Appetite For Brazil Review

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 08/08/2008 category: dvd

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Release Date: 2004
The "Appetite For Brazil" DVD show was to promote the new album and with the songs they played from the album it seemed fairly reasonable for a set list.
 Sound: 5
 Content: 6
 Production Quality: 7
 Overall Impression: 4
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overall: 5.5
Appetite For Brazil Reviewed by: hew-jass, on august 08, 2008
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Sound: Guns N' Roses gave the greatly apprieciated albums use your illusion one and two in the early nineties. This concert was recorded at the "Rock In Rio" concert a few months before the double album was on the go. I'd like to say that this DVD is completley worth the money that I paid for it, sadly I can't say it. If you want a decent concert that was released as part of the Use Your Illusion tour then go and buy the Tokyo one because seriously this isnt a great concert. To start the show the band play "Pretty Tied Up" which is ok for the likes of Izzy Stradlin and and Duff McKagan. Axl's voice sounds okay but he has sounded a lot better. Slash's guitar isnt turned up so for the first few songs so the sound is horrible when it comes to playing his solos. However, when it comes to the third song of the set "Patience" everything seems to be sorted. Slash plays the exact same solo that he did for the Tokyo one and Matt Sorum and Dizzy Reed seem to have got their nerves behind them as this was their first proper show. // 5

Content: The "Appetite For Brazil" DVD show was to promote the new album and with the songs they played from the album it seemed fairly reasonable for a set list. The new songs of that time that were played were "Pretty Tied Up", "Double Talkin' Jive", "You Could Be Mine", "Cival War", "Dead Horse" and "Estranged". Also with the mix of favourites from Appetite For Destruction. This could be seen as a good set list from the band. No doubt about it. The version of "Sweet Child O Mine" on this DVD is solid gold. It's beautiful and Axl's slow talk at the end of "Double Talkin' Jive" transforming into a pretty cool intro for " Welcome To The JUngle" is well worth the watch But, it seems for some reason that the spark of the band has some how disappearded with the sacking of Stephen Adler. Don't get me wrong. The band play well enough together here but it just isnt the same as past shows where the band looked as if they were all enjoying themselves. The DVD has no special features except from the scene selection. // 6

Production Quality: This is possibly the only reasonable ability that the DVD has shown. The concert was filmed for Brazil and there is some Brazilian guy who you can't make out a word he says. I just skip to the next song because he interupts all the time. The footage here is pretty cool, the camera angles go from close ups to audience view to bird views and let you see the crowd and how big the arena actually is. This is possibly the most plauable thing on the DVD. // 7

Overall Impression: I'm still trying to get hold of the live in Paris gig so that should be reviewed soon enough but until then, if you really want to find a Guns N' Roses DVD that you will enjoy then go for Tokyo ones. Their easy to get hold of and the back catalogue on them is pretty reasonable. This is a poor DVD, that's the truth really. It has it's highlights of Sweet Child 'O Mine and the likes of when Matt messes up on Knockin' On Heavens Door but I wouldn't waste your money on it. I bought it from a shop in Italy and thought it would be interesting to see but I wouldn't cry myself to sleep over it if I lost it. It's just not that impressive an effort. // 4

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