Battle Of Mexico City Review

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 01/05/2007 category: dvd

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Rage Against the Machine: Battle Of Mexico City
Released: October 29, 2002
Outside Mexico City's Sports Pavilion, hundreds of young Rage fans rattle metal fences and throw rocks at the increasingly nervous police. Inside, a seething crowd of 5,000 lucky ticket holders cram into the cavernous pavilion chanting anti-government slogans and poking their middle fingers into the thick, sweaty air while waiting for Rage Against the Machine to storm the stage.
 Sound: 8
 Content: 8.5
 Production Quality: 6.5
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 7.8
Battle Of Mexico City Reviewed by: BrockTandem, on september 30, 2005
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Sound: Quite a good DVD capturing their epic performance at Mexico's Sports Pavilion. Starting off with 'Testify' the band plays all their hit songs aswell as a couple not heard on previous albums (Zapata's Blood). Strangely for the first half of the performance the swear words are cut out but on 'Killing In The Name' they make no effort to censor the repetitive chant of "F--k you I won't do what you tell me." Everything you would expect from RATM and well worth the money. // 7

Content: After every three or so songs there is a part of a documentary showing Mexico's political history and riots against the World Bank meeting. Extras include bonus interviews, Tom Morello's tour of Mexico City and a photo gallery. Everything you would expect from RATM and a wise investment. Track List: 01. Program Start 02. Testify 03. Guerrilla Radio 04. Documentary Part I 05. People Of The Sun 06. Documentary Part II 07. Calm Like A Bomb 08. Documentary Part III 09. Sleep Now In The Fire 10. Born Of A Broken Man 11. Bombtrack 12. Know Your Enemy 13. Documentary Part IV 14. No Shelter 15. War Within A Breath 16. Documentary Part V 17. Bulls On Parade 18. Killing In The Name 19. Zapata's Blood 20. Freedom. // 9

Production Quality: No special tricks or anything new. // 6

Overall Impression: It is a very good representation of RATM live however if I got it stolen I would probably get RATM live at Grand Olympic Auditorium. I like the fact it had a documentary through it and it included all the Rage songs I liked. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Battle Of Mexico City Reviewed by: Shredlet, on january 05, 2007
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Sound: This band is terrific they are always energetic and give everything their best. Zack even has little poitical documentaries going on during the whole DVD which are quite interesting. Tom Morello kicks ass with his innovation while the rest just keep up the funk. // 9

Content: The DVD is live and has a kick ass list of song. You will definately love it if your a true rage fan. The DVD has an interview with Zack De La Rocha and an author of a book about some political views which shows that "Rage" aren't political posers and it also has a video of Tom Morello's tour around Mexico City which is pretty cool. // 8

Production Quality: The quality was pretty good but you couldnt really hear the crowd's energy which made the concert a little less exciting but was really good and it was quite annoying when words were taken out but in Killing in the Name the "F--k You" part remained uncensored which confused. // 7

Overall Impression: This DVD album over all is very good! A true rage fan would own it, but if it was stolen I would get Live at the Grand Olypium because simply this DVD didn't have all the classic rage songs like Bullet in the Head, but still nonetheless you should definately buy it if you're into rage not just because it's a kick ass DVD but because it's a real collecters item. // 9

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