Rising In The East Review

artist: Judas Priest date: 03/11/2006 category: dvd

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Judas Priest: Rising In The East
Release Date: November 15, 2005
Rising In the East was filmed in May 2005 at Tokyo's famous Budokan. The DVD captures the band at their metal best, performing all of the classics - "Electric Eye," "Breaking The Law," "Living After Midnight," "You've Got Another Thing Coming" and much more.
 Sound: 10
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 8
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.5
Rising In The East Reviewed by: steveCFH, on march 11, 2006
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Sound: This is Judas Priest "Rising In The East" live at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan. Halford is back as the frontman of the ledgendary metal band. The band sounds awesome with a punchy tone and in your face guitar solos by Tipton/Downing. The band has many memoriable riffs that you just can't forget. Priest are one of the first and still one of the best metal bands out there and they reflect that live as well. Some of these songs even sound better than their studio versions. I think Rob Halford's voice sounds just fine but at times you will notice he is out of breathe and he doesn't move around that much. But when you have a voice like that can you blame him? You just can't ignore their impression on heavy metal music. // 10

Content: Like I mentioned before this is a live concert at the famous Budokan in Tokyo. It has most of their best songs on it as well as some new songs of the album Angel of Retribution. The new songs are pretty good not as heavy as Halford's last album with Priest (Painkiller). I like the material of off Painkiller the best because it's faster and harder. I sounds really great live. The set list is actually really good. It features some great tracks of Screaming For Vengeance, British Steel, Painkiller, Hellbent For Leather and of course, Angel Of Retribution. There are plenty of songs on here to keep you occupied. // 10

Production Quality: The production on this DVD is pretty good. It's relativly new so that's always a plus considering production. There's not really any special tricks here. Just a concert with the occaisional shot at the crowd etc. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall this is just an awesome DVD. It's a must for any Judas Priest fans or any metal heads out there. The best song is Hellbent For Leather. A great song backed up by Halford entering on a motocycle, what more could you want? Some other good songs on here are, Hell Rider, Painkiller, Breaking The Law, Another Thing Comin' and Revolution. The crowd however, just doesn't seem to be into it. Some of them really need to loosen up because they are wearing ties and collar shirts. I was glad to see them headbanging to Painkiller. At least all the fans aren't wearing ties. For those of you who have this I commend you. For those of you who don't, what are you waiting for? // 10

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