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artist: Crue Fest date: 05/13/2009 category: dvd

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Crue Fest: The Movie
Release Date: March 24, 2009
While the main attraction of Crue Fest film is undoubtedly the music, its the hi def camera work that often times steals the show.
 Sound: 8.5
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
The Movie Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 24, 2009
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Sound: Even with all multiple tours that bombard the public every summer, no one really doubted that a festival headlined by the one-and-only Motley Crue would be a financial success. In it's first go-round last year, Crue Fest (obviously headlined by Vince Neil and the boys) featured a solid lineup of openers that included the likes of Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Sixx: AM, and Trapt. If you happened to miss the tour, you'll now get your chance to witness the rock spectacle and it will probably look better than the real thing thanks to the wonders of high def. The filmmakers behind Crue Fest put together over 90 minutes chronicling the event's kick-off year, and the use of 15 hi def cameras and 5.1 Audio ensure that quality viewing and/or sound are never an issue. In a marketing twist, Crue Fest will be premiering in movie theaters on March 19, only to be released on DVD a few days later on March 24. So if you can't make it to one of the few theaters showing the film, you won't have to wait long to own the actual film. In terms of the breakdown of the film, it's pretty cut and dried. Rather than taking an infinite amount of footage at each of the 40-plus shows during the Crue Fest, the filmmakers chose one particular location upon which to give their focus. Filmed at Toronto's Molson Amphitheater on August 28, 2008, Crue Fest 2008 has no shortage of diehard fans and excellent sound systems 2 aspects that can actually make or break a performance. The 4 opening acts are touched upon briefly, and you'll get snippets of the bands' interviews and a live performance from each one. Seeing Nikki Sixx come out earlier in the evening with Sixx: AM is actually one of the more interesting aspects of the entire movie, if only because it shows how easy-going Sixx is about the process. For someone as iconic as Sixx, it's refreshing to see clips that show him giving support to a new bass player. In regards to the openers, songs performed include Trapt's Contagious, Sixx: AM's Life Is Beautiful, and Papa Roach's Last Resort. Blowing them all away, however, is Buckcherry's lewd and crude Crazy Bitch. You may not be a fan of the sleazy, gritty rock anthems from Buckcherry, but frontman Josh Todd took the entire concert to a different place with his drawn-out and often quite shocking intro to Crazy Bitch. If there was one rock star that owned the stage that night and recalled figures like Iggy Pop or Axl Rose, it was Todd. While the openers are given a pretty quick overview, the makers of the film didn't skimp on the main attraction. Motley Crue is shown playing 7 of their biggest hit's (plus one killer Mick Mars guitar solo), and each one from Wild Side to Shout At The Devil is a crowd pleaser. No one can argue that The Crue is a legend, but it should be said that Vince Neil doesn't quite have the stamina that he once did. Neil's vocals cut in and out, and it's not from any technical glitches. Simply put, the poor guy just gets out of breath. It's certainly not enough to ruin the tight musicianship from Mick Mars, Tommy Lee, and Nikki Sixx, but it does get distracting at times. // 8

Content: Our preview copy of Crue Fest did not feature any extras, but that's not to say that they won't tack on a few when it goes to press. In terms of movies go, it's more about the music than anything. If you're a fan of all 5 bands, you will likely have an enjoyable watching experience. The Crue is absolutely the main focus and has at least half of the film reserved for their airtime, but this particular performance might not hold all the magic that some of the older videos did. Tommy Lee is still larger than life, but without his monstrous kit (think the Wild Side video), he sadly gets lost in the shuffle. Thankfully the last song Home Sweet Home brings him out into the open and we're able to watch the man in action and this time Mick Mars participates in the famous intro. // 7

Production Quality: The production quality is as close to flawless as it comes these days. Thanks to the hi def cameras, the images on the screen will be absolutely crystal clear. The mix is also impeccable, and you certainly won't get all the fuzz that tends to present itself at a concert you might attend in person. // 10

Overall Impression: If the filmmakers opt to make a sequel to Crue Fest, I have a feeling that they'll be able to explore a lot of new options (I.e., behind-the-scenes interviews, particularly with the Crue itself). Most of the interviews in the main feature do tend to be with the opening acts, but again, the upcoming DVDs might include some extras that might solve that problem. The highlights ended up being the most unexpected ones, particularly Buckcherry's amazing rendition of Crazy Bitch or even Mick Mars' chance to stand in the spotlight via his tapping-fueled guitar solo. Next time around, the filmmakers should think about collecting a bit more footage from other cities, just to cover their bases with Vince Neil. The iconic frontman is still a great entertainer, but it would have been great to have a vocal performance that matched the quality of the rest of the movie. // 8

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overall: 9.5
The Movie Reviewed by: ironmanben, on may 13, 2009
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Sound: The Crue Fest DVD was filmed at the Crue Fest in Toronto. It is captured quite nicely on two discs. The packaging features a cover that slides over the actual DVD case. Both the cover and the DVD case feature the Crue Fest logo on the front, the members of all the bands performing at the top, and a snapshot of the Motley Crue performance surrounded by the 4 Motley Crue members. The inside of the case features a rear view of the 4 Motley Crue members as they take a bow, a picture that is quite nice, on the disk 1 side, and color pictures of each band on the disk 2 side. The band was full of energy. The overall show was nearly flawless. All of the band members really put a lot of emotion and energy into playing. The sound is very clear; we can hear the backup vocals perfectly. Mick Mars' guitar work is above and beyond what anyone would have expected. He uses a variety of techniques, including fret tapping, and massive usage of the whammy bar and wah pedal. The only letdown is that Vince Neil gets out of breath very often. But after listening to many a live recording by the Crue, one finds that this is inevitable. // 9

Content: The live DVD features 1 or 2 songs from each opening act, and then goes on to a full, 15 song performance by the Crue, plus Tit E Cam, Tommy Lee's way of getting the Crue's female audience going. The Set List: 01.Opening 02.Kickstart My Heart 03.Wild Side 04.Shout at the Devil 05.Saints of Los Angeles 06.Live Wire 07.Sick Love Song 08.Tit E Cam 09.MF of the Year 10.Don't Go Away Mad 11.Same Ol' Situation 12.Primal Scream 13.Looks That Kill 14.Girls Girls Girls 15.Dr. Feelgood 16.Home Sweet Home Vince Neil also plays rhythm guitar during "Same Ol' Situation" and "Don't Go Away Mad". The order of the tracks is nicely planned, although I would've prefered another classic like "Looks That Kill" or "Dr. Feelgood" more towards the middle of the DVD. Also, there is a Mick Mars guitar solo in between Saints of Los Angeles and Live Wire, although it is not listed anywhere on the DVD case. Unfortunately, one of the songs Vince seems to get out of breath on is "Girls Girls Girls", and Mick's outro solo is more whammy bar oriented then one would expect. However, all of the other tracks are exellent. Although I am satisfied with the setlist, I would have loved to hear a classic cover, such as "Helter Skelter" or "Smokin' in the Boys' Room". Other songs I would have wanted to hear are "White Trash Circus" and "Too Fast For Love". The setlist for the opening acts was this: Trapt: Contagious Headstrong Sixx A.M. Pray For Me Life is Beautiful Papa Roach: Time is Running Out Forever Last Resort Buckcherry: Lit Up Sorry Crazy Bitch These bands were pretty good, but Motley Crue shows em' up. I would've liked to hear another song by Sixx A.M., I don't care which one, just one more would be nice, but that's my only real problem here, exept that the Crue is a lot better as a whole than these guys. The DVD contains a Crue documentary called Cruefest 2008 All "Excess" Pass Documentary, and six music videos. The six music videos are: 01.White Trash Circus 02.Live Wire 03.Kickstart My Heart 04.Saints of Los Angeles 05.Primal Scream 06.Looks That Kill It's great that they even put these on here. They look really cool, and are in the best quality possible, in both sound and picture. I'm surprised though, that the White Trash Circus video is on the DVD, considering the Crue didn't actually play it during the performance. Perhaps to advertise for Crue Fest 2? Anyway, it's a nice surprise. I was hoping for one of the videos to be MF of the Year though, and I'm surprised it wasn't on here. All the other videos were ones I expected, but I'm glad they were included. The music videos make the DVD even more fun. // 9

Production Quality: Although it is a live performance, the sound seems like it could be on a studio recorded CD. It is obviously live music, but it is mixed just right so that everything, background vocals, the crowd cheering, you name it, is recorded at just the right volume level. As I watched this DVD, I could hear every note of Mick Mars' solos, every drum beat, the thumping bass lines, and Vince Neil wailing, all while hearing the crowd cheer in the background. The camera angles are very unique. There are angles all over, from the crowd's point of view, to behind the drumset. The camera work is flawless, except during Tit E Cam, but quite a bit of that is from a camera that Tommy Lee was holding. And the camera doesn't just stay on the bands, either. We get to see the crowd going wild quite a bit. However, since there are so many different lighting effects, there are points where a viewer will see almost nothing at all, or the band members will be bathed in red light, making it hard to see what is going on. Usually these intervals don't last long, and it isn't the camera's fault, it's simply the sheer amount of different lightings. // 10

Overall Impression: This DVD is simply above and beyond anything I have seen from other artists. I am definetly hoping for the same to be done with Crue Fest 2. The most impressive thing about this DVD has to be sound quality. It is flawless, and I can hear everything clearly. I love that this DVD captures a live performance by one of my favorite bands so nicely. It shows that Motley Crue has ideas that are far ahead of anyone else's. I can't find one thing that I really hate about it. If this DVD were stolen, I would most certainly buy it again. If it were lost, I would tear apart my hose searching for it, and if I didn't find it, I'd definetly buy it again. // 10

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