The Videos: 1989-2004 Review

artist: Metallica date: 01/28/2008 category: dvd

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Metallica: The Videos: 1989-2004
Release Date: December 5, 2006
While you're awaiting Metallica's return to greatness, The Videos will make you once again appreciate just what the legendary band has offered in the past.
 Sound: 8.5
 Content: 7.7
 Production Quality: 8.5
 Overall Impression: 8.3
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overall: 9.3
The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: UG Team, on december 05, 2006
13 of 15 people found this review helpful

Sound: Metallica's latest offering to the world of metal comes in the form of DVD covering its videos from 1989 to 2004, and for the most part it is a fascinating look at the visuals that have accompanied the band's changing sound. Even though there isn't much in the way of bonus interviews or live footage, the running time of over 2 hours ensures that there is no shortage of material on the DVD. What may be the biggest drawback for fans is that it does only focus on the band's music after 1989, which of course, was when the band also started to make a huge impression on MTV. So if you are one of the critics who dogged on the band for using producer Bob Rock or becoming too radio friendly, you may feel that the DVD just doesn't accurately represent the overall history. But to be fair, this is strictly a DVD dedicated to the music videos, and the creation of One was truly a memorable marker in the band's timeline. Musically, songs like One, Enter Sandman, and The Unforgiven are still solid works that were enhanced tenfold with the accompanying videos. There are plenty of people who still prefer the days of Master Of Puppets, but unfortunately there aren't really any traditional videos to mark that era. Even still, Metallica churned out plenty of hook-driven, likeable tunes from the early '90s and part one of The Videos is a much-needed trip back in time. If you're not a huge fan of the band's later music -- particularly the St. Anger album, which was met with disappointment from fans and critics alike -- you may feel the need to fast-forward through the ending portion. While the band still does a competent job at the 4 videos from St. Anger, they still do pale in comparison to the earlier videos. But because the music documentary Some Kind of Monster did already give a peek into the motives behind St. Anger, it's still interesting to see the results of that trying time during the band's career. // 9

Content: The DVD begins with the video for One, which is still one of the most haunting videos of all time. By combining the band jamming in a dimly lit practice space along with images from the 1971 movie Johnny Got His Gun, it's still hard to take your eyes of it. Along with One, pretty much all of the singles are covered in The Videos. If you're watching start to finish, it does seem that the earlier videos were visually a bit more creepy and intriguing. The chilling images of the boy-turned-old man in The Unforgiven to the odd cast of characters seen in Until It Sleeps are perfect examples of this early trend. When you're watching the late '80s to early '90s portion, it's easy to lose track of time because the videos (not to mention the music) are so well done. The Videos also includes 2 Of One, the 1989 release that previously was only available on VHS. This section included an interview with drummer Lars Ulrich detailing the making of the video for One, as well as a Jammin' Version of the video. The 2 Of One portion is brief, but it is one of the biggest highlights on the DVD. Additionally, The Videos also features a Theatrical Version of The Unforgiven video and a trailer for the movie Some King Of Monster. // 9

Production Quality: The visual quality of most of the videos on the DVD is executed beautifully. With a variety of directors behind the videos, it gives the songs unique identities. Directors Michael Salomon and Bill Pope (One), Matt Mahurin (The Unforgiven), and Samuel Bayer (Until It Sleeps) make the biggest impression with their artistic approach to the videos, but even the rawer tracks that are done in more of a straightforward fashion are done well. While it's safe to say that everyone will have a preference for one film style over another, The Videos gives enough variety to satisfy most fans. // 10

Overall Impression: Regardless of what you might dislike about the changing Metallica sound, The Videos: 1989-2004 makes a worthwhile addition to your DVDs. With 21 videos and alternative versions of One and The Unforgiven, The Videos doesn't leave any holes in terms of the band's career post-1989. Metallica has done a good job at consistently releasing videos, whether live concerts of the documentary Some Kind Of Monster, and the latest DVD continues that tradition. The Videos might not keep your attention during the later years if you were not a fan of St. Anger, but even if you skip through those, you'll still have almost 2 hours of watching ahead of you. So while you're awaiting Metallica's return to greatness, The Videos will make you once again appreciate just what the legendary band has offered in the past. Check out the trailer for Metallica's "The Videos: 1989-2004" DVD:

  • Windows Media: Lo, Me, Hi1, Hi2
  • Quicktime: Lo, Me, Hi1, Hi2 // 9

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    overall: 8.8
    The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: Uber-rocker, on march 30, 2007
    2 of 2 people found this review helpful

    Sound: Metallica have been one of the most influential groups in recent history, and Metallica: The Videos: 1989-2004 chronicles their journey in to the ass-kicking metal band that we know today. From the heavy thrash of 'One', to the introspective hard rock of 'Until It Sleeps' and the ferocity of 'St. Anger', the fifteen-year span that this DVD entails certainly gives you the impression that Metallica can, and will, do anything. There's no particular story attached to the creation of the DVD, all it simply is is a collection of every music video that the Metallica boys have made. While watching this DVD, you can see just how much Metallica have innovated and redefined what metal is to so many people that listen to it. For everyone that thought Metallica had gone soft recently, this is an enlightening refresher to prove exactly the opposite. // 9

    Content: Metallica: The Videos: 1989 - 2004 features all 21 music videos that have been made by Metallica. It also has an interesting feature called '2 of One', which was originally released in 1989, and contains an interview with Lars Ulrich and a shortened version (Jammin' version) of the music video for 'One'. Personally I think it's a bit lacking in the 'extra features' department, but for a DVD of music videos it's understandable I guess. // 8

    Production Quality: Some of the production techniques used were quite interesting. The video for 'One', for example, was essentially a performance clip interspersed with footage from an anti-war movie, to go along with the theme of the song. In the video for 'Enter Sandman', there's a cool stroboscopic effect throughout most of the video, and the video for 'The Memory Remains' features the band performing on a rotating platform, not sure how they did this, but I'd guess it was the camera rotating, not the platform. I'm sure if anyone knows, they'll correct me. There are some simple, yet brilliant techniques used in some of the music videos here, showing that Metallica can produce some very innovative videos, even if fans initially kicked up a huge stink about them making videos. // 9

    Overall Impression: This is basically a 'Best Of Metallica' DVD, and if a greatest hits package were to be released in the future (which I'm sure there inevitably will be), I'd expect the track list to look a lot like the play list on this DVD. For anyone that hasn't known about Metallica for very long, and are just getting in to their music, this is a good place to start, and for about (AUD)$30.00, it's not all that expensive either. If it were stolen, then yes, I would replace it, because it sounds so good being pumped through my surround sound system! Not only that, but it's just a quintessential collection of Metallica music, and in my opinion is well worth having. Great stuff. // 9

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    overall: 6.8
    The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: jmorris3, on december 23, 2006
    1 of 2 people found this review helpful

    Sound: This DVD is failry "basic" in its genetic makeup. It is simply what the title implies all the videos from 1989 to 2004. This is an obvious collectors item for any Metallica fan and for anyone who is into metal in general. The quality is perfect with great surround sound options, however there are very few suprises in store for the die hard fan. // 7

    Content: The content has its limits, everybody knows the standard songs on this DVD and the special features are a let down, with only a theatrical trailer, a very boring version of "The Unforgiven", a enjoyable interview with Larz and an exiticting version of "One". The songs include all the classics from "I Disapear" to "Whisky In A Jar" and even "Enter Sandman", however I was saddened to see no "Master of Puppets" and was not enlightened by the fact that "Some Kind Of Monster" (a song I do not really enjoy) was included on the DVD. // 5

    Production Quality: The DVD is produced rather well, it's simple and easy to use. The individual videos are all unique and I enjoy most of them especially the more unusual ones such as "Until It Sleeps" which really makes you ask yourself questions that you wouldn't before. I think that overall it was produced to the top standards of today and even the Queen could feel proud of owning a copy. // 9

    Overall Impression: Overall it is a good DVD for any Metallica to go out and buy right away. However it does not compare to the great standards of other DVDs such as "Live From The Eye Of The Storm" - Ill Nino which looks like a huge feat in film engineering compared to it. The only real impressive features of the DVD are the classic video's even though some of these seem to be a let down. The special features are worthless they misaswell not be there. I love the surround sound along with some of the great old time video's such as "One" but I hate the fact that there is nothing new about this DVD. I think I probably would buy another one if it were stolen just because it's a piece of history within itself, the first complete collection of Metallica's work. // 6

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    overall: 8
    The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: Sintera666, on february 20, 2007
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful

    Sound: As a Metallica fan, I went out and bought the DVD, brought it back home and watched 2 hours of Metal! To tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting too much from this DVD, but I was wrong. It's not a world class DVD, but it is great! I don't know if they used something to enhance the sound (I think they did), but it sounds crystal clear! I was expecting through "one" for there to be a little of that '80s fashioned sound but, like I said. // 10

    Content: This is a collection of all the music videos Metallica did. I did not think that they made so many! There are over 20 videos on this DVD! How come I can never find their videos on the internet? Anyway, if you want to see some videos from Metallica (some very good, some not so good like the old "one"), this is the DVD. I personaly need to say that "The Unforgiven" and "Turn the Page" were pretty sad (not the video but the storyline was literally sad), I did not cry though. The extra with Lars was pretty interesting to watch, but I was disappointed that they didn't put anything more on here, I mean, the trailer for Some Kind Of Monster? That's the best they can do? Why not like old interviews from the band. I am only satisfied about the videos, they could have put more on here. // 7

    Production Quality: Well, they did put an audio menu on the DVD, but unless you have a stereo system in your house, no one will use that menu. But the videos were nice and crystal clear in sound and screen. But why can't the producers add more to this DVD? It does not make sense to me! There are no "stand Out" production qualities on this DVD, but it is decent. // 7

    Overall Impression: I do really like this DVD, I am a big Metallica fan and this lets me have all their videos at the push of a button. I especially like "I Disappear" because it looks like I'm watching a movie instead of a video. The only thing I don't like is the old version of "one". It is very '80s quality. But other than that, this is a very good DVD. // 8

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    overall: 9.3
    The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: aenimafist, on may 04, 2007
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful

    Sound: It's Metallica. It's going to sound good anyway you view or listen to it. Metallica productions have always had that great sound crisp and clear to perfectly match what is being viewed. It is just the video collection so there really is no throughout plot like there was in SKOM but it still possessess that little jolt and the order of the songs makes it have a very good contrast. It's all studio recordings put behind images so it is not another version but it is all in sync as far as I can tell. // 9

    Content: It is a pretty minimalist production but it still has the full collection of Metallica's videos throughout their careers from the beginning to 2004. I haven't checked the bonus content yet but the video content is very complete and thorough. As far as I can tell it has all of their videos they shot for but I was disappointed to find out they did not shoot any videos for songs on Master of Puppets. I still need to check out all of the bonus stuff. // 9

    Production Quality: The quality in my opinion is quite superior to that of other productions I have seen. All of the videos are in sync to what is happening in the picture and there appears to be no flaw in the picture quality. Individually, each of the videos have something different and unique about them like in Memory Remains where they use a swinging camera to make it look like the band is on a flipping stage. I like St. Anger at the prison and then there's Whiskey in the Jar with a bachanal in the background. // 9

    Overall Impression: I really wish they would have made videos for song off of Master Of Puppets but other than that I really think the videos are true works of art and many of them I had never seen before. It is a must-have for any hardcore Metallica fan and an essential for any metal head. For me this is a 4 and 1/2 star production and this would be a good gift and for some reason I thought about it, but if someone were selling it, it would produce a good demo to watch. // 10

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    overall: 7.5
    The Videos: 1989-2004 Reviewed by: Ali-b912, on january 28, 2008
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful

    Sound: This is a metallica DVD. Therefore it's metal. Since the DVD is based after "And Justice For All" it has more songs from the period of time when metallica have been I'm many peoples thoughts declinining as a heavy metal band. There is little musical innovations except for (in my opinion) the songs on st anger which (again in my opinion) were an amazing low in metallicas career. It's better then most crap I hear on the radio but I don't much like it. // 7

    Content: The DVD has about 21 songs or so, plus a the 2 of one video. Since one is already part of the main video tracklisting, you can access the jammin version (without the clips from Johnny got his gun) from the special features menu along with the full 11 minute theatrical version of the unforgiven and a trailer for some kind of monster. I personally found it very annoying that so many songs from st anger were on this DVD, but it contained most of the songs I liked from the previous albums. The album is a best of but a couple of the videos are live performances with the song played over them. // 8

    Production Quality: The DVD is produced quite simply, the menus are all very basic but they fit the sort of theme in a way. The songs roll one into the other like an album would. Think of it as the 1989-2004 but it goes in your DVD player and you see lights and pictures. // 7

    Overall Impression: I personally dislike best of albums as they only show the singles. Some singles often suck. This was good though because I didn't have a large collection of Metallica stuff and I learned about a lot of cooler songs that came after master of puppets (which I also own along with ride the lightning) I personally love the jammin video for One because I can hear the song and see they guys play. I hate the amassed amount of st anger clips and the fact that it starts at 89, but I don't belive they did any videos before one. If it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy it again because I can't be bothered getting 30 bucks or so to get another one. Plus I loaded it onto my windows media center so I have it there too. // 8

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