Colors_Live Review

artist: Between the Buried and Me date: 10/28/2008 category: dvd

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Between the Buried and Me: Colors_Live
Released: October 14, 2008
The band played two sets during the concert - the first included the band's most recent Colors album in its entirety and the second was of previously released songs. The DVD includes both sets. The audio CD contains only the band's performance of Colors.
 Sound: 9.5
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Colors_Live Reviewed by: jibran, on october 28, 2008
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Sound: Right off the spot, this live DVD contains two sets; one featuring songs from the Between the buried and me's prog-metal epic 'Colors' while the other one is a selection of songs considered classics by fans. As a bonus, there is also an audio CD of the first setlist and a special sampler disk for an upcoming band courtesy of Victory records. The performance is incredible; the songs from the first set are performed without gaps, perfectly emulating the behemoth that is 'Colors'. Very few mistakes are made by the band, and most of them are forgivable, as you put into mind they are playing 63 minutes of music nonstop. The actual music featured is featured is great, matching the feelings and moods of BTBAM's albums. One change which is noticeable is the switch from Ibanez to PRS guitars which somewhat changes the tone of the leads but is otherwise perfect in conveying the crunching dissonance of the breakdowns and the liquid sweeps. The mix is fairly good, not letting the vocals overpower the other instruments and allowing the bass to quite prevalent which makes for good quality sound. // 9

Content: The amount of sheer content is amazing. Two shows of extensive length and plethora of extra features. Amongst them are 'the making of Colors' and 'Colors: live documentary', both which are humorous and candid features. Fans will be excited with the inclusion of the visual interpretations and lyrical interpretations by the vocalist (Tommy Rogers) himself. The setlist is: Set 1: "Foam Born (a): The Backtrack" "Foam Born (b): The Decade of Statues" "Informal Gluttony" "Sun of Nothing" "Ants of the Sky" "Prequel to the Sequel" "Viridian" "White Walls" Set 2: "Mordecai" "Shevanel Cut a Flip" "Backwards Marathon" "Ad a Dglgmut" "Aspirations" "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" // 10

Production Quality: The production is average to be frank. Yes it is on par with most DVD's but lacks a key feature in it's cinematography: consistency. The camera will take highly cinematic and epic shots, but will not do this often. In fact the camera work is annoyingly shaky, and due to this the solo to 'Selkies' is not as awe-inspiring as it should be. Also unlike, the audio mix of the the DVD which seems fairly democratic, the camera work will choose to stick on Rogers for far too long. This is not to say that the other talented members of this talented quintet are ignored, but the editing truly needs work in focusing on little fills and nuances which would've made this DVD even more magical. On the upside, the camerawork should not be completely be detrimental to the experience; plus the explosive introduction to the second set is so filled with badassery, that you will most likely forget about the awkward camera angles. // 8

Overall Impression: This is absolutely essential to BTBAM fans. This DVD is definitive proof of BTBAM's skill which will excite die-hard and casual listners alike. You must commend the North Carolina team to come up with a DVD of such great quality while still staying true to the music which defines them. And by the way: BTBAM rules! // 10

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overall: 9.8
Colors_Live Reviewed by: btbam420, on october 28, 2008
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Sound: Between The Buried And Me has really done an awesome job with this dvd/cd and I personally think that it sounds much better live than the studio work. Between The Buried And Me is the most innovative and progressive band to date and with each new release they keep getting better and better. BTBAM is innovative because they mix all genres of music together and they are able to switch from each genre when they need to and they never miss a note when doing it. // 10

Content: Colors_Live comes with a audio CD of the Colors set. The DVD contains two sets which are: Foam Born: (a) The Backtrack, (b) The Decade Of Statues, Informal Gluttony, Sun Of Nothing, Ants Of The Sky, Prequel To The Sequel, Viridian and White Walls. The second set witch contains 6 songs from various albums of their past and the songs are: Mordecai, Ad A Dglgmut, Aspirations, Shevanel Cut A Flip, Selkies: the Endless Obsession, and Backwards Marathon. Yes, it does come with bonus features including: colors live documentary, colors live photo gallery, colors studio footage, colors album trailer, video interpretations, art interpretations, tommy's interpretations, and contest winners interpertaions. it's a lot of bang for your buck. // 10

Production Quality: The production quality is very good but could of been a little bit better. The only reason I say that is because in like 2 songs there are a split second of technical difficulties but it's not BTBAM's fault because they were just playing so I am not sure why they are there but they do not effect how the music sounds. It is flawless except for that. // 9

Overall Impression: I would have to say that it is the best live DVD I have ever seen and I have seen quite a few of them.I pre-ordered it and it came with a shirt so I wouldn't re-buy that but I would re-buy the dvd/cd if I got lost or stolen. If you are thinking about buying it then buy it don't download it because that is illegal and it makes the band loose money. Overall the DVD is amazing. Just buy it. You wont regret it. // 10

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