Guns, God And Goverment World Tour Review

artist: Marilyn Manson date: 11/23/2004 category: dvd

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Marilyn Manson: Guns, God And Goverment World Tour
Released: October 29, 2002
The music sounds great but only comes alive when played on a surround sound system or in your portable DVD player with earphones hooked up and the volume on maximum.
 Sound: 10
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 6
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Guns, God And Goverment World Tour Reviewed by: unregistered, on november 23, 2004
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Sound: Haven't heard a better live recording since "Hell Freezes Over" by the Eagles. Marilyn Mansons sound always amazes me. // 10

Content: With songs like Sweet Dreams, Dope Show, Rock Is Dead, Irresponsible Hate Anthem, and Great Big White World, I still feel that they could have done a bit better with the tracklist. In my opinion songs like LunchBox could have been replaced with I don't know maybe Cake and Sodomy, or a heavier Version Rock And Roll Nigger. But the artists talent level was up as high as Marilyn Manson was during The Nobodies. It has ok behind the scene backstage footage - low qaultiy God Eat God Perfomance and also Guest Apearences by Eminem, Ozzy, Sharon Ozz and Drunken Fans. I don't agree with the not so live visions used, the music and the video are not the same concert it is a best of tour but they do a good job lining up lyric to Mouth but seeing Manson change outfits 10 times per song takes that live feeling away and thats a shame because the audio is mastered so well in 7. 1 and 5. 1 that you could acctually feel like you were there and relive the moments if the just would have stuck to 1 city. // 8

Production Quality: Production is good. Video is great qaulity and audio is great quality. The only Drawback is the Multiple City changes through out the same songs. // 6

Overall Impression: This is a definate buy for Manson fans, seeing that it is the only DVD put out it is the only option but the sound makes up for the video. There isn't to much to hate about the DVD itself maybe we will get a Against All Gods DVD from 1 city like SF or NY or Boston or Germany. If this DVD were stolen I would most likely buy it, copy it and bring it back. // 8

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