Live At Wembley Stadium Review

artist: Queen date: 10/04/2007 category: dvd

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Queen: Live At Wembley Stadium
Release Date: June 17, 2003
This is a model DVD release for a rock band. No corners seem to have been cut! The concert footage itself is very good, the extras are excellent, and there's a lot of care and attention paid to every last detail of the packaging.
 Sound: 9
 Content: 10
 Production Quality: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.5
Live At Wembley Stadium Reviewed by: GiantSpider, on october 04, 2007
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Sound: Ok, so Queen have been together since '72 & it's now '86, and one of the many constants is their line up. As you can guess they sound tight as hell. Brian May is on form in this show, his Brighton Rock solo is unbelievable and he has plenty of room to stretch his fingers all over everywhere else. Roger & John are still one of the best rhythm sections in the world & they show it here. Freddie's vocals are perhaps at their weakest in his career around this time but they're still great. Taylor & May (and Edney) back him up amply aswell. Perhaps the only criticism of the sound is Edney's vocals are too high in the mix. 2.0 Stereo or DTS 5.1 is availible. // 9

Content: This is where the DVD comes into its own. Ok, the setlist is fairly greatest hitsish but the extras are fantastic. The Queen cam focuses on each member for various songs and is a real insight. There's also specially recorded interviews with May & Taylor, a backstage documentary. Footage from the rehersals are a great fly on wall addition. And there's some footage from the night before, where the boys seem to be having a better time in the rain. Overall this section is enough for greatness. // 10

Production Quality: Gavin Taylor's 'throw lots of camera's at it' attitude works fantasticly. Nothing is missed, ever. And the share of the cameras is fairly even, surprising to many who saw Mercury as the dominating member. As ever with Queen tours, a fully custom lighting rig is in attendence. Queen worked really hard to interact with their lighting rigs and although not the best they ever had, it's quite good. Some pyrotechnics as well. // 9

Overall Impression: Does it compare with other artists? No, it's the benchmark for everyone else. The only set back about this show is the set list, some old favourites would be great. The overall production on this DVD is enough to sell it to anyone but this really is the complete package, it has everything, you feel a part of the gig (especially with 5.1 on). A must have for any music lover, not just Queen fans. // 10

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