11. Unholy Confessions Encore. A Little Piece Of Heaven May I say, the track list was a bit stock for me? I thought the only new and interesting songs were Gunslinger and A Little Piece Of Heaven. I would have been very happy at the inclusion of Brompton Cocktail, or Unbound (The Wild Ride), or perhaps Dear God, which I was expecting on the DVD. On a happier note, Shadows returned to his roots to scream on Second Heartbeat, which it turns out, Zacky Vengeance played lead for, and Synyster Gates played rhythm for, and just played the solo, which he also messed up the beginning bars of, which bothered me. Also, for Walk, M. Shadows complained about having to sing Pantera again, and called a fan, Matteo, onto the stage, to sing it for him, which turned out better than I thought. Matteo was actually a very good singer. Another complaint with the DVD, the encore, A Little Piece Of Heaven was undermixed, to be honest. The overdubs of the orchestra, the lead instruments, were too quiet, giving way to the loud guitars, which threw me off, as well. Diamonds In The Rough: 01. Demons 02. Girl I Know 03. Crossroads 04. Flash Of The Blade 05. Until The End 06. Tension 07. Walk 08. The Fight 09. Dancing Dead 10. Almost Easy (CLA Mix) 11. Afterlife (Alternate Version) I was, overall, disappointed with this CD, to give you my honest opinion. It kicks ass, yes, but it was still a disappointment to me. Crossroads, Flash Of The Blade, and Walk, have all been released for over two months, with Walk being released in 2007, before the self-titled album, and Crossroads being released in January, and then them giving us choppy remakes of Almost Easy and Afterlife really burned me. The CLA Mix of Almost Easy was so close to redeeming the album, until I heard the dreadful mix of Afterlife they forced on us. The sad truth is, they wouldn't have done this if they has more than six new tracks. Now let me get down to business with each track. Demons, nothing special for me, didn't really like it. Girl I Know, great song. Finally, a song about a slut. I can relate to this, because I know a girl just like that. The driving riff and the shredding leads make this a hell of a song, and is more fitting for a strip club than Scream is. Also, the solo appears to be played through a DigiTech whammy pedal, making it seem very Rage Against The Machine esque. Crossroads, not a cover of the Eric Clapton classic, but a song with a different name. Crossroads is a great song, and should have made it onto the self titled album, but it was released in January of 2008, and this album was released in September. Makes you wonder why it's on here. Flash Of The Blade, a cover of the Iron Maiden classic from Powerslave, released two months ago on Kerrang!'s Maiden Heaven album. The overall effect of the song was nice, and I really liked it, but I'm still wondering why it's on here. Until The End, this song is my favorite new song on the album. I think this song should have replaced Lost on the self titled album. This song gives you a nice view into the life of M. Shadows, through his lyrics, though, the second half of the song gets a little weird for me. Still love it. Tension, nice song. I think the song sounds a little mainstream, but it's great for radio airplay then. I'm sure it will be getting it some day soon. Walk, a Pantera classic. This song is actually older than I am, and the Avenged Sevenfold cover was released over a year ago. What the hell is it doing on this album? It's a great cover, minus the over-distorted guitars in the main riffs, but I still think it should be left off this album. The Fight was pretty decent, I guess. I thought it sounded a bit like hardcore punk, with palm muted power chords and vocal delay. It could get some radio airplay, I bet. Dancing Dead was pretty decent. I like the vocals, even if I don't care for the guitar. The vocals made this song, for me. If the vocals were different, I probably wouldn't like this song. Almost Easy (CLA Mix) was the redeeming point of this album. Almost Easy was released over a year ago, so I thought this was just going to be a lame rehash of that old song, that gets so much airplay. The vocals were actually better on the CLA Mix than the studio version, and the drums seemed more vivid and alive to me, and they even managed to leave in my favorite part of the song, the cymbals in the beginning. This if my favorite song on the album overall, and I think the effect on Matt's vocals that makes it delay, and sound like he's drowning, is epic. I also love that he started his new style of screaming on here. I also love the added reverb to Synyster's guitar solo. This song is the best part of the whole DVD/CD set. Afterlife (Alternate Version) was a terrible excuse for a b-side. The new string section raped this song. This song completely killed this album for me. It was almost redeemed by Almost Easy (CLA Mix), but this song was just terrible. I loved the new bridge, but the strings through the whole song, and Matt doing the laugh track after the solo instead of The Rev really bothered me. All in all, the DVD was epic, but the CD was lacking. // 7

Production Quality: One should probably know that I only have three music DVDs, before they read this. I have Metallica, "St. Anger - Live", which was live in the studio. I have Nirvana, "Nirvana - MTV Unplugged", which was live at MTV, with all acoustic instruments. And I have Avenged Sevenfold, "Live In The LBC", although, "All Excess" contained some live performances as well, but they were terribly mixed. Of the music DVDs I have, I'm going to have to say that "Live In The LBC" has the best production quality, but the worst cameramen. Seriously, the cameramen can't stay still for just 10 goddamn seconds. I did love how the DVD was shot like a music video, though. It was very neat. I hate the mixing of Synyster's guitar 100% left and Zacky's guitar 100% right, though, because as I said, my bedroom TV doesn't have the red AV-jack, so I have to put that into the audio AV-jack. Live In The LBC was produced nicely. I heard no nasty studio mistakes, or anything of the sort. No complaints. // 10

Overall Impression: Well, my overall impression is that this is definitely worth buying, if not for the DVD, just for Until The End and Almost Easy (CLA Mix). The set, as a whole, was worthy of about an 8, and I'm going to have to say, it's only because of the overwhelming amount (almost half) of old songs on Diamonds In The Rough. I'd still buy the CD if my copy were stolen. After all, I got mine for $12.75 on, so it was a bargain. // 8

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overall: 8.8
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: \m/A7X\m/, on july 28, 2009
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Sound: Well, it sounds fantastic, the e songs from the concert do sound almost studio perfect but it still manages to keep the mind blowing aura of a live performance. Avenged Sevenfold started as a metalcore screamo band with STST and Waking the Fallen then moved to a less screaming more singing attitude with City of Evil and the seelf titled album. This concert brings together the best songs from the entire lifetime of A7X mixing old classics such as Second Heartbeat and Unholy Confessions(two of the best on the DVD) with the new hits Almost Easy and Critical Acclaim etc. Zacky and Syns dual guitars create a memorable sound from the squeals and bends of Syn to the heavy, deep rhythm from Zacky. A minor lapse in Syns concentration in the solo from Second Heartbeat is the only fault with the sound and is easily shrugged off. The tracks are: Critical Acclaim, Second Heartbeat, Afterlife, Seize the Day, Beast and the Harlot, Scream, Walk, Bat Country, Almost Easy, Gunslinger, Unholy confessions and A Little Piece of Heaven. // 10

Content: Its a live concert DVD of their headline show in their hometown of Long Beach, California. The DVD has some extra features such as tour videos from many cities across USA and Canada, some comical, some weird. It also has videos of the film clips shown on the song Scream in case you couldn't make out all of it in the concert and the clip of the band being urged for the encore. The song list is very good with a good mix of heavy songs such as Critical Acclaim and Second Heartbeat and soothing ballads such as Seize the Da and Gunslinger. However, as many of the heavier songs are played at the beginning of the show, it unbalances the sound and makes the second half of the show sound weaker and it loses its edge a bit, ideally they should have spread the heavier songs evenly throughout the show but it is still a great gig. // 8

Production Quality: I think it is shot in high definition but if it isnt then it has very good standard definition. It was shot by various cameras from all possible angles throughout the arena to immerse you in the show. Some of the video is slowed down deliberatly at certain parts of songs whilst playing the audio at normal speed. // 8

Overall Impression: To me Avenged Sevenfold sound like Avenged Sevenfold, they have their own styles which change every album, there influences and favourite bands are Metallica, Iron maiden etc and this is where some of the guitar inspiration comes from with fast bends and sweep picking. The most impressive thig about the DVD must be the sound quality, when you listen to many live concerts the sound is never satisfactory, either the bass is too loud or clunky and the drums are drouwned out too much by the singing but on this DVD it is at equilibrium, the result, the perfect hometown show. One or two pet peeves with this DVD is the lack of extra material, the tour videos get tiresome after one or two views so maybe some more videos like the ones in All Excess maybe for more viewability. If this was stolen i would definatly buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9
Live In The LBC Reviewed by: A7Xfan47, on february 26, 2010
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Sound: Watching this DVD and listening to their live sound compared to their older live performances, they've definitely improved. M. Shadows voice sounds the same if not better than he does in the studio, and Syn Gates played every solo perfectly. Was kind of disappointed that he didn't do a guitar solo though. And they picked some random guy out of the crowd to sing their cover of "Walk" by Pantera, didn't really like that and it didn't help that they didn't even play the whole song. That being said, everything else was basically perfect and you won't find much better live performances than this. // 8

Content: When I got the DVD it also came with the Diamonds in the Rough CD, and it had some pretty good songs and an awesome alternate version of "Afterlife". As far as the set list goes, it was pretty much exactly what you would want to hear from them live, except I wish they would have played a song from "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet" and I didn't really like the fact that the last song they played was A little Peice of Heaven, but they plaed all of their hits from Waking the Fallen, City of Evil and their self titled album. So very little to complain about there. // 9

Production Quality: The Editing and technology used in this DVD I thought was fantastic. The cameras were set up so you could get almost every single view of the stage. It almost felt like I was there right in the front row. You might complain that there was to many lights flashing everywhere and fog and all that crap, but I thought it was awesome. // 10

Overall Impression: There definitely won't be any complaining that they don't sound nearly as good live as they do on their CDs, and thats really big for me. Theres no way I could pick a favorite part of the DVD, cause all of it I thought was great. I guess I just would have liked it they had replaced a few songs they played with some of my other favorites from them, but thats just my personal preference. If I lost the DVD, I don't if I'd buy it again cause pretty much all of its on youtube, but watching it on my T.V definitely looks and sounds better, but i'm not to picky about that. It's definitely an awesome DVD that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again. // 9

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