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artist: Franz Ferdinand date: 01/16/2006 category: dvd

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Franz Ferdinand: Live
Release Date: December 6, 2005
This DVD captures the excitement of a live performance of Franz Ferdinand. First disc has live performances from around the globe, a documentary, and some interesting and fun "easter eggs." Second one has two full live concerts.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 7
 Production Quality: 7
 Overall Impression: 7.7
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overall: 5.8
Live Reviewed by: Opal Decept, on january 13, 2006
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Sound: The greatest band to come out of Scotland should have had a DVD that reflects this. Sadly, it doesn't. Don't get me wrong, the Franz Ferdinand sound is, yet again, flawless. All of the live concerts played are to full appeal and skill, however, it just seems like there is something missing. I have not yet put my finger on what exactly is missing, but it's there, and it makes this DVD feel hollow and empty. // 7

Content: This DVD includes 2 live concerts, and a montage of thier greatest live performances from around the world. It also has a tour documentary, music videos and several ameteur video footage of the band on tour. You think, that with two discs to play with, they could have put in a couple of other things. Their top performance at Glastonbury and the V Festival, perhaps. Or a photo gallery. Aha! I just figured out what's empty. The DVD. It's empty of content. // 4

Production Quality: Pictures of the band and the solos of the songs plague through the menu screens, which are eaisly navigated. However, the fact that you can only choose five songs form each live act means that you will have to press forward and backward just to get to the song you want. Apart from this, there is nothing more to say. It's mediocre, in a word. // 6

Overall Impression: Kaiser Chiefs is the way to go here. Their DVD offers much more. This DVD is, quite frankly, not worth fifteen pounds. Low content and bad amateur video, coupled with the awkward menu screens make this a hazard for the die-hard Franz fan. You will be very disappionted. Very. Trust me. // 6

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overall: 7.5
Live Reviewed by: eggy1991, on january 16, 2006
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Sound: The Franz Ferdinand DVD shows a majority of their greates performances on the first disc, and as usual, they manage to perform brilliantly live on disc 2. Franz, as we know, are brilliant live and this DVD shows it. Awesome stuff! The style of music played, is, well, typical Franz '60s style rock, as you would expect to find on a Franz DVD. Overall the sound of it is really good. // 8

Content: The DVD features a mixture of best of and live performances. The first disc is, a best of live performance disc with a added documentary, which is really good the second disc however is 2 live concerts, which are both pretty damned good. so overall I am satisfied with this DVD. The track listing on it is as I predicted, featuring the entire first album, I'm your villain, Van Tango plus many more. The DVD has a couple of Kareoke tracks, The Dark Of The Matinee and Take Me Out. The videos are crappy home made groupie videos, not the actual franz videos, which kind of ruins the karaoke feature. // 7

Production Quality: Well, it's typical DVD material I guess. There are some of the tracks playing in the back ground, which is a cool feature. And really, if you are a franz fan the one thing about oly being able to select the first 5 songs doesn't matter, because you will watch every track. So it's not that big a deal. // 7

Overall Impression: I won't compare it to anything like it because I dont like any of the other music like the Kaiser Chiefs, and I don't think Arctic Monkeys have a DVD out yet. The most impressive thing on the DVD is disc 2 I think, the live performances are simply amazing! I love most of it and just hate the "groupie" karaoke videos. If I lost it I would look for it very hard. And if it was stolen I'd hunt the thief and steal it back. Or if I couldn't do that then I would for sure buy it again! // 8

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overall: 9
Live Reviewed by: Trip272, on january 16, 2006
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Sound: Franz ferdinand sounds great in this live DVD. From the intimate club shows to T in the Park they sound amazing. You get to see Franz Ferdinand do what they do best here. You can see the energy in the crowd as Franz rips through the hits and plays some new songs you may have never heard. // 9

Content: Absolutely ridiculous amount of content on this sucker. I have seen another review that claims something is 'missing'. I have never seen a music dvd packed with so much stuff! It has 2 live concerts, a compilation of the best franz performances, some extra features, and a (great) documentary about them on tour. This is a lot of content for a music DVD I was really excited and impressed! // 10

Production Quality: The production quality isn't anything amazing. The quality varys from each performance. Some of the smaller shows had a little worse resolution and worse sound quality but for the most part the quality is ace. The DVD menu is easy to navigate and looks very 'Franz', there is even a couple songs you can kareoke to right off the disc. Very cool. // 8

Overall Impression: This is, by far, the best music DVD I have stumbled across so far. I couldn't wait to pick up this one when I first heard about it and I was very surprised to see that my expectations were exceeded. This sparked a whole new love for this band in me. If it were stolen again I wouldn't even think about buying it again. A lot of great content for a great value. If you like or even have interest in this band, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It doesn't disappoint. // 9

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