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manufacturer: Aria date: 08/22/2016 category: Electric Guitars
Aria: STG-004
This guitar is definitely much better than expected and of great value for its price. Better than most budget guitars out there.
 Sound: 7.6
 Overall Impression: 9
 Reliability & Durability: 9
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.3
 Features: 9
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overall: 9.6
STG-004 Reviewed by: Ramine, on july 26, 2004
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Price paid: $ 192.04

Purchased from: GuitarTek

Features: A Strat style Guitar, with the Quality of Aria. Made from Canadian Alder, with a 21 fret neck; it is a solid build, with a sweet blue finish. The Neck is made from rosewood, and feels like a real quality build, again, the neck is bolted on, but for the money you would not expect anything else. The bridge is a tremolo style, which for the price you would expect it too loose its tuning, wrong, its kept in tune for me for ages when using the trem. There are 2 single pickups, with 1 humbucker for good measure, also this can be turned to single when it get too loud. There is also a 5-way Switch for all the different tones and stuff, 1 volume and 2 tone settings. Overall the look off this guitar is brilliant, which is tough, and has stood quite a few knocks. // 10

Sound: The sound of this guitar can suit anything, from jazz/blues, to heavy rock, (playing Death metal), it is very versatile. However I have noticed, the humbucker has to be turned on if you want some heavy sounds. Well I'm using this on a 15-Watt amp, and the sound is clear crisp, and there is only a slight buss (which again is mainly when I'm playing with distortion). I have not tried a Pedal on it yet, might get one soon to see if it sounds good, and should do! The noise it makes when the amp is loud would be good enough for a lead guitarist, it sounds good when soloing, with no squeaky noises! // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Well this is where I got disappointed to start with, when I first had the guitar, I noticed that when I help the 3rd fret on the 6th string, I got a real flat note, after playing with the bridge a bit I still couldn't get it working, I was annoyed by them. Then by luck I looked at the end of the string, and saw it was fraying, so I replaced the string and Walla, fixed the problem. The action of the guitar is very smooth, and it is a joy to play, and really the price is not right for this! All the pickups were fine; it was really a pick up and play jobbies. (Apart from the strings). Hmm that's another point, the strings they use are not the best, and so it would be advisable to change the strings. The actual Hardware though is real good, its chrome, and will last a long time. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is tough! It has a rock solid finish, which is very shiny, which is very attractive. I would probably have a backup when playing live, (only just in case someone steals this from me)! I believe this will stand a live performance, only due to the strength and the quality of the build, as for the hardware; it would stand an Atomic war! Players that use straps wont have to worry about this coming off; there is more chance that the strap will break before the metal things! The Scratch plate (the white bit) has a laminated top, which can be peeled off, but I haven't yet, which keeps it in good nick. The only time you will peel it off is when you sell it again! Apart from this the finish on the guitar will last, its solid, but it does smudge easily, but who cares, it's not a mirror! // 10

Overall Impression: Well I play Rock/Punk/Metal so it suits all my types of music, and I believe by fiddling around with the settings, and amp, you can get a variety of tones and styles out of this guitar. I have been playing now for more than 3/4 of a year, which is not long, but is long enough to appreciate a good guitar. I wouldn't know what to class it, it is too good for a beginner, but then again it is not an Ibanez, or a Fender, but for the money, I would buy it again if something went wrong, I might even go for the higher model, STG-005, but then again I might not. My first guitar was a Ridgewood Acoustic, which I learnt to play with, which again is a unknown brand, but in the same instance, it is brilliant, and I cant fault it, apart from the weight! This is probably the Best Guitar out there for the money, (I have shopped around for like 6 weeks, and been over loads of websites, shops, catalogues). If you want a guitar, no matter who you are, get an Aria-004, you won't ever regret it! // 10

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overall: 6.3
STG-004 Reviewed by: Adeondithas, on october 07, 2005
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Purchased from: Trentins Music Centre

Features: I am fairly new to this model of guitar, so I don't know what year it was manufactured. It has 22 frets, a thin neck with rosewood fretboard. It has a laminated top. The neck wood is made from maple, and the body is solid mahogany. Its finish is a metallic blue lamination. With a Standard Strat body style and active electronics, you can control tone and volume as well a 5-way pick up selector. Pickup configuration is equal to 3 single coil pickups evenly spaced throught out body. Pickup make and model unknown. Tuners unknown. // 7

Sound: This guitar doesn't really suit my music style, although it has been a good first guitar. I usually use it with high distort and a standard 10 watt Aria practise amp. This amp delivers a powerful sounds when used with distort, however suffers clean sounds. The sound is moderatly bright, yet not as rich and as full as some other 10 watt amps I have tried with this guitar. The guiatr can make a variety of sounds but is limited to use for rock and heavy rock. I dont recomend this guiat and amp to someone looking to play metal at a gig. // 4

Action, Fit & Finish: There has been no need to change the setup of the guitar, and factory setup was pleasing. The pickups have been idjusted well, and the guitar is properly setup. One of the flaws of this guitar is the buzzing created in the poorly fitting bridge. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar is good for rehearsal but I don't think it would stand live for more than 3 songs. The hardware is stronge but quality has droped over time. The strap buttons are solid however they are too small for most straps. // 8

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overall: 9.4
STG-004 Reviewed by: blueeleguitar, on october 08, 2005
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Price paid: $ 219.6

Purchased from: online

Features: Do not know when or were it was made, was bought in 2002 and was new so I'm asuming was made in 2002. 22 fret rosewood neck and a 'thru blue' finish, I think the body is alder but not to sure. It is a Strat style guitar with one humbucker (coil tap I might add) and 2 single coils and a 5 way Switch controls them. I got a gig bag and amp and couple of other things with it, amo wasn't that good but for a 60 (total was about 200) for a 20 watt amo you can;t really go wrong. I have had this guitar for two years. // 10

Sound: My music style is just about everything and this guitar can do almost everything, the only thing it can do is full out metal, the coil tap gives it another angle on which to experiment with. I'm using an Aria amp which is shockling bad but when the guitar is used with other amps its ok. But however I like the sounds I get from it. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up perfectly, pickups were adjusted fine. Everything was fine apart from the frets which looked as if they had been hurried, controls were fine everything was grounded proberply, the nut was fine until I put 12s on it! // 8

Reliability & Durability: This guitar has been gigged a number of times, has been dropped and had stuff thown at it but its still fine. The strap buttons have not failed me at anytime. Finish is fine, it took a phone to break it. I would gig with out back up if I had to but as a genral rule of the thumb its a bad idea! // 10

Overall Impression: I cannot rate this guitar highly enough to you. For the price it beats just about everything in the price range. If it were lost I would not buy another one cos I have no money. It is an excellant quality of guitar for a starter every one should hyave one! // 10

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overall: 7.4
STG-004 Reviewed by: stoneCOLDsweat, on november 01, 2005
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Price paid: $ 315

Features: This is a Strat-style guitar. It has a sting-thru bridge, volume and two tone controls and a 5-way pickuop selector. It also has a 2-way Switch (beside the tone control) that seems to boost the sound from the bridge pickup. There are three pickups: a humbucker on the bridge and siglecoils in the middle and neck position. The neck is bolt-on maple. The fingerboard is rosewood, with 22 frets. The body is made of alder (I think) with a flamed-top finish. // 8

Sound: With humbuckers and 22 frets, it is quite versatile suits my musical style (i.e. a bit of everything). I use it with a Marshall 15CD amp, and I am generally quite satisfied with the sound, but I do get interference, sometimes quite bad, on the neck pickup. Otherwise good though, fairly versatile. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The set-up let a lot to be desired. The action was far too high, and there was mysterious buzzing on the strings. I adjusted the action, and the buzzing seems to have sorted itself out also, so it's fine now. Another problem was the input jack on the body, which was quite loose. I eventually removed the jack plate to try to tighten it from the inside, and in doing so one of the wires broke off! Luckily the guy in the shop fixed it for free for me, and I have no problems with it now. // 6

Reliability & Durability: This guitar could take a lot of abuse before giving up. Nothing seems like it break/fall off it at any stage. One problem I would have playing live with it is the whammy bar: it de-tunes the strings, especially the G. I have heard thet the necks on starter guiatrs like these tend to warp after a few years. I've had it about half a year, and it still seems fine to me. I expect to upgrade before too long, but I intend to keep this guitar as a back up. I would use it at a gig without a backup, but only because I don't have one! I would use a backup if possible to be on the safe side. // 8

Overall Impression: This is an outstanding guitar for starters, in my opinion. It's cheaper than a Squier Strat and has more features. In particular the 22nd fret is handy with many songs I play. I would recommend this for anyone starting guitar, but I would advise them also to check the action and set-up before buying. // 8

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overall: 9.4
STG-004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on october 08, 2009
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Features: It's probably in China. The STG has 22 frets, Standard Strat scale. It features solid Alder body, maple neck and rosewood finger (which is the most perfect finish I have ever seen). It has two Aria single coils and one humbucker with coil tapping. All electronics are passive. Along with a 3-ply pickguard, 5-way pickup selector, 2 tone and 1 volume, the STG-004 does give lots of features. // 10

Sound: The sound, to my surprise, is way better than I originally expected. I compared this to a MIM Fender and I think they sound identical, if it's not better. When I compare this to a Yamaha RGX, I will say I like the sound & feel of the Aria better. Pickup-wise, you may hear little hum in the single coil positions but so as the Fender. With the HSS configuration w/ coil tapping, it does produce lots of different sounds for different genes of music. Indeed, the sound humbucker is relatively thick and powerful for what it is. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The action is fine from the factory but I did the setup again to make it better. Currently, I am able to achieve a very low action (5/64") across all six strings without any fret buzzing. So far, I haven't found any uneven fret problem yet even at a low action setting. Mine is a 3 tone sunburst and the finish still looks Brand New everytime after I clean it. The wood selected to make the body is a very good choice. From a few feet away, it looks like the guitar is made of a one piece Alder wood. It takes a very close inspection to tell the gap between the first and the second piece. However, even at close inspection, it's very hard to tell the gap between the second pc and the third pc wood (I would expect it's a 3-pc body). I really think they did a fantastic job in matching the wood grains, even at the price level they are selling. In general, I am happy with it. // 9

Reliability & Durability: Surely it will last... I have taken it to live performance a few times w/o a backup and it didn't disappoint me. Again, I have confidence the finish will last and the body always looks great. The strap buttons are strong but if you play rock, I do recommend you replace them with a longer screws. The feel of the electronics (knobs and selectors) have quite solid feel and they should last too. // 10

Overall Impression: This guitar, in general, is relatively versatile and playable. From beginner, intermediate or even advanced player, I do recommend it. The finish of the guitar is really unbeatable for the price. If my STG-004 is stolen, yes I will go and get another one and the same color. I played along and compared this guitar to MIM Fender Strat, Squier Affinity, Yamaha RGX and at the end, I still like the Aria better. I guess I choose Aria is because of the look and the fact it does product nice sound with a good feel after the setup. I have helped others to setup guitars and this is by far way better than other guitars at a similar price range. It's a good buy after all and I think they can actually sell this at a higher price tag. // 9

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overall: 9.8
STG-004 Reviewed by: beatrocker, on october 22, 2009
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Price paid: € 179

Purchased from: Musik Hoffmann

Features: Well, I don't know where it was made, but I think in China. It has an alder body and a bolt-on maple neck with a 22-fret rosewood fretboard. The body is a "see-through-blue" coloured Strat-style body with 1 humbucker, 2 single coils, 1 volume control, 2 tone controls, a 5-way pickup selector Switch, a 2-way coil tap Switch for the humbucker and a Vintage-style tremolo. So all in all, this guitar is a Fat Strat copy. // 10

Sound: I play metal, mainly neoclassical (like Malmsteen), and this guitar fits incredibly good. It has a typical Strat sound, so it's quite bright. I use the guitar with a Crate GX-20M solid state combo and a Dulop Crybaby, and it sounds really good. I also like to play some blues soloing, and again, this guitar sounds great. The only thing that's not so great is that the single coils are humming a little. // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up very good. The action is perfect, not too low and not to high, and you can shred pretty good on it. There were (and there still are) no flaws. The bridge is good (the tremolo stays in tune when I use it). The pickups were adjusted good, but I just lowered the middle pickup because I don't use it much. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I would probably use it on a gig without a backup (I haven't gigged with it yet, but it's very reliable and durable, so I think it will last a lot of gigs). The finish is also very good, so think it will last long. The hardware is also very good, like the strap buttons, (which I put on the guitar later, when I bought it there were no strap buttons on it). // 10

Overall Impression: All in all, I love this guitar. As I said, I play neoclassical metal, and this guitar is awesome. I would definately buy another one if it was stolen. But although I love this guitar the way it is now, I'm going to modify it. I'm going to change the pickups to DiMarzio HS-3 (bridge, neck) and FS-1 (middle), and put a new pickguard on it. Maybe I will also change the neck, I'm looking for a Fender maple neck, because they look best in my opinion. But I also love this guitar how it is now. // 10

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overall: 7.8
STG-004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on may 21, 2010
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Price paid: € 127

Purchased from:

Features: I guess this guitar was made in China, but it was not labeled. It has a elder body, maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard. Strat Style 22 frets. The one I own has a nice sunburst finish. 2 Single Coils and one humbucker. 5-way selector and Coil Tap Switch. // 8

Sound: The sound is quite versatile and i gives you the sound a Strat stands for. It's a bit hollow and not as sparkling as i expected. The clear sound is the one that suites me most. The humbucker at the bridge position is good for soloing. Does not fit my style for high gained sounds. // 7

Action, Fit & Finish: The setup was ok. But it was possible to lower the action a bit. Now the action is great. The neck feels good. The fingerboard is not as curved as on other Strat copies. I like that. Very quick and easy to play. The finish of the STG-004 is quite nice. The workmanship looks to be good and much better than from other budged guitars. // 8

Reliability & Durability: I own a Les Paul Style, a Dean HardTail and now this guitar. The hardware makes a good impression. Tuners are of good quality and all the other hardware is great a well. Better than the hardware I found on other budged guitars. Can't see why not to use it for a gig. // 8

Overall Impression: I can recommend this guitar for clear sounds. Blues, pop, soloing. I don't think it's perfect for metal or 80's rock. If you already own a Les Paul style guitar, this might be a nice add on. Great for beginners as it's easy to play and it's got a good action. I like the finish and workmanship. Good value. // 8

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overall: 8.4
STG-004 Reviewed by: jebssantos1, on august 22, 2016
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Price paid: $ 276

Purchased from: Cubao, Philippines

Features: Bought in 2010 if memory serves. I think this was Made in Korea. Alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Stratocaster shape. 22 frets. Candy apple red finish. Really, REALLY solid craftmanship. Active electronics. Synchronized Tremolo system that IS NOT THE MOST RELIABLE. Single coils for neck and middle, humbucker for bridge, the humbucker was poorly wrapped in cloth, had to tape it together. 5-way selector and a switch for the bridge pickup to change between single coil and humbucking modes. Ton of features for this guitar but could do better with the tremolo system and the poorly wrapped humbucker. // 9

Sound: This is a GREAT guitar for its value. Pickups at 3 different locations with a 5-way selector leads to LOADS of possible sounds that would fit with various genres! The clean sound is quite good but is somehow either too sharp or too deep, it slightly lacked in clarity, but maybe its my cheap Stagg amp's fault. The tone is an issue that amplifier's EQ can definitely deal with. The sound when dirty is SUPERB! This guitar sounds marvelous with even the slightest amount of dirt! Not recommended for metal playing though. You could but there are really other guitars for that. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: Action was perfect when I got it. Everything is hunky dory except the synchronized tremolo bridge(Yes its worth mentioning again). Maybe I'm just a noob at floating bridges, who knows. I tried loosening it up a bit for trial. A whole tone dive, if just ONE whole tone is even considered a dive, and its out of tune. Main reason why I'm looking at guitars with Floyd Rose bridges and locking nuts for my next guitar. EVERYTHING ELSE IS WUNDERBAR. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I don't play live much. About 10 times in 6 years. This is because I don't really gig, I'm more of a hobbyist than a professional. The sound when live though, SUPERB. Wouldn't use ANY guitar for a gig without backup though. Strap buttons became loose after about 3 years, major fret wear after about 5 years of inconsistent, light-moderate playing. Oh but I do shred so you be the judge. Will definitely have this guitar re-fretted sometime this year. Finish is still sexy AF. // 8

Overall Impression: Style (through the years in this order): Blues, mainstream rock, punk rock, alt. rock, progressive rock. Been playing for about 8-9 years? I don't own much gear, just my Stagg amp, and Boston disto pedal. I've been longing for more ever since. If this were stolen would I buy it again? Well lets just say that I'd be really really sad. This guitar can play so many genres and really enhanced my learning experience with regards to what genre I would specialize in. This guitar is DEFINITELY much better than expected and of GREAT value for its price. Better than most budget guitars out there. // 8

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