Rage Against The Machine Review

artist: Rage Against the Machine date: 01/31/2011 category: dvd

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Rage Against the Machine: Rage Against The Machine
Release Date: November 25, 1997
This DVD is pretty a much collection of Rage's best concerts and some music videos there is also a poem made by Zach De La Rocha.
 Sound: 10
 Content: 9
 Production Quality: 9
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.5
Rage Against The Machine Reviewed by: Nirvanafan60, on january 31, 2011
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Sound: This DVD is pretty a much collection of Rage's best concerts and some music videos there is also a poem made by Zach De La Rocha. It goes back to the start of their career to near the end. I honestly prefer these guys live then on CD, they are great live performers and from the looks of things made some of the most insane mosh pits. They use whatever effect Tom and Tim use. Tom is excellent live and shows his enthusiasm while playing, well the whole band does. I personally love the rawness of the Pink pop festival clip as it is the earliest clip as it was played in 1994. // 10

Content: This DVD features several live concerts also uncensored music videos for Killing in the name, Bullet in the head, Freedom, Bulls on parade, Memory of the dead (Land and liberty)(Zachs poem) and People of the sun. This a DVD containing various different live performances of Rage Against The Machine. The line up is great starting off with The Ghost of Tom Joad(Live) and ending with People of the sun(Music Video). The extra stuff is the uncensored music videos and the poem by Zach. // 9

Production Quality: All of the live performances were recorded during the 90's so the camera quality is nothing compared to what have today but that doesn't matter. They use the usual "tricks" different camera angles, crowd camera and on the stage they use some lights such as dimming and colour changing, Other then not pure camera. // 9

Overall Impression: This by far my favourite Rage live DVD and my second favorite live DVD. I really love the Pink pop Killing int he name performance its a real good display of the early rage. I love this DVD for being the greatest Rage DVD ever and I don't hate it at all. If it were stolen or lost i would be really pissed off and buy it again...if I could find it. // 10

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