That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Review

artist: Megadeth date: 08/25/2010 category: dvd

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Megadeth: That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires
Release Date: March 6, 2007
He may be a little older and wiser, but Dave Mustaine proves he is still a powerful force in metal today with That One Night.
 Sound: 8.6
 Content: 7.8
 Production Quality: 8.6
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.8
That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Reviewed by: UG Team, on march 19, 2007
10 of 10 people found this review helpful

Sound: In the film Some Kind Of A Monster, which chronicled the recording of Metallica's St. Anger album, there was a particular moment that stood out more than all of the studio sessions combined. It was the moment when Megadeth frontman (and former Metallica guitarist) Dave Mustaine confronted drummer Lars Ulrich to reveal that he's felt as if he had been living in Metallica's shadow for the past few decades. As true as that heartache probably has been for Mustaine, the man definitely has his devotees, as is apparent in the latest DVD that showcases a 2005 show in Buenos Aires. That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires, Megadeth's live DVD recorded on October 9, 2005, is an impressive showing of the band's latest incarnation, vocalist/guitarist Dave Mustaine, guitarist Glen Drover, bassist James Lomenzo, and drummer Shawn Drover. While Mustaine remains the stronghold that has kept Megadeth alive for all of the years, the current status of the group is as impressive as ever in terms of playing dead-on versions of classics like Peace Sells and Tornado Of Souls. Although it's somewhat disappointing to no longer see Mustaine's former partner-in-crime, bassist Dave Ellefson, you would be hard-pressed to find a tighter lineup than the one present on the latest DVD. That One Night briefly includes commentary by Mustaine and the other band members in the introduction, but it wastes little time in getting to the main attraction, the stage show. Mustaine may be 45 years old, but his unbelievable talent at guitar shredding has not been altered in the slightest. While Drover does the majority of lead work, there is still a hefty amount that has been allotted to Mustaine. The most impressive display comes in Hangar 18, when Mustaine and Drover do a bit of dueling guitars in what is easily the most impressive moment on the DVD. While it may seem Mustaine's vocals are a bit off at first, he rapidly recovers by the second song Set The World Afire. More impressively, he is able to sing, play rhythm and lead guitar, and maintain a certain charisma with ease during the entire show. There is a dip in the momentum only briefly during the performance I'll Be There, but the concert is pretty much one stellar performance after another. // 9

Content: If you're a Megadeth fan, you will need little else but the Buenos Aires concert to feel satisfied with the DVD. The live show includes 17 songs (plus one extra version of Symphony Of Destruction) and runs about 95 minutes long. There are also a few quick cuts away from the stage performance to show Mustaine and Drover doing an impromptu acoustic performance on the grass. Those little vignettes are brief, but provide a nice contrast to the steady distortion you hear song after song. As thrilling a performance as the Buenos Aires concert is, viewers at home might feel a little short-changed because of the few bonus features. While many bands today are going all-out by including documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and their video collection all on one DVD, Megadeth has kept this one simple. The Argentina show is the gist of the DVD, but it's still a worthwhile purchase for anyone who has been a fan of the band since the '80s. // 8

Production Quality: Featuring a wide variety of camera angles and styles, That One Night keeps things interesting visually throughout. There are times when key moments in guitar solos are suddenly given a backseat to a shot of the audience, and those are really the only annoying moments in the DVD. All in all, it's edited tightly and also features a fantastic mix of the audio, which provided a great balance for the vocals and instruments. // 9

Overall Impression: Unexpectedly, the Buenos Aires crowd is pure entertainment in itself. The hypnotized fans sing along with pretty much everything that is played by Megadeth -- and I mean everything. That means that every guitar lick that Mustaine plays in Holy Wars is sung in somewhat of a duh-doo-duh-doo-duh-doo-dah-dah... There just aren't a lot of fans who go to that level of commitment in terms of singing along, and it's a fascinating display of worship. Aside from the music, Mustaine displays a deeply emotional side to his personality. He seems genuinely touched and appreciative by the Buenos Aires crowd, often times mouthing thank you and putting his hand over his heart. Mustaine is no longer the young kid angry at Metallica for dropping him by the wayside, but seeing That One Night proves he hasn't lost one ounce of his onstage intensity. // 9

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overall: 9.5
That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Reviewed by: \m/Torin\m/, on january 10, 2008
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: Well it's Megadeth and if you enjoy their famous heavy riffs and fast solos then this DVD is deffinatly for you! It contains soo many classics. All of the songs sound just like they would in the studio on with the energy of a live audience. This DVD also has amazing sound. // 10

Content: Almost al of the footage in this DVD is the concert which is a good thing if you wanna get in the action! But I don't remember too much footage of behind the scenes stuff. It contains soo many classics, "Symphony of Destruction", "Tornado of souls" one of my favourites is "A Toute Le Monde" "Holy wars... The Punishment Due" and soo many more. I personally was very satisfied with buying this DVD the sound quality, as I said, was great, great set list, can't think of any real negatives with it. // 8

Production Quality: The sound quality for this DVD was pretty damn good, I must say, Dave Mustaine sounded good. The guitars never sounded better! There is nothing like watching Dave Mustaine shred "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due". The fans on this DVD were soo amazing, the energy is unbelieveable they are like a giant wave of energy, I can't truely describe it, you have to see it! // 10

Overall Impression: It compares greatly with their other albums, which are great too. The most impressive thing on this DVD is probably either the amazing guitar shredding skills they still have, or the crowd. Overall I loved that it was a great concert and you can almost feel like your there with out "being there". The only thing I hated was, it had to end but everything does. If I ever lost this DVD or it were stolen, I'd deffinatly get it again! well thank you for your time and please rate. // 10

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overall: 8.8
That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Reviewed by: Mental-lica, on october 09, 2007
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: The sound on this was excellent. You may notice that Dave has kind of lost his voice on some of the songs like Tornado of Souls but on every other song he does an excellent job. This guy is still a beast at the guitar and hits every note with percession even after 3 years of almost no play. After all, this was one of Megadeths first shows in almost 3 years after Dave Mustaine was diagnosed with some disorder in his hand that enabled him to him curl his fingers around his guitar. But he's back with a new line up which includes the awesome Glen Drover who also does a great job at every song (especially Return to Hangar). His brother Shawn is a pretty good drummer, has a little trouble with his feet but that's it. Megadeth is my favorite band and this is a DVD you don't want to miss out on if your a mega fan like me. // 9

Content: This DVD is a normal concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the following songs: 01. Blackmail The Universe 02. Set The World Afire 03. Wake Up Dead 04. In My Darkest Hour 05. She Wolf 06. Reckoning Day 07. A Tout Le Monde 08. Hangar 18/Return To Hangar 09. I'll Be There 10. Tornado Of Souls 11. Trust 12. Something That I'm Not 13. Kick The Chair 14. Coming Home 15. Symphony Of Destruction 16. Peace Sells 17. Holy Wars There is an alternate version of SOD but I haven't watched it yet. // 9

Production Quality: Great sound quality and great camera men. Thank you for not turning away while their doing their solos! I hate it when other camera people do that. Filmed well with great lights and sounds and nice camera shaking on Wake Up Dead! I wish they would show more bass playing but that's just me liking the bass. // 8

Overall Impression: So good can't believe it. Great DVD! The most impressive thing about this DVD is that Dave can still kick out some awesome action and deliver a great show after all these years. Love everything you could possibly say about it except Tornado of Souls. And yes I would buy it if it was stolen. What are you talking about? // 9

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overall: 7.5
That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 19, 2009
1 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: First, let me open up saying that I am a long time Megadeth fan (ever since I was 6), and I have always dreamed of seeing them live, and actually went to see them in this concert. I bought the DVD when it came out and was surprised about how much I missed. The drummers beat, the Bassists huge hands, Mustaine's spitting (haha), and the Lead Guitarists priceless face that happens about everytime they show him. The sound of the concert is incredible, Mustaine leads on with a steady chugging and a thick bass groove follows. Then those enormous drums. And finally the lead guitarist rips it out (almost sloppily at first). I only had one beef with their sound, Dave sounds somewhat more snarly and mean on album, and their performance of "Peace Sells" cut out my favorite part (If there's a new way, I'll be the first in line! The guitarists don't improvise much, but the bassist has went completely crazy with innovations. // 7

Content: The DVD contains the following setlist. 01.An introduction. 02.Blackmail the Universe 03.Set the World Afire 04.Wake up Dead 05.In My Darkest Hour 06.She Wolf (I don't care for that song, as it seems Mygonistic) 07.Reckoning Day (Not very memorable song for me, they could easily switch this one with Good Mourning/Black Friday- Or did Mustaine say that he would not play that song?) 08.A Tout Le Mode (One of my favorite ballads of all time) 09.Hangar 18 and Return to Hangar (Awesome songs by themselves and with the really cool transition they did) 10.I'll Be There (An average song, a little bit to corny for my tastes, replace it with Rattlehead and I will be a happy man) 11.Tornado of Souls (Easily one of Megadeth's best songs) 12.Trust (Amazing Song, chorus is very catchy) 13.Something That I'm Not (Very good song, and really fun to play on Bass) 14.Kick The Chair (Need I say more?) 15.Coming Home (Amazing Pronunciation of the Spanish language, rumour has it that he had a coach train him to learn the lines to that song) 16.Symphony of Destruction (Their first hit, the crowd went insane when this played) 17.Peace Sells (Amazing song, but could have been played better live, Mustaine's voice kind of grated on my nerves in this one. 18.Holy Wars (A true Megadeth Classic) The DVD has one Special Feature, but it is not much. They performance of Symphony of Destruction using different video. The setlist does not differ much from any other Megadeth DVD. // 8

Production Quality: The production of the DVD is outstanding, from close-ups to audience shots, not a single person is left behind. As for technology, I couldn't really detect any tricks (although, that would have been nice). If production quality includes the amazing little cutscenes of Mustaine & Co. playing their songs acoustically in a park nearby the place they were staying, then yes this deserves a medal. // 7

Overall Impression: I currently have a countless amount of Live DVD's in my "roster" and my favorites include, Fancy - Les Claypool, If All Goes Wrong - Smashing Pumpkins, and this. Megadeth put on a great show that night, but not their greatest. I still await the day that (hopefully) Marty Friedman will join back with this spectacular metal group. I have to say one thing... What is with the Audience in the front row?!?!? They look posessed! If I lost this record, I would definitely re-purchase it, along with the Warchest! // 8

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overall: 8
That One Night: Live In Buenos Aires Reviewed by: fitze12345, on august 25, 2010
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: Well i'm a huge THRASH METAL fan, and thrash doesn't get much better then Megadeth! It has as any easy to use menu and a Alternate version of the "Symphony of Destruction". It has a great track list which features "Blackmail the Universe" to "Hangar 18/Return to Hangar" to ballads like "Coming Home". // 8

Content: Realease by Image Entertainment "That One Night" is a Live Concert recorded at the Obras Sanitarias Stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 9, 2005. The setlist is great unfortunately there was a few songs that were played that weren't featured on the DVD which is a bit disappointing, still none the less it is a great DVD its content has earned it a rating of 6/10. // 6

Production Quality: The DVD has almost perfect production quality, it has great sound picture quality and it has a few effects thrown in throughout the setlist for example in "Trust" the screen shakes a bit in the intro. Image Entertainment has excelled themselves with the quality of the sound image and effects quality. // 9

Overall Impression: It is probably the most well known Megadeth concerts, it has a great setlist, and the band line up is practically perfect: Dave Mustaine - Rhythm and lead guitar, Lead vocals Glen Drover- Lead and rhythm guitar, Backing vocals James MacDonough- Bass, Backing vocals Shawn Drover- Drums The thing i like most is how they get the crowd involved by having them sing full chorus' & in "Trust" they have the crowd sing the chorus with just the drum and bass line and then Mustaine sings the chorus again in Spanish that is also the most impressive thing. If i was to lose it i would go out and buy another copy its a great dvd and is a great possession for any true Megadeth Fan. // 9

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