Walk With Me In Hell Review

artist: Lamb of God date: 10/09/2008 category: dvd

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Lamb of God: Walk With Me In Hell
Release Date: July 1, 2008
Lamb of God's rise to the top of the metal world is chronicled in the impressive 2-disk DVD Walk With Me In Hell.
 Sound: 10
 Content: 9.5
 Production Quality: 9.3
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 10
Walk With Me In Hell Reviewed by: UG Team, on july 04, 2008
9 of 10 people found this review helpful

Sound: Towards the beginning of Lamb of God's new DVD Walk With Me In Hell, Mark Morton says something that not a lot of musicians might have the guts to utter aloud. When asked about his time touring with Slayer and Megadeth he states, I want to play as hard as I can and make them look tired and oldWhy would I go into a show opening for Slayer with my head bowed? It's that candor (and confidence) that has pushed Lamb of God to become one of the top acts in metal, and Walk With Me In Hell gives insight into the whirlwind that the band has experienced since the making of the Sacrament CD. For as intense as the band may seem (some of you might recall the fight between vocalist Randy Blythe and Morton in Glasgow), the DVD shows the band is actually a down-to-earth, hardworking band that certainly hasn't had the smoothest ride over the past few years. The 2-DVD release Walk With Me In Hell covers 2 main themes: the extremely long touring schedule from the Unholy Alliance of 2006 up until the more recent headlining tour (disk 1), and the writing/recording of Sacrament (disk 2). The first disk is basically a documentary film, and you rarely get bored during the 117-minute long feature. It's impossible not to think of Spinal Tap when you see some of the situations that the band has while on tour (whether it's Randy going to the doctor after a machete drops out of his pocket or when the band is plagued by multiple equipment issues), and that's one reason why the DVD is so watchable. There are several concert clips edited into the documentary with fantastic sound quality, but it's just as interesting to see the guys have slap fights or watch fans do the vocal soundcheck in place of Blythe. Disk 2 focuses on the making of Sacrament, and although a little more intense, it still relays each band member's personality perfectly. Walk With Me In Hell goes deep into the songwriting process, as well as highlighting what each musician brings to the table. You get interviews during the actual recording process (which shows the guys a little more on edge), and some chats after the fact that give a bit more insight into what was happening in the studio. While some bands' DVDs tend to get overly dramatic, Lamb of God's release continues to keep things lighthearted. Just as in the first disk, you'll get a good dose of their extracurricular activities, which includes BBQs and poker games. // 10

Content: The band (and its editors) put a lot of work and time into Walk With Me In Hell, and it paid off in full. Each disk does feel like a feature film, and the pacing works well. If you're someone who prefers live performances over behind-the-scenes material, the bonus section does feature 8 songs from the Download Festival in Donington Park. The camera footage is not quite as polished for this portion, but it almost seems more suitable to have a gritty look. Other bonus features include deleted scenes from the main feature and the Redneck video. In total, you're getting 300-plus minutes of material, and that in itself is a huge plus. // 10

Production Quality: Enough can't be said about the production quality, which does give the appearance of a feature film. It's hard to say how many hours of footage the editors had to work with, but it must have been monstrous. Both disks have a very nice flow and keep the energy going, often sticking in live performances or humorous backstage antics at the perfect places. // 10

Overall Impression: The documentary doesn't delve into the band's earliest years, instead focusing on the huge turning point in their career in 2006. That's completely understandable, particularly considering the band has been around since 1990 and they already have over 5 hours of footage on Walk With Me In Hell. You won't ever feel shortchanged by the DVD, and the band's collective personalities ensure that things continue to be entertaining. This is not a band of egomaniacs, but rather a group of impressive musicians who still have managed to keep a level head after landing in the Billboard Top 10, earning a Grammy nomination, and playing on network TV. Even if you don't care for Lamb of God's music, you'll still likely feel a sense of respect for the Richmond band at the end of Walk With Me In Hell. // 10

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overall: 9.5
Walk With Me In Hell Reviewed by: MassacreDeicide, on october 09, 2008
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: Lamb of God, a metal band out of Richmond Virginia, released their newest live DVD since Killadelphia which was four years ago. It was what Lamb of God fans have been waiting for and LOG delivered on the same perfect metal performance they bring to every show. I have quite a story to tell on this subject; I was in attendanc at the live show filmed at Download 2007 at Donnington Park in England at the mainstage. It was great, over 75, 000 people in attendance and I was there... truly an unforgettable performance. I have biological family in Ireland and I go to see them every once in a while so with Download as an opportunity to go see them that Sunday. "Walk With Me In Hell" is one of the best releases that LOG fans have been ready for for 2 years since "Sacrament" was released in 2006. LOG has a new album due in February 2009 and I'm sure it will not disapoint. This record used odd time signatures, very strange chord structure and more than advanced drums and guitar playing. Lamb of God has a sound that no one can touch. // 10

Content: The DVD has a full documentary entitled "Walk With Me In Hell" which was highly entertaing and informative on all fronts. From studio experience, to playing live shows, to playing/returning to their home in Richmond Virgina to see family. The documentary track listing is: 01. Setup to Fail (The Unholy Alliance Tour) 02. Playing The Game (Sacrament Release Day) 03. The Be All, End All (Megadeth Tour) 04. A One Eighty Shift (Japan) 05. Speed Boats and Koalas (Australia) 06. It's a Travesty (The Unholy Alliance Europe) 07. Summon the Devil (Conan & The Grammies) 08. Better Than Nascar (U.S. Headline Tour) 09. They Got A Bar Here? (Return To Australia) 10. As Forign As It Gets (Return To Japan) 11. Payoff? (European Festivals) 12. Big Shoes To Fill (Ozzfest) 13. Crickets (Heaven and Hell UK) 14. Time Served (Arena Headline Tour) Live Movies: - Redneck (from the Unholy Alliance US) - Again We Rise (from the Megadeth Tour) - Walk With Me In Hell (from the Unholy Alliance Europe) - Now You've Got Something To Die For (from European Festivals) - Blacken The Cursed Sun (from Ozzfest) - Pathetic (from the Arena Headline Tour) The Donnington Park 2007 playlist: - Laid to Rest - Again We Rise - Walk With Me In Hell - Pathetic - Now You've Got Something To Die For - Blacken The Cursed Sun - Redneck - Black Label And just some extra shit: Deleted Scenes: - Japan - Australia - United States - Europe - Redneck Music Video - Behind the scenes of the "Redneck" video shoot All in all the DVD is packed to the brim with good and chunky stuff as well as interviews and music. Great stuff! // 10

Production Quality: The production quality is what you should expect from a documentary DVD but there is one MAJOR difference in the Donnington Park show in England. The intensity felt like 78 % of what it was like when I was there in actuality. As for the rest of the DVD, nothing really awesome, but it's Lamb of God dude... come on. // 8

Overall Impression: In terms of the technical guitar and drums, Nile comes close to guitar and "Overcome" by All That Remains for the drum portion of the DVD. The part of the DVD that really jumped out at me had to have been the "Walk With Me In Hell" documentary was interesting. Live shows only impress you for how long right? But the documentary kept my attention through the whole thing. I love that it's Lamb of God finally coming out with another DVD and that the documentary is just as interesting as the live cuts. I don't hate a thing, which is what I say with most of the reviews that I make for this website. If it were stolen, I would flip a shit, but it has not been yet (thankfully) but yeah I would definetly buy it again and agian. // 10

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overall: 10
Walk With Me In Hell Reviewed by: execution_666, on july 05, 2008
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: Lamb Of God have come a long way from their Killadelphia DVD. The "pure American metal" band has lived up to that reputation. The sound is intense and at the same time complex. LoG has used one style for a very long time and it's only made them stronger and more popular nationally and globally; metal. You just can't be a metal fan anf not like LoG. They have been through tough times to get to where they're at and this DVD shows some of the difficulties on their bumpy ride to fame around the world. // 10

Content: The first disc is a 117 min long documentary that'll have you attached. Every scene is filled with something a true Lamb of God fan would enjoy. I mean, why would you buy a DVD of a band if you're only a "slight" fan or not a fan at all? You get to go across the band on the bus, behind stage, in restaurants and bars, all the way to the main stage where the world gets to see them as well. It's quite interesting, because some of the things they face aren't what's expected from a band that huge in the metal world. Disc two shows the entire download festival and the making of Sacrament, which is a 77 min long feature. It's very thorough and gives a pretty good idea how each member thought up the riffs, drumlines, and vocals to put together and call their new album. Also the disc has a making of for Lamb of God's Redneck video. It's pretty amusing. // 10

Production Quality: Sony BMG did their job producing this DVD. The quality is better than anyone can expect. The DVD states that only one camera is used during the whole thing. That one camera does its job capturing almost everything that needed to be captured. Full sound and clear picture was used and it could not have been any better. // 10

Overall Impression: This DVD is amazing. There's a lot to see. Lamb of God have made a great follow up to Killadelphia, which has gotten high praise by fans. The best thing about this DVD is that it covers everything and shows exactly what the band wants you to see; what it's like for a typical metal band to tour around the world. There's nothing to hate about this DVD at all. Everything is enjoyable and you'll find yourself watching it over and over again. If it was lost, I'd be searching for is and not sleep until I found it. If it were stolen, someone's getting a broken neck. // 10

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overall: 9
Walk With Me In Hell Reviewed by: Jacob6293, on july 08, 2008
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: The sound quality on this DVD is great. In the live concert footage you can hear every instrument very well, with no instrument louder than another. The songs that were selected for the concerts are some of my personal favorites. Most of the songs played throughout the film are from the "Sacrament" album, with few older songs. // 10

Content: There are two discs included in the set; the first disc is the actual feature film, with live concert footage and scene selections as bonus features. The second disc contains a seperate full-length film entitled "Making of Sacrament", showing the behind-the-scenes footage of how the record was made. Disc two also includes bonus features such as the full live set at the Download Festival. So it is as if you are getting two feature films, which is very cool. Both films are exciting and enjoyable to watch. The feature presentation does not include as much live footage in the actual film as "Killadelphia", which is a downside. It shows "snippets" of live songs, rather, making the film a documentary rather than a concert DVD. // 8

Production Quality: The film actually shows the process of making a record, which contributes to the production of the actual film. The visual quality is very high, and the only minor issue with my personal DVD is that it skips once for a few seconds, which is a permanent issue for me. This may or may not be an issue for everyone, but it happens every time I watch the DVD, which is a problem for me personally. // 9

Overall Impression: This DVD compares to the band's last DVD, "Killadelphia" in the sense that they both equally show the struggles of being a performer and the pressure that the band has to deal with, but it deals more with the making of the album and the issues dealt with while performing live rather than being on the road. I wish the DVD would have had some more concert footage, rather than bits of pieces, but that is about it. This is overall a very entertaining DVD and I would reccomend it to anyone who is a fan of the band or just wants to see what it really is like being in a metal band on tour. // 9

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