Lamentations Review

artist: Opeth date: 01/12/2008 category: dvd

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Opeth: Lamentations
Released: Feb 24, 2004
The band does the entire Damnation set and then a select few of the post-blackwater park songs.
 Sound: 10
 Content: 9
 Production Quality: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 10
Lamentations Reviewed by: `NeXxuS`, on august 23, 2004
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Sound: This is absolutely the best DVD I have ever watched. The band does the entire Damnation set and then a select few of the post-blackwater park songs. Some notable songs on the DVD are "A Fair Judgement," "Hope Leaves," and "Masters Apprentices". I was truly amazed at how talented this entire band was after watching this DVD. Mikael sings beautifully and brutally, Lopez drums like a god, Mendez will amaze you in the closing moments of the DVD with an insane bass line. Peter shows alot of his soloing off as well as Mikael. If you're a fan of Progressive music, Classic Rock, or Metal you must hear or see Opeth. // 10

Content: The Live Concert is amazing as I've already pointed out. Even better though is the Documentary of the making of the 2 albums "Damnation" and "Deliverance" the band talks about problems in the studio, what started them playing their instrument, what kind of music they like, what the next album will be like. The rationalize some of the choices that they made with the albums. Lopez makes some great comic relief talking about the tensions in the band and the biggest fights they've ever had. If I could I woulda given the content a 10/5. // 10

Production Quality: The show was amazing the lighting blew me away, and the Atmosphere that Mikael brings to the stage is equally charismatic as it is enigmatic. One minute he makes you laugh saying "alright are you ready to make this place into some kind of I dont know hell?" and then starts playing and makes you know the seriousness he takes with his music. // 10

Overall Impression: For anyone who has listened to the true metal genre, you'll immediately notice the originality, and complexity that Opeth bring to they're music. In my opinion they are the best band ever. I loved everything about this DVD and I'm not the only one just make a visit to the metal forum and youll quickly learn all about Opeth. // 10

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overall: 9
Lamentations Reviewed by: Pacal, on october 08, 2007
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Sound: Chances are, if you are reading this you are already an Opeth fan and already know and love their sound. Rest assured, Opeth's blend of death metal with folk and jazz influenced interludes is here in and in fine shape. If you are a fan of their post-Still Life work you will be pleased with everything on the disc. // 10

Content: This DVD is the recording of a gig Opeth did on their Damnation tour in 2003 at Shepard's Bush Empire located in West London. It includes every song from Damnation and selections from Blackwater Park and Deliverance. The songs they picked from the latter two albums I feel were among the best. Also included is a 65 minute documentary about the recording process of Damnation/Deliverance. It is basically just footage strung together with low production value transitions and titles/credits. It is also rather boring and I stopped watching at about the halfway mark. // 8

Production Quality: The production quality on the actual concert footage is astounding. It was recorded in standard stereo, 5.1 surround, and DTS. There are only two "cuts" in the footage, one when the crew changes the set and one near the end but it doesn't really affect anything. I recently watched the whole thing in a home theater in 5.1 surround. If you have access to one, this is the next best thing to going to a concert. Of course no band is going to sound as good live as they do on their studio recordings, but Opeth comes darn close. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this DVD is an excellent buy if you can find it for around $15 like I did. I love everything about his DVD except for the lack of quality extras and occasionally having to look at Mikael's cavernous nose scraggly beard for too long. If it were lost or stolen I would probably wait and buy the DVD of The Roundhouse Tapes. // 9

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overall: 9.8
Lamentations Reviewed by: aenimafist, on january 12, 2008
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Sound: For a live performance Opeth is a band you will not want to miss. When they are live they are perfectly set to go and will not mess up at all. That's how concentrated they are. They still have the classic sound and despite getting tired from the performance, Mikael's death growl still holds up great towards the end of the set. The thing that really made this sound so good is how they did the Damnation set which is all quiet, and then go straight into the heavier sets for Deliverance and so-forth. It is an amazing switch and utterly astounding. // 10

Content: The concert consists of two sets in one concert, actually. The first being Damnation and the second being Deliverance. I like the fact they did two albums, but I can't remember if they did all of Deliverance and some songs for other albums. There is also a documentary on the making of the albums they perform which includes interviews and set descriptions that are very neat to check out. I only wish the band would have shot some music videos for the mezmerizing Damnation songs or even the Deliverance songs. Even just for that, this gets a 9. // 9

Production Quality: The production quality is immediately noticable during the first song, Windowpane. The sound is top-notch and there is not just one camera moving around the stage but there are cameras set up around all of the members of Opeth so you get a very in depth look at the band. The video quality is outstanding as well with very clear picture. // 10

Overall Impression: This is probably one of the greatest bands of all time so it is not hard to get into Opeth. Evne if thou art a fan of soft rock you can buy Damnation. That shows how unique and versatile Opeth are. They can be soft and docile one moment and then be all death metal the next. Mikael Akerfeldt has to be one of the most Metal people in the music business. I bought this DVD for 13.99 at a store that raises the prices you know so buy this DVD because it is high quality and will save you bucks. // 10

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