Visions Of The Beast Review

artist: Iron Maiden date: 01/25/2005 category: dvd

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Iron Maiden: Visions Of The Beast
Released: July 15, 2003
This set is pretty amazing! You have all of the videos from 1980 up to Rock In Rio. It is missing the new one from the new album. Most of the early videos are just live videos which is pretty cool actually!
 Sound: 10
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 6
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Visions Of The Beast Reviewed by: somepunkkid, on january 25, 2005
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Sound: First off I have to say that it is Iron Maiden and they can really play and with that said the DVD's audio quality is excellent. Even the concert segment is mixed extremely well, however the DVD is mostly music videos so yea it is expected that the sound is good. It also supports Dolby Digital 2.0 which is great if you have the system (just got a new one last weekend). If you have a sub then turn it up. // 10

Content: The DVD has tons of music videos on it and spans 2 discs. Specifics: it has over 30 music videos, 2 concert videos, 6 "chaos camp" animated music videos (2 of which are hidden), a discography, and some wierd soccer thing. The videos include: 01. Wrathchild 02. Run To The Hills 03. Number Of The Beast 04. The Trooper 05. 2 Minutes To Midnight 06. Aces High 07. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 08. Hallowed Be Thy Name 09. The Wicker Man ...and others. // 8

Production Quality: The full screen video quality is very good and there is little to no disortion in to videos, but in the menu it can take along time to load and become pixilated fairly easily. It's actually kind of funny to see some of the cheesy '80s effects. Oh and its in color. // 6

Overall Impression: Well I enjoyed it a lot, but its not "exciting". What it boils down to is just a bunch of music videos. I would have like to have seen some kind of interview with the band members or something. Don't get me wrong its a good DVD but its not a great DVD. The best thing about it has to be the sheer number of songs you get for such a low price. I bought it a Best Buy for $17. It's not the best DVD but it's worth checking out. I give it a "B". If it was stolen I'd just forget about it. // 8

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