Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Review

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 01/14/2008 category: dvd

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Rage Against the Machine: Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium
Released: December 9, 2003
This DVD captures Rage's final concert performance in 2000. The event was laid down on film, not video, so it's got a professional vs. a made-for-Canadian-TV look. The straightforward look is on display for the bonus material of the performance outside 2000's Democratic National Convention in LA; plus, this may be an even better musical performance than the Canadian show.
 Sound: 9.4
 Content: 9.8
 Production Quality: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 9.8
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overall: 8.3
Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Reviewed by: Will_GnR_87, on june 08, 2006
3 of 3 people found this review helpful

Sound: Rage Against The Machine were the band of the nineties. They ended very abruptly in 2000 after the cover album Renegades after frontman Zack De La Rocha left. Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium was their final show. As usual, Tom Morello's guitar was phenomenal. He possesses amazing creativity and certainly is one of the greatest guitarists of all time. However, Zack De La Rocha's voice and stage presence had certainly diminished by now and you could tell he was near the end. On previous live recordings, during 'Bulls On Parade' he would jump around and scream the lyrics, whereas in this dvd he seems somewhat reluctant, and while he still covers the stage very well, he wasn't as energetic as previous live shows. Having said that, he is still an amazing singer and the best political lyricist since Joe Strummer. // 8

Content: The dvd is basically a live show, with a 15 track setlist. The band released a cd version of their final show, but it had a different tracklist. Personally I prefer the live dvd, but anyway. The dvd starts off with 'Bulls On Parade', an explosion after Morello builds tension with an interesting intro. The band run through most of their more popular songs, such as 'Bombtrack', 'Guerilla Radio' and 'Killing In The Name'. The low point of the dvd came during this song when the crowd missed a great oppurtunity to scream with Zack during the 'F--k you I won't do what ya tell me' part. C'mon people, its not as if you don't know the words! Rage also include some interesting tracks as well. They perform the Australia-only bonus track, 'No Shelter' which they run through with ease. The band also plays an EPMD song 'I'm Housin'', which later appeared on the Renegades album. But the biggest surprise and probably the best performance of the night was the cover of Cypress Hill's 'How I Could Just Kill A Man'. A tighter version of the original, the band brings out B-Real and Sen Dog to play with them. It is an amazing duet, and the three singers gel brilliantly. The bonus features on the dvd include two extra tracks from their last show, 'People Of The Sun' and 'Know Your Enemy'. It also includes a half-hour performance from the Democratic National Convention, where Rage held a gig in protest. The live show is fairly good, although it doesn't measure up to their final show. The dvd also includes the alternate video clip to 'Bombtrack' and the video to 'How I Could Just Kill A Man'. // 9

Production Quality: The dvd and album were both produced by the great Rick Rubin, so the production of both is amazing. From start to finish the sound quality is perfect. Also, they echoed Zack's voice in some parts, which is pretty cool. An interesting note about the final production. They seem to have injected some slow-motion and blurred parts into the live performance. Some people feel this takes away from the energy of the performance, but really I don't see it as a problem. Overall it is pretty good production. // 7

Overall Impression: This dvd is certainly very impressive. The Wilk, Commerford, Morello and De La Rocha were seasoned performers together and this dvd is a fine example of that. I love the fact that they included the Cypress Hill cover on it, that song is probably the best performed. The one part that pissed me off was the Killing In The Name of performance. It was as if Rage got a touch of the Nirvana syndrome, and couldn't be bothered/didn't want to play their biggest hit. Nonetheless, it is a great dvd and because my local cd shop is selling it for $10 bucks at the moment, if it were lost I would definitely go and buy it again. // 9

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overall: 9.8
Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Reviewed by: autumnskyguitar, on march 02, 2006
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Sound: Rage sounds just as good if not better in this live recording than they do on their albums. The quality of the effects used by Tom Morello on lead guitars are excellent. I knew he was a good guitarist, but I had no idea how innovative he was. On a bonus track "People Of The Sun," he rubs an allen wrench on the strings to produce that signature riff. Watching this concert changed my perspective on how music can be played. // 10

Content: There are 17 songs from the concert, plus a bonus concert (six song set), and two music videos. RATM played all of their best songs, although I was a little dissappointed they didn't play "Wake Up." The concert was Rage's last before Zack De La Rocha quit the band in 2000. // 10

Production Quality: Just like you were at the concert (minus thousands of screaming fans in your ears, unless you have thousands of screaming fans in your living room), there were only a few video clips that didn't have to do with the music. When one song was over they would just play the next one. It was satisfactory, but there wasn't anything that blew me away about the production. // 9

Overall Impression: This is one of the best live DVD's I have seen. RATM is just such an exciting band to see live (Audioslave doesn't bring the same excitement to the table). The thing that impressed me most was the sound quality. I also have a Guns N' Roses live in Tokyo - 1992 DVD. Guns N' Roses is my favorite band, but I prefer the Rage DVD because their live shows sound better. The vocals, drums, bass, and guitars are all equal to that of studio recording. Not many bands can reproduce that kind of sound quality in a live enviroment. If I lost this DVD, I would definitely buy another one. This concert totally amazed me, even after watching it numerous times. // 10

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overall: 9.3
Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Reviewed by: [ LiAm ], on january 14, 2008
2 of 2 people found this review helpful

Sound: From the beginning, Rage Against The Machine have come up with new ways to make noise. In the studio they play around with strange effects to make sounds that give they're records an extra dimension. These sounds are carried over perfectly in live performances in general, and this DVD is no exception. It covers RATM's final performance in 2000 at the Grand Olympic Auditorium. The DVD is basicly the performance, nothing more although nothing more is needed. It also includes bonus performances of "People Of The Sun" and "Know Your Enemy". Also another 5 or so live songs played outside the Democratic convention. For the Feature presentation, the sound was pretty good, except Tom's amp could have been a bit louder. As for the Demo Convention, the sound was horrible. You could hardly hear Tom at all, but all was forgiven when you saw cops being battered by protesters. The bass throughout the DVD was huge, which is what I love about RATM. Zack's voice was studio-perfect, which surprised me, although I hated it when Tim sung. He sounded like a drunk caveman. // 9

Content: After a short introduction made from chopped up previous performances, protests and music videos, Bulls On Parade begins kicking of the show. Tom's wah skills are impressive and the bass sounded huge. Zack was flipping his dreads all over the place. Then came Bombtrack, a very energetic performance all-round. Tim's Bass intro to Calm Like A Bomb was executed perfectly, and sparked a huge cheer from the crowd, although admittedly not my favourite song. Bullet in the Head was next and once again very energetic with the build up to "You got a bullet in your f--kin head!!" Sleep Now In the Fire came next with tom stamping his foot through the whole song. The solo was a bit flat, and could have been improved. Another one from Battle Of LA, War Within a Breath was next with Zack screaming the chorus got the crowd surging. People were literally throwing themselves over the barricades through the whole show. I'm Housin from the unreleased (at the time) Renegades album could have been left out, not a particularly 'crowd pleasing' song. This was the time for Zack's little speech, can't remember what it was about but I was listening when he said "Alright this song is called Killing In The Name". I was beginning to get sick of this song, but now I love it again, a great rock song. Born Of A Broken Man's intro riff settled people down before hyping them up for the chorus, a great crowd pleaser. Then they played "No shelter" which was altered a bit from the CD release. Guerilla Radio sounded 100 times better than on the CD, the riffs much cleaner. How I Could Just Kill A Man was sung by two people from cypress hill and Zack together, although they werent needed or wanted in my opinion. A very up-beat and sped up version of Kick Out The Jams once again got the crowd moving. Testify came next, another track from Battle of LA which sounded like the CD version in every way, which I suppose is a good thing. And for an epic finish, Freedom. I loved the way they slowed down for the verse, then sped up for the chorus. Great Track list, although a few more Evil Empire songs would suffice. The bonus tracks should of just been included in the set list but the Music videos and extra perfomances were great extra material. Very satisfying. // 10

Production Quality: Production quality. Not very present here. It was basicly a live performance, so a few cameras around the place cought all the action. There were shots of the whole band, shots focusing on a particular band member then shots of the crowd. That's basicly it. The lighting was great and changed with the mood and speed of the songs. The way it was put together focuses on the band which is great. // 8

Overall Impression: I have to say, RATM's live performances rival those of heavy metal bands with intensity. The band jumps around and the mood is very energetic. It's great how the editing is at a minimum. Its shots straight from the cameras catching all the action as if you were there in the Pit. A great DVD with a superb performance by rage Against The Machine. // 10

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overall: 10
Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 27, 2004
1 of 1 people found this review helpful

Sound: Awesome sound. Same sound any Rage fan loves, with crowd in the background cheering. No real story, but a thank you to the fans who supported them throughout their career. It's Rage man, rap/rock/funk/hip-hop/hardcore/punk. Rage's got it all. // 10

Content: The live show. Alternate "Bombtrack" video, "How I Could Just Kill A Man" video, bonus performances from the concert, "People Of The Sun," and "Know Your Enemy." Also, a great bonus, a mini-concert from the Democratic National Convention that took place a month earlier, and footage of the riot. 01. Program Start 02. Bulls On Parade 03. Bombtrack 04. Calm Like A Bomb 05. Bullet In The Head 06. Sleep Now In The Fire 07. War Within A Breath 08. I'm Housin' 09. Killing In The Name 10. Born Of A Broken Man 11. No Shelter 12. Guerrilla Radio 13. How I Could Just Kill A Man 14. Kick Out The Jams 15. Testify 16. Freedom And Lastly The Credits. // 10

Production Quality: Production quality is great. Nothing really too much. Lot of variaion in camera angles, some effects during powerful moments, eg. Bulls On Parade wah riff. // 10

Overall Impression: Yes, a great item for a Rage Against The Machine fan to have. It's better than a lot of DVD concerts I've seen. The most impressive thing is the performances themself. I love almost everything, lot of stuff for a Rage fan to enjoy. I hate that they didn't do "Take The Power Back." If it was stolen, I would go buy it again, for sure. Definitely worth the purchase, especially since I bought it right when it came out, for less. // 10

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overall: 10
Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium Reviewed by: bengunn516, on march 28, 2006
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Sound: When someone listens to Tom Morello play guitar, they would assume that most of what he is playing is heavily computerized, technological bullsh*t. But when you watch this dvd and hear the sounds he makes live, it's safe to say that you will blown away, as I was. His ripping guitar with ever inventive and original sounds, accompanied by Zach De La Rocha's lyrics and Brad Wilk's drumming gives this concert the best sound I have ever heard. // 10

Content: This DVD is a full, live concert in LA and it also includes performances from the Democratic National Convention from the 2000 elections. // 10

Production Quality: The filming and production are outstanding. Great crowd shots/close-ups of the band. // 10

Overall Impression: The music on this DVD is better than that on the CDs which are of course the best ever made. When watching this DVD the first time I swear to God I almost had a seizure it was so incredible. The crowd atmosphere is stunning and the only thing that exceeds it is the music. Buy the thing right now and make sure you have a towel because you might have a mess of bodily excretions to clean up after viewing. // 10

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