(sic)nesses Review

artist: Slipknot date: 10/19/2011 category: dvd

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Slipknot: (sic)nesses
Released: Sep 28, 2010
Overall really good DVD. If you like new Slipknot, then this is for you.
 Sound: 9
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9
(sic)nesses Reviewed by: zannibal, on october 19, 2011
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Sound: Slipknot has gone softer since the 2 first albums as we all know. But they aren't still too soft, and they still keep moshing and jumping around. Sound quality is very good, specially if you have seen the webcast version - DVD has way better sound quality. They also fixed the horrible mixing in "Psychosocial". Corey is using growling instead of screaming but it's fine. Other than that, can't really whine about anything. // 9

Content: DVD has the "Live At Download 2009": Amazing show with over 80 000 people in crowd. There's also "Full-length film": "Audible Visions Of: (sic)nesses" wich is made by Clown. It's pretty much like the "Of The (sic): Your Nightmares, Our Dreams" from the 10th Anniversary edition of Selftitled album: Just random clips with no real sense. Then, of course, there's music videos wich I really don't care at all. Set list is pretty basic, but still good: 1. 742617000027 2. (sic) 3. Eyeless 4. Wait and Bleed 5. Get This 6. Before I Forget 7. Sulfur 8. The Blister Exists 9. Dead Memories 10. Left Behind 11. Disasterpiece 12. Vermilion 13. Everything Ends 14. Psychosocial 15. Duality 16. People=Shit 17. Surfacing 18. Spit It Out If you ask me, they could have put some rare songs from first albums, like "No Life" or "Only One" or "Me Inside" instead of some of the new songs. But it's still a good set list. // 8

Production Quality: Production quality is perfect. As I mentioned before, they increased sound quality and fixed the horrible mix of Pinoccio's barrel at song "Psychosocial". Sound and video quality are just perfect. Camera working is mostly good, and you actually get to see some boobs (!). Maybe they should film a bit less Corey. // 10

Overall Impression: It's hard to compare to other as Slipknot has changed a lot. If you like old Slipknot, buy "Disasterpieces". If you like new Slipknot, buy this. Hard to tell what I love and hate... The big crowd is really cool and also band does their job well. If I have to hate something, then it's some of the new songs. I personally don't like the "All Hope Is Gone" at all. Overall really good DVD. If you like new Slipknot, then this is for you. // 9

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