All Access To All Things Review

artist: Mudvayne date: 04/29/2005 category: dvd

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Mudvayne: All Access To All Things
Released: November 11, 2003
This DVD is unbelievable. If you are thinking of recruiting any of your friends into Mudvaynian, turn them on with this DVD. The backstage stuff was cool, but the performances will blow you away. Do not watch this before you go to bed - you'll be up all night!
 Sound: 10
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 10
All Access To All Things Reviewed by: Spl!nTeRgu!tAr, on april 29, 2005
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Sound: This is another one of Mudvayne's DVDs. This DVD in perticular is to help promote their album The End Of All Things To Come. It is a live DVD following the band on the Summer Sanitarium Tour a couple years ago. It takes place before the album but was realeased afterward. I think Mudvayne is awesome on CD, but some of the live stuff is lacking, although very good. // 10

Content: The content consists of live performances of Dig, -1, Nothing To Gein, Cradle, Death Blooms, Not Falling, World So Cold, Silenced, and a few others. It also contains interviews with the band and footage before and after shows. The band talking together as a group is funny to watch, espeically when there hanging out on the bus between shows. Each band member has a segment of interviewing, and they also interview the techs on the tour and the set up guys. There is much more on the DVD, but I figure I shouldnt spoil it. // 10

Production Quality: The quality is awesome on this. For all of this being shot by what it seems like a digital video camera, the quality is very good. The sound and the clarity in the video is crystal clear with only a few minor things liek words you can't hear well, but thats in the pointless section. The band uses awesome equipment, although Greg's distortion is cranked a little high in some songs, but thats ok because he's still a badass. // 10

Overall Impression: The overall impression I get form this is Mudvayne is definatly a band to see live. If you don't own a Mudvayne album/tied between thier 1st 2 albums to buy them or not, then this would acctually be the thing to buy. This has all the best songs from both CD's and frankly, its well worth the money. If it were lost or stolen I might buy it again, I'm nto sure though, because after uw atch the entire thing a few times itll end up collecting dust on your shelf 'till you remember you have it. This over all is a good DVD. // 10

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