Guns N' Roses Master Sessions Review

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 08/31/2005 category: dvd

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Guns N' Roses: Guns N' Roses Master Sessions
Released: June 13, 2005
Discover the hard-edged classic rock sound of GN'R guitar legend Slash. Tutor Mike Wolf guides you step-by-step through the very best of Slash's riffs and solos, dissecting his formidable yet bluesy guitar style. Includes a 24-page booklet of examples in notation with a tab shorthand.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 6
 Production Quality: 6
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 6.5
Guns N' Roses Master Sessions Reviewed by: used illusion, on august 31, 2005
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Sound: The sound and choice of solos and riffs on this DVD are very good and are played very clearly, although the guitar instructor does use some very expensive and complex equiptment in order to enhance the sound and quality of the riffs he is demonstrating which makes this DVD very clear. // 8

Content: This DVD is not a concert or a compilation of the bands videos. It is an instruction DVD where you are taught by a very skilled guitarist (not Slash) how to play some of Slash's best riffs. There is a very good selection of riffs and solos demonstrated, they are all the Guns N' Roses classics such as Welcome To The Jungle and Sweet Child O' Mine. Also with the DVD you get a free book containing the manuscript for each of the riffs, but none of the book is in tab form which may make it harder for beginners. // 6

Production Quality: This is not a particularily complex very well shot DVD, it's just you and the guitarist, he remains sat at all times and the background cosists of a large Marshall amp and the logo of the DVD production company so it is quite boring to watch. // 6

Overall Impression: This all in all is quite a poor DVD as it is quite complicated, although it seems to be aimed at all levels of guitarist the note free with the DVD are put down in a handwritten style and are not particularaly clear and the guitarist during the film seems to rush through each lesson which make concentration and keeping up hard. If I had new what it was like I would have probably bought a tablature book of Guns N' Roses and sat down and taught myself. I would reccomend this DVD but only to very advanced players. // 6

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