Live - Friday The 13th Review

artist: Maroon 5 date: 09/26/2011 category: dvd

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Maroon 5: Live - Friday The 13th
Released: Sep 20, 2005
Maroon 5 are another band that in my mind sticks out as a great live band. This DVD being shot in 2005 which was three years after "Song About Jane" (debut album) was released.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 9
 Production Quality: 9
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.5
Live - Friday The 13th Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 26, 2011
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Sound: Maroon 5 are another band that in my mind sticks out as a great live band. With great vocals and improved guitar pieces in "Shiver" and "Sweetest Goodbye". The transition of slower rock songs, to popin' pop songs. With combinations of both in songs throughout. The story for this DVD was that the final concert while supporting "Songs About Jane" was filmed. The sound is well rehearsed and gives a great surround sound feel. The problem I found was the crowd was turned down low so it seemed there was no crowd. My second thought after that was they only came for the 3 Radio songs "Harder To Breathe", "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved." All in all sound quality was really decent. Final concert for "Songs About Jane" tour. The sun, slow begins builds to a fun outro. Faint crowd cheers, only sing along hear is in "This Love", smaller venue, but the crowd needed to be a little louder the backup singer backstage on "Harder To Breathe" and "This Love". // 8

Content: The Set list of Show and DVD: "Shiver" "Through With You" "Tangled" "Harder To Breathe" "The Sun" "Wasted Years" "Secret-Ain't No Sunshine" "Not Coming Home" "This Love" "Must Get Out" "Sunday Morning" "Sweetest Goodbye" "Hello" (Oasis cover) "She Will Be Loved" Song selection was easy for the band to decide with only 1 album out at the time. With a Oasis cover and new song making the list. Pushes the DVD to 1:15:54. It goes by quickly, with no other options on disk. But if you love the band you can pass three hours watching it over and over. "Wasted Years" disappointed my liking of a new song in my mind. It dragged on. I would point that "Wasted Years" is the weak point. Sweetest Goodbye gives a great main set closer, with added improve by Levine and crew at the end of the song. For me the outro really makes it feel a stadium worthy outro. Doesn't quite make to same level as "Wembley 2007" Muse's "Newborn" or Rammstein's "Amerika" from "Volkerball". // 9

Production Quality: Production of the concert in general was very well rehearsed. Every jump and note seemed to have been played every night on the long tour Levine talks about they are on. But being a well rehearsed concert made the DVD entertaining to watch. The camera angles were mostly basic and same goes for visual effects. When the slower songs would be played the black and white visuals would come into effect. Most notably the transition between the slow paced "Ain't No Sunshine" to "Not Coming Home". There were no Fireworks, Pyrotechnics or CO2 effects. Only a giant screen behind the boys which didn't have very much going on in the background. // 9

Overall Impression: Could I compare this Maroon 5 DVD to the likes of the U2 DVD's or the Rammstein DVD's I own and honestly I can't. This DVD being shot in 2005 which was three years after "Song About Jane" (debut album) was released. It isn't a giant stadium gig, but at times it feels it could be with songs as "Sweetest Goodbye" and "Shiver". Because it is a smaller venue and smaller crowds the production isn't what it could be today and in future. The impression it left on me was how solid this band is. Things that stand out are Levine's guitar solos, Jesse Carmichael bouncing on the keys really put a smile to my face. Things that bummed me out where the fact that Madden didn't move too many steps during the whole DVD. But none the less great DVD worth the money and I would defiantly cry if it were stolen. // 8

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