Killadelphia Review

artist: Lamb of God date: 06/09/2006 category: dvd

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Lamb of God: Killadelphia
Released: June 21, 2005
The disc consists of footage filmed during the bands performance at Philadelphia's Trocadero in October 2004. In addition to the 70+ minute concert footage, Killadelphia includes over 2 hours of uncensored behind-the-scenes footage taken throughout the Ashes of Wake touring cycle.
 Sound: 9.8
 Content: 9.8
 Production Quality: 9.6
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
Killadelphia Reviewed by: jumpmanhat, on july 05, 2005
9 of 9 people found this review helpful

Sound: I love Lamb Of God as most other metalheads do. I mean, these guys are incredible to headline the tour, "Sounds Of The Underground" which is eleven hours of full on metal. I would say that this band has some of the most creative and influential guitar works in the history of metal. This DVD in my opinion was amazing. It makes me watch it again and again. // 10

Content: The disk is apx. 180 mins long. It includes: a full feature headling concert with random takes of the guys touring with Fear Factory, but only shows Children Of Bodom other than themselves having fun, drinking and going through an emotional rollercoaster (think Vulgur Videos by Pantera, but not AS random and druggy). 01. Laid To Rest 02. Hourglass 03. As The Palaces Burn 04. Now You've Got Something To Die For 05. 11th Hour 06. Terror And Hubris 07. Ruin 08. Omerta 09. Pariah 10. The Faded Line 11. Bloodletting 12. The Subtle Arts Of Murder 13. Persuasion 14. Vigil 15. What I've Become 16. Black Label Interviews with band and crew, outtakes, band/director commentary, Hidden Easter eggs, soundcheck (explains gear and shows how to play like them), 3 videos (Laid To Rest (demo), Laid To Rest and Now You've Got Something To Die For). // 10

Production Quality: The sound is great and the picture is always great too. It is definately worth the money. The director: Doug Spangenberg did a really good job. // 10

Overall Impression: I got this DVD because it was my B-day. My friend/band member (bassist) got it for me because I couldn't go to Sounds Of The Underground. And now that I saw the DVD makes me wanna kill to see them but I cant because of reasons. So listen to me, if you can, you get to go and check them out. As for this DVD, I would say that this is half live show and half Some Kind Of Monster (if you know what I mean). Anyways, one of best band DVD I've ever seen. // 10

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overall: 10
Killadelphia Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 09, 2005
5 of 5 people found this review helpful

Sound: Well the sound on this DVD is heavy hitting thrash metal from Lamb Of God. If you aren't a listener of them then let me elaborate: Randy Blythe's vocals are like an earthquake to the ears, Mark Morton and Willie Adler's guitar play just slices you to pieces, John Campbells bass skills make it seem like you got hit in the stomache with a sledgehammer, and Chris Adler on drums is like putting the worlds best marksman on a. 50 Caliber machine gun-He absolutely slays. Other than their music the other parts of the DVD showing them on tour really makes you feel like you know the guys. // 10

Content: The content on this DVD gets a 10. For the most part it has killer video of their live concert in Philladelphia. Another great thing about it is that it shows the members of Lamb Of God as normal people, because like every person they have lives when they are not on the stage. This DVD really inspired me with its run time of 180 minutes. It has 2 hours of extra features too (music videos, outtakes, soundchecks, and profiles of the band members). Another cool thing were the hidden bonus clips. They made me laugh 'till I cried. // 10

Production Quality: The production quality in Killadelphia sets the bar high for any other metal DVD you ever watch after it. The live concert footage is great. It makes you feel as if you were there. Excellent camera angles of all of the band members take you in for a killer experience, and it just makes you want to bang your head the whole time. All I can say is "superb." // 10

Overall Impression: Overall this is a great DVD with an insight to Lamb of God's music and true nature. This DVD doesn't leave out the stuff that happens when a band is on the road like most DVDs, and unlike most other band DVDs this one doesn't make you fall asleep. I would highly recommend that you buy it even if you aren't that much of a Lamb Of God fan. If it were stolen I'd get it back, and if it were lost I'd buy a new one most definately. // 10

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overall: 9
Killadelphia Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 03, 2005
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: This band has yet outstounded me again. I thought it was great, all music I right now is inspired by Mark Morton and his crew. The story in this is a reality to how hard it is to make it as a successful metal band and all the bagage that comes along with it and how the tention was so much that it brings guitarist Mark Morton and Vocalist Randall Blythe into a fist fight. They used there same old thrash and death metal (sounding like they were inspired by Slayer) style as they have before. If you liked this I suggest you read the LOG of Lamb Of God in guitar world magazine. // 9

Content: The dvd features many live performances 2 that you cant live without watching are "Ruin" and "Bloodletting" the thrash classics. Guitarist Mark Morton and Willie Alder go thorugh there "classic violent passages of Sonic Chaos." I am very happy to see what songs are on this list of classic heavy metal songs. // 9

Production Quality: The quality is pretty good but it doesn't matter, you're not paying attention to how good you can see them when Mark brakes into ow youve got something to die for. // 8

Overall Impression: This by far owns all of there other CD's they put out. This is by far the best DVD I have seen all year. The whole DVD kept me in aww. I love this DVD, if it was legal I would mary it. If it was stolen I would sloter who ever took it but if I couldnt find him I would go buy it again. // 10

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overall: 10
Killadelphia Reviewed by: Flametop001, on november 10, 2005
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: Lamb Of God's sound is unlike any other. They are definately the new Slayer with visceral guitar work and pounding drums. Killadelphia shows how Lamb Of God lives on the road with good times and bad times. There are many great LOG songs that are featured in the live concert footage such as Black Label and Laid to Rest. Pretty good stuff. // 10

Content: Killadelphia is loaded with great content: Live concert footage from their concert in Philly from October 2004, hidden bonus video, music videos, profiles of all the band members, outtakes, and soundchecks in which members of Lamb of God describe their rigs and teach you how to play parts of songs all make this a DVD chock-full of stuff that will keep you entertained for hours. The footage of them on tour and the hardships of keeping together a band on the road was really great too. There were alot of hilarious moments also. There is more than enough stuff to keep any LOG fan satisfied. // 10

Production Quality: Nothing much to say here other than great footage. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall impression of this DVD? Awesome. Everything about it was great, and I've watched it 3 times now, everytime noticing something I didn't before. I love every minute of it. If it were stolen or lost I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. // 10

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overall: 10
Killadelphia Reviewed by: SlAyTaNiC_CAC, on june 09, 2006
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: In this DVD the sound qualiy is awesome and the musicianship is also really good. Some of the songs they play at this show sounds better then when they acually recorded them (Terror and Hubris). // 10

Content: The DVD itself is the best that Lamb of God has put out so far. They have great live footage that shows the pure energetic power of the band. They also have an awesome behind the scence's look at the band's life and how they actuallt act not what they want people to think how they act. They also have sound checks for all the band members that shows how to do a few parts of songs and Chris (drummer) shows how he does this crazy foot technique thing that seriously made my mouth drop in awe. This is a wicked DVD. // 10

Production Quality: The quality of the DVD is excellent. The sound is great and the camera angles are awesome, it catches all the members at the right time's and show the crowd in their craziest moments. // 10

Overall Impression: My overall Impression of this DVD is a perfect 10 out of 10. I loved everything on this DVD and of all the DVDs I own this one is definetly the best one I have. If this was stolen or I lost it I would Definetly buy it again. Any true Lamb Of God fan has to get this album if you already don't have it. // 10

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