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artist: Underoath date: 08/24/2007 category: dvd

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Underoath: 777
Release Date: July 17, 2007
This DVD has everything a normal music DVD has: a documentary, a live show, and music videos. This is a good DVD overall for the band and gives them a good image. It's also a great thing for a fan to pick up to enjoy until the band's next album.
 Sound: 9
 Content: 8
 Production Quality: 8
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8.3
777 Reviewed by: UG Team, on august 24, 2007
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Sound: Underoath is one of those bands you either love or hate music-wise. Their sound combines the screaming vocals of Spencer Chamberlain with the softer vocals of their drummer, Aaron Gillespie, with the overall hard thrashing guitars of Tim McTague and James Smith, the bass of Grant Brandell, and the head banging keyboards of Christopher Dudley. The overall sound from this band can be best described as a train wreck (but in a good way). The band's sound tends to be like a train wreck in the sense that one minute it's soft and it carries itself in a light manner, but suddenly it breaks down into a hardcore screaming breakdown. The music tends to do this in all their recent albums. The band can be best described as Christian metalcore or post-hardcore. The band's lyrics generally have an underlying Christian tone to them, but the sound of the music itself seems to differ that with heavy riffs and loud screams. // 9

Content: This DVD has everything a normal music DVD has: a documentary, a live show, and music videos. This DVD is a good DVD overall for the band and gives them a good image. This DVD is also a great thing for a fan to pick up to enjoy until the band's next album. The documentary is called Moments Suspended In Time, named after the song A Moment Suspended In Time on the band's 2006 release Define The Great Line. This documentary seems to be narrated by the band's guitarist Tim McTague. Most of the footage is taken from Tim's video camera as he walks around and talks to other members of the band. The footage shows the band with fans (as shown in the first segment where they are signing CDs at Hot Topic), on the road, and at their shows. Footages includes the band playing games with other bands on tour, the band's antics on tour, making of a music video, and the overall energy of their fans. While the documentary is interesting, the clips tend to be short. They also tend to hop around after each clip. There is no continuous footage at all except when they are making a video in Sweden. While this is a down side to it, it is still pretty well put together. The live show is the Myspace Secret Show that the band put on June 20th, 2006. The footage shows the band's energetic live performance on stage for their fans. It combines their old songs from They're Only Chasing Safety with the new songs from Define The Great Line. This performance is very well done for only a Myspace Secret Show. I haven't seen the band live, but after seeing this, I wonder what their true tour shows are like. The music videos are probably the best part of the disc. The videos include Writing On The Walls, In Regards To Myself, and You're Ever So Inviting. All three videos are very, very well done, and I promise you that if you haven't seen them, you will be in awe. The videos are done in conjunction with Sweden's Popcore Films. The videos may not make that much sense, to me at least, but they are very well done compared to other current videos. // 8

Production Quality: While most of the documentary is done from Tim's video camera, it still is really well done, and it looks very nice. The live concert only has a few camera views, but they cover the stage and the audience really well. The music videos are the quality you would see on TV. The entire DVD is very well done, but the documentary seems to hop around a little too much. // 8

Overall Impression: Overall, this DVD has tons for Underoath fans to embrace until the next album. If you are a fan of the band's videos or live shows you will love this DVD regardless of the documentary. I honestly think the documentary is the only down point in this DVD, but it is still very well done. If you have yet to hear anything from this band, but would like a general taste, I would also recommend this DVD to you to show what the band is all about. Just pick it up if you think you need a dose of Underoath playing on your TV every once in awhile. // 8

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