Septor Elite 727 DNC EB Review

manufacturer: Agile date: 02/04/2011 category: Electric Guitars
Agile: Septor Elite 727 DNC EB
It is one of the more expensive Agile guitars, the main features being a 7-string Super-Strat with the extra string coming in on the low end, along with a 27" scale length, Neck-thru construction, arch top Mahogany body and a Quilted Maple top to boot.
 Sound: 7
 Overall Impression: 8.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.5
 Features: 8
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overall: 8.4
Septor Elite 727 DNC EB Reviewed by: Pat_s1t, on february 02, 2011
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Price paid: $ 750

Purchased from: Rondo Music

Features: This particular guitar is from the 2010 batch of Agiles, made in South Korea and distributed out of New Hampshire, US. It is one of the more expensive Agile guitars, the main features being a 7-string Super-Strat with the extra string coming in on the low end, along with a 27" scale length, Neck-thru construction, arch top Mahogany body and a Quilted Maple top to boot. The neck is a 5 Piece Maple/Walnut design, with a reverse headstock, unmarked Ebony fretboard, 24 Extra-Jumbo (2.9mm) frets and a 13.7" (350mm) neck radius for truly smooth and fast playing. The guitar is fitted with a string-thru Hipshot .125 Flatmount bridge, Grover Die Cast tuners, USA Made Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups (AH1-b), and a two knob (one Volume, one Tone), three-way Switch control configuration. For the price, the features of this guitar are phenomenal. However, compared to all other guitars and price ranges, it still scores quite highly for me. // 8

Sound: One of the main reasons I bought this guitar was for playing very low downtuned songs without losing very much range, as well as more technically challenging music that incorporates the extra range this guitar offers (Animals as Leaders, Periphery, etc.) I play a lot of Progressive Metal, Metalcore, Shred and Deathcore, along with some Classic and Hard Rock. While the active Duncan Blackouts aren't as well equipped for the latter two styles as many passive pickups, they can still get the job done with a properly EQ'd amp. I run the Septor through a Mesa/Boogie Single Rectifier + Soldano 4x12 rig, with an Ibanez TS-9, a Boss NS-2 and a Dunlop 535Q wah in the chain. For delay and reverb, my Line 6 POD X3 is run through the FX Loop to bring out a variety of sounds. The Blackouts are quite noisy on a high-gain setting, with the NS-2 barely keeping back a lot of the unwanted feedback without sucking out the tone. However, the lows on this guitar resonate very well, a must for an instrument that can quite easily reach F# on the low B string, as well as a great lead response with punchy mids and tight riffs. While the pickups will give you a great tone for heavier styles, don't expect sparkling cleans. These can be used in a live setting if you value your heavy tone more, but lots of headroom on your amp will be essential to really bring these out. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly well when it arrived. The action was low with no buzz, the pickups were at a reasonable height, and the routing was done with Precision such that the hardware fit perfectly and with no nicks in the wood. The bookmatch of the Quilted Maple top was a bit off, with a seam of about 3-5mm running up the center of the body. However, it was completely straight and axial, so I just emailed Kurt at with pictures, and he refunded me $50 no questions asked. The wood and finish itself looks great, with lots of depth and Shine to the top after a good wiping down. All the hardware was tight and functional, the frets were properly filed, and the electronic controls were noiseless and consistent. // 9

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will most surely withstand live playing, as it is sturdy and well built. The hardware is top notch from reliable manufacturers such as Grover, Seymour Duncan and Hipshot, and I have no fear of them deteriorating over time. The strap buttons I cannot vouch for (much like my MH-1000 review), but this time it is because my 18 year old brother decided it was a great idea to remove them, and accidentally broke one of the screws. So my Septor is currently buttonless. I can still depend on it heavily however, so much so that while it may be smart to bring a backup anyway, to be honest I can't see myself spending a solid amount of money on another 7-string that I don't think I'd need to use. If anything, this guitar would be my trusty backup if I ever decide to get a high-end custom made seven. The finish has so far not rubbed off at all, though I've only had the guitar for about three months now. // 9

Overall Impression: I've been playing for just over four years, and have acquired close to $10,000 worth of gear since I began working at a grocery store at fourteen (in 2008). Right now, on top of this guitar and the Mesa/Soldano rig I mentioned before, I also own an ESP LTD MH-1000 NT, as well as an ESP LTD EC-1000 VB, a Seagull S6 Original Acoustic and a 2006 Epiphone Les Paul Special II. I did extensive research before my purchase, comparing all sorts of brands and price ranges from makers such as Schecter, Jackson, ESP, and Ibanez. In all, the MIK Ibanez guitars as well as the ESP LTD MH-417left me desiring more, with only the Schecter C-7 and Jeff Loomis guitars coming close to the Septor. However, because of my particular liking to fixed bridges, Ebony fretboards, and a price difference of about $250, this was the guitar for me. If anything I might have preferred locking tuners to come stock, however this is an inexpensive and easy change to make, and thus I can't complain much. The guitar is well balanced, and the neck really suits my metal playing and bigger hands. This guitar is certainly a great buy for anyone deciding to venture into ERG territory and wants something that can deliver playability and tone similar to anything short of a Jackson USA or MIJ Ibanez for much less cash. This is a guitar I hope to keep for a long time, and I would certainly get another one if I were ever in a position where it got lost/stolen/burned, but didn't have the funds or patience to order a custom guitar. // 9

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overall: 8
Septor Elite 727 DNC EB Reviewed by: megano28, on february 04, 2011
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Price paid: $ 600

Purchased from: Another guitarist

Features: This Beast is a 2009 Septor Elite made in Korea, but sold in New Hamshire, US. This is the best production line of the Septor series and it's floyd equipped brother is the Interceptor Elite. It has 24 jumbo frets, 27" Scale, Mahogany Body, with a 5 piece Maple/Walnut Neck. Carries a reverse headstock with grover tuners at the end with an 18:1 ratio. It has an archtop body as well as a quilted maple top. In the hardware department, it carries a hipshot bridge(much like the Fender bridges who don't know what these look like) and two Seymour Duncan Blackout AHB-1 pickups. It has a simple, yet effective, volume/volume/tone control configuration as well as a Les Paul styler pickup selector, so it can be used as a kill switch. The guy I bought it from decided he would add the hardcase/straps and some Jazz III XL's in the deal as well so I can't complain. The only real thing I would have liked differently is an ash body, but mahogany gets the job done as well. // 8

Sound: I play all kinds of music and the biggest reason why I decided to buy this axe was because I wanted an extended range so I could play some metal(or jazz) without having to change tunings constantly. Right now I have it set a half step down to Bb Standard(Bb-Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb), but that's just because I prefer that sound. I play this axe through two different amps, a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and a Mesa Boogie Maverick. Now if you look these two amps up, you'll see they do completely different things. If I play this through the Dual Recto, I can get some beautiful djent going on. Through the Maverick, however, I can get great cleans, albeit not Fender Strat cleans. When I run it through my Dual Recto, I have a TS9-Vox Wah(can't remember the models, as it is at home) and a TC Nova ND-1. I do not use a noise gate and I have never needed to as the actives keep it quiet enough. When it comes to the cleans, the neck pickup gives a very full, organic sound...and when it comes to the bridge pickup...lets just say I never use it on clean. I'm thinking about putting in some BKP's(Aftermaths) into this since I really don't like actives. That being said, these SD's sound much better than the EMG equivalent. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: So far this guitar has been perfect for me, with no real issues. Since I bought it second hand, I can't judge exactly how it came out of the box. The only thing I adjusted on it was the the action to match the neck radius, other than that everything is 100%. // 8

Reliability & Durability: The guitar is built like a tank, I've bumped it more than a few times and no chips/dings have resulted. This guitar is over a year old and all the hardware looks great. The strap buttons are very solid, but as always straplocks only guarantee the safety. I play this guitar a minimum of two hours a day and the finish doesn't look like it'll fade any day soon. I'd gig with it no problem, without a backup as well, but that's just me, I like to live in danger. // 9

Overall Impression: This guitar is made for metal and it does the job great, that being said the cleans could be better, but that's mostly because of the pickups. I have been playing for over 7 years and I have been through many guitars in that timeframe as I searched for exactly what I wanted in a guitar. I can honestly say that this is the guitar I've felt the best about in that entire time, and I've owned pretty highend guitars(American Strats, Gibson SG/Les Paul, Prestige Ibby's). All this guitar needs is a pickup swap and I'll be 100% satisfied. If it was stolen, I'd probably not buy it again, not because of the quality, but because the next guitar I pay for will be a Custom 7 String so it has everything I want from the beginning. I looked around for a long time before I bought this and the only other guitar I was looking at was the Schecter Loomis Signature, because of the ash body. Other than that one, not many can compete with the quality of this guitar. // 8

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