TC-630 review by Agile

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 6
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 8.2 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (9 votes)
Agile: TC-630

Price paid: $ 199.99

Purchased from: Rondomusic

Sound — 8
My general style of music is alternative rock/punk: I mostly play Modest Mouse, Eve 6, a bit of Third Eye Blind and stuff like that. However I also like some harder music, especially System Of A Down, Dear Whoever, and Smile Empty Soul. I use a Raven 20watt with a Boss DS-1 Distortion box. The TC fits these genres pretty well. I haven't gotten to play many real teles but it sounds close enough. I also haven't gotten that serious twang out of it but hell when my dad picked it up and started playing it upside down he made it twang like a real blues guitar so I guess it's in the feel and the style you play, right? This guitar has a snap, the bridge single-coil goes into attack mode especially through my DS-1. I wasn't too sure how punk I could get with it but it makes great for my angsty soul. I can be playing Modest Mouse one minute, mess a couple of knobs and be playing a decent distortion for "dear dance" or whatnot the next. But being a single-coil machine, it gets quite the feedback. I think some people may underestimate a single-coils ability but for stock pups this guitar is pretty diverse. I've also tried some blues and even some soft jazz with my TC.

Overall Impression — 8
When dabbling in different kinds of music this guitar adapts well. Keep in good mind that I've only played a couple of years so I am by no means no expert. In my personal opinion this guitar seems pretty solid and quality. The 2 things I were most worried about buying this online without playing it first were if it would sound authentic and if the neck was a good size. Well I have skeletal, spidery, small hands and this neck is nice and thin I can slide around it great. If it was stolen or lost I would probably get another... If not another Agile (I've now had my eye on the PS-900s!).

Reliability & Durability — 9
This guitar seems pretty durable. I'm a clutz (with the scars to prove it) and the all this guitar's gotten are some scratches on the back, a chip on the back edge, and some smudges. I've bashed the body on the solid oak diningroom table before and it didn't do any damage. The strap screws are large and solid, alot nicer than the ones on my dad's epi. I don't think I'll be on stage too soon, but i could depend on this guitar with a few moderations. The finish may be scratched up but it's thick!

Action, Fit & Finish — 6
The setup out of box was okay. The action was good, I never had to adjust the pickups really and everything looked clean. However one thing that is a downside was the fret filing. The closer to the body you go the more the frets stick out and poke at you. It's not anything that bad and it isn't gonna cut you just kinda annoying. Oh and I think one of my knobs may be coming loose.

Features — 10
I don't know the year made but recently since I just got is January of 2009. It's a Korean made. 22 frets on a rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and a maple body with an excellent Vintage cream-colored paint job and a pearloid pickguard. Personally I don't much like the pickguard but that's just because it would match my clothing more if it were black. Anyways the paint job was chipped a month into me playing on it right down to the wood. (But I am pretty clumsy.) I went into my local Music'n'Arts store and saw to Vintage teles on the wall that my Agile matched almost to a 'T' except the TC has a round selector Switch and the Fender Vintage teles have a square one. Other than that a match. Not to mention those Fenders were $600 and my Agile was $200. All together I get this one with a cheapo gig bag, a cord (that is now after 6 months pretty much dead), a pack of picks (in assorted colors, too), and a tuner (that I gave to one of my friends because I already had a Korg.) for $250. A good deal to me. The configuration is like a Standard Telecaster: two single coils, string-thru, a three-saddle ashtray bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone knob, and a 3-way selector Switch. All seems pretty sturdy and the jack hasn't loosened up in me in the past couple months so she's good. I don't get very abusive with my playing but when I do this one holds up and keeps tune okay. (see below) The tuners: epic. They're grovers, still to new and shiny I can see myself in 'em and they stay in tune so well. I barely have to touch those things to get them to do what I want. (Which is awesome compared to my Acoustic 'cus those things are complete crap the glue bands are falling off and everything.) My only problem is not with the tuners but with factory strings that were installed, they were too light and so did not like when I put it in dropped Db, or dropped C, or Open C for that matter. But that's just my preference of tunings.

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    putting humbuckers in a telly is like putting dish soap in a douche bag. You may get a few good licks but you know right away something aint right.
    Aww man you non believers really have something coming to ya when you play these guitars. I have personally tested a good number of them and as far as having something you can mod and still sound amazing these guitars really are above everything else when it comes to cheap copies. I own an AL-2000 that I put a D Sonic in and have not been disappointed the whole time I have owned it. The quality is higher than the epi series of things but I wouldnt say I would trade my mexi fenders for the agile fenders tho. Anywho I will vouch for the company and Im pretty sure anyone who has been invited to the Agile owners club will agree when I say that the whole Line is fantastic.
    ahh i wanted one so bad but they sold out. they should make a tele deluxe and ill buy it for sure.
    The_Last_J wrote: AGILE ARE FREAKING AMAZING. Their prices are slowly creeping up though.
    JessicaGonzo: they have some lefties on the site in vintage cream still. And I totally know. If they made one that came with a humbucker I would be all over it