Live At Woodstock Review

artist: Jimi Hendrix date: 08/19/2006 category: dvd

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Jimi Hendrix: Live At Woodstock
Release Date: September 13, 2005
This 2-DVD set contains the most of the performance that Jimi played as the headliner of the Woodstock festival, as compared to the double CD released, the only song missing on this DVD is Hear My Train A Comin'.
 Sound: 9.5
 Content: 8.8
 Production Quality: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 9.5
Live At Woodstock Reviewed by: TheHeartbreaker, on december 10, 2005
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Sound: As many people know, Jimi's band at Woodstock wasn't the original setup of the band. Noel Redding had been replaced by Jimi's friend Billy Cox, a second guitarist named Larry Lee was added along with two percussionist named Jerry Velez and Juma Sultan, and with Jimi still on guitar and vocals, Mitch Mitchell continued his drumming magic. This band was not The Experience, but rather Gypsy Sun & Rainbows. As far as the sound went, it was recorded very well, especially for the date. Everything could be hear well as the band jammed through 15 different songs, including Jimi's renown version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and the encore "Hey Joe" to end the 3 Great Days. Hendrix is a very unique player who has many different styles of play, varying between hard rock and blues. You see the band's harder side in "Fire" and "Purple Haze," where Jimi's wailing on his axe. At other times the group will slow down with songs such as "Red House" and "Hear My Train A Comin'". And in "Jam Back At The House" you can hear a mixture of genres as the group starts with a catchy riff before unexpectly, but smoothly, transitioning into a Ten Years After-resembling blues jam. Recorded in 1969, the sound is still amazing. With a nice sized TV and some surround-sound speakers, you'd think you were at the concert. // 10

Content: This DVD is obviously a live recording of Jimi Hendrix and his band Gypsy Sun & Rainbows at Woodstock '69. While it can't be called a "best of" DVD, it does have a lot of Jimi's more well-known songs including "Purple Haze," "Fire" and "Hey Joe." The DVD includes everything that Jimi played while at the concert, everything in full color except "Hear My Train A Comin'", which was filmed in black and white due to poor footage from colored cameras. While it doesn't exactly include a lot of extra features, there is a pre-concert intro that last for a good 7-10 minutes, full of interviews about the concert from people who were there, played in it, or were friends of Jimi's. This little section allows you to know more about the events of Woodstock. // 9

Production Quality: For what there was available in 1969, the production of this concert is very well done. Everything was filmed well, with occasional wanderings of the camera where it would pan into the audience or else not have a good angle upon the musicians. Despite this, you could obviously still hear the sound, which was always excellent. Because there were numerous cameras filming the events, multiple shots were continually blended together so that one shot would slowly stream into another. // 9

Overall Impression: Compared to the DVDs of other artists I've watched (Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, The Woodstock DVD, along with a few others), this is probably the oldest I've seen. Yet, everything is great. Production quality is excellent, sound is superb; this is a great DVD. The most impressive thing about this DVD is being able to watch a legendary player perform live at a legendary concert and being able to see all that he did there along with watching some interviews about the concert. If someone stole this DVD I'd f--k them up. If it was lost I'd be pissed. Either way, I'd buy another one of these baby's once I'd got the money. This DVD pwns. // 10

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overall: 8.8
Live At Woodstock Reviewed by: NY773, on december 13, 2005
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Sound: This was, by far, the Band Of Gypsies' best performance. And it wa their first! The percussionists are barely audible, but they give a formidable effort. Billy Cox has a superbly funky bassline that'd make anybody cry. Mitch Mitchell, as always, was brilliant. Hendrix gave arguably his best-ever performance in front of the depleted Woodstock crowd on Day 4. Whenever the disc gets to "Star Spangled Banner," hair stands on my arms. It's truely a musical masterpiece, with or without acid. I nominate that instrumental as one of the Top 10 greatest pieces of music in American music history, but that's just me. // 9

Content: For a live concert album, this had amazing sound quality. Jimi plays his best hits, with the notable exceptions of Bob Dylan's "All along the Watchtower" and "The Wind Cries Mary." His encore of "Hey Joe" is amazing, and it was the perfect way to end the (4) days of peace, love, and harmony. The interview on disc 2 given 2 weeks after the performance is pretty good for Hendrix. He's as incoherent as ever, but he does give a few rational thoughts in there. And the "Road To Woodstock" chapter before the actual concert is fantastic, as is the black-and-white alternate view. // 8

Production Quality: Nothing particularly spectacular to report production-wise. They could've used more shots of Jimi's lightning-quick finger work, but with what they had they did a fantastic job. // 8

Overall Impression: I haven't gotten the chance to see Hendrix's other big-time DVD, "Blue Wild Angel: Live At The Isle Of Wight." But compared to "The Song Remains The Same" by Led Zeppelin, this is far better. The most impressive thing on this DVD is the overall sound and visual quality with the eqipment they had. Michael Wadleigh really got the most out of the instruments he had all the way through the concert. I love the DVD as a whole. There's nothing to hate. If it were lost in any way, I'd buy it again for sure. Great film, great performance, great DVD. // 10

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overall: 9.5
Live At Woodstock Reviewed by: Garf72, on january 28, 2006
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Sound: This DVD is a must have for any Hendrix fan or for anyone who appreciates good music. The whole thing has been remastered by his engineer, Eddie Kramer, from the original recordings from the show, and it sounds like it was recorded yesterday, not 37 years ago. The guitar stands out clearly with Billy Cox (bass), Larry Lee (rhythm guitar) and Mitch Mitchell (drums) all adding their own touches to the mix. There were 2 percussionists playing too, but I was unable to make them out behind it all, which isn't bad as it sounded perfect already. It's Hendrix at his best, playing on top form and jamming with the best of them. // 9

Content: The DVD has a considerable amount of content included. The first disc has a documentry about the creation of the festival itself and other interesting info that is worth a watch. The main attraction of the whole set follows this, being the Woodstock set itself. The show is astounding, one of the best of all time. The set is as follows: 01. Message To Love - very well played. 02. Spanish Castle Magic - solos on top, very tight for a loose song. 03. Red House - top class blues jamming. 04. Lover Man - personal least favourite, worth watching. 05. Jam Back At The House - very well done. 06. Izabella - like Spanish Castle, a loose song played to it's funky perfection. 07. Fire - incredible, better than the studio version. 08. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - shredding, 8 years before EVH, amazing solo section and a definite highlight. 09. Star Spangled Banner - lives up to the hype. 10. Purple Haze - favourite from performance, very well played. 11. Woodstock Improvisation - very good jam session. 12. Villanova Junction - well done, worth a watch. 13. Hey Joe - top notch encore and a great finish to an amazing show. On the second disc, there is a feature called "A Second Look," which is the entire performance recorded by a crowd member at the side of the stage with a black and white camera. This unofficial document shows the comple show, uninterupted with the inclusion of a never before seen performance of "Hear My Train A'Comin'," as it was recorded, for historic relevence. This is really interesting to watch and a great addition to the DVD on a whole. There is also 2 shorter documentries about Hendrix and the show: "Recording Woodstock", about how Eddie Kramer recorded the festival and "Nashville Roots," which is BIlly Cox and Larry Lee talking about how they became involved in Woodstock and Jimi's past. Both are very interesting to watch. // 10

Production Quality: The production quality of this DVD is very high. It was remastered from the original tapes, so isn't as good as what would be expected today but is still very impressive. There was only around 10 cameras around the stage at the start and by the end there is about 2, with each running as long as it can. This doesn't affect the quality of the DVD in any way, however. Overall, very well done. // 9

Overall Impression: It's Jimi Hendrix, at Woodstock. Incomparable to other DVDs, it is simply astounding. The show itself is very well played and is presented here at a very high standard. The best thing about this DVD is the main show. It is played to perfection and raises the bar for live bands everywhere. If I lost this DVD, or it was stolen, I would buy it again without thinking twice. // 10

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overall: 8
Live At Woodstock Reviewed by: SRV16, on august 19, 2006
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Sound: The Band Of Gypsys played some mind blowing music, amazing stuff, blues and rock played at its best, no real story but there was a short introduction and some scenes of people enjoying themselves at Woodstock. Blues and rock styles played brilliantly and some guitar played behind head and with teeth. They completely unplanned jammed near the end and it was awesome, Jimi was awesome. // 10

Content: You could watch the whole concert, seperate songs, subtitles where available. A live concert DVD. They played Red House, it was really good, Isabella, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child, Fire, Star Spangled Banner and some others they where all amazing. No extra things on the DVD. // 8

Production Quality: Production quality was good but no real technology tricks just simply the performance. It was generally good because of no extra techonology, it hadnt been tampered with. That was one of the things that made it great. Production quality was good. No trendy techonoligcal tricks but it was good nonetheless. // 5

Overall Impression: Its one of my favourite concerts except for Led Zeppelin song remains the same, the most impressive part was voodoo child, I loved all the songs but I hated that it had to end. I would buy it again, I like knowing I can watch it whenever I want. My overall impression was that it was awesome. // 9

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