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artist: Korn date: 04/14/2006 category: dvd

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Korn: Live
Released: Nov 19, 2002
This comes with 2 discs of live footage and 2 different ways to watch the hour long concert. It also incudes a documentary on how they made it.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 6.5
 Production Quality: 8
 Overall Impression: 6.5
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overall: 9
Live Reviewed by: refusedparty, on september 03, 2004
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Sound: The sound is very, very good. The bass in Korn's material is usually too loud and over powers the guitars, but with this live DVD, they get it just right - the lead guitar is clear, the rhythm is ripping, the bass n drums are pounding and the vocals are roaring. Nu-metal doing something unheard of: actually sounding good. // 10

Content: This is essentially a greatest hits live show. All the tracks are the right ones: Here to Stay, Twist, ADIDAS, Trash, Blind, Embrace, Faget, Falling Away From Me, Blame, Make Me Bad, One, Freak On A Leash, Somebody Someone, Thoughtless, Shoots And Ladders & Got The Life. All the songs are played to perfection, and - when played on a loud volume - make it sound like you're there. The crowd is crazy, the band is relentless. I wish I was there! The only extra features it has is the entire concert showing what the big movie screen shows during the show. Pretty pointless, but a nice feature. Oh, it does have a behind-the-scenes documentary, but I've seen better. // 8

Production Quality: The production couldn't really be better. The packaging is spot on, the chapters and menus are cool yet simple and it has Dolby Digital surround sound! Great stuff! No booklet though unfortunately. // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, it isn't the best live DVD I have, but it certainly isn't the worst. It comes with bite and atmosphere, and contains no boring bits. Essential for any Korn fan, although if it were stolen I don't think I'd buy it again. // 8

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overall: 5.5
Live Reviewed by: Ploosh_Meister, on april 14, 2006
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Sound: The sound is not bad, what you'd expect from a band at Korn's status to have on a DVD, the problem is, how different Johnathon Davies voice appears to be. It's just not that good on this DVD. I've heard them hit it note for note live before, but perhaps the pressure of having to get everything completely right for the cameras made them somewhat underperform. // 6

Content: The DVD contains nothing extra but a pointless 15 minute documentary on how the show was broadcast to a number of different theaters for the first time in history and an extra disc playing all the movies shown on a back screen at the concert. It's terrible. It's a little pointless and does not do enough to satisfy anyone who likes their extras. The live concert itself is fairly good, the set list holding all their big hits, and a small cover of One by Metallica, but it's definently not all performed at it's best. // 5

Production Quality: The production quality on the DVD is fairly good, seems as KoRn have the money and enough fans to let out a very good qualiry DVD. There are some effects, which look quite tacky, for example at one point they try to make it look like a camera is going through one of the band members bodies, and it looks slightly terrible. // 6

Overall Impression: I dislike this DVD. I was extremely dissapointed with it, just as I was with the Korn DVD Deuce. They should have combined them, giving all the extra's that appear on Deuce a live show like on this DVD. Korn have yet to make a very good video/DVD. If it were lost or stolen I'd have to buy it again cause I like to own as much KoRn as I can, but I wouldn't watch it. // 5

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