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manufacturer: Aria date: 03/02/2012 category: Electric Guitars
Aria: STG-006
I play this guitar through a Line 6 Spider 4 and a Boss GT 10. To be honest, its an amazing guitar. It's not the most expensive axe out there, but it is very very good and very versatile.
 Sound: 8.3
 Overall Impression: 9.5
 Reliability & Durability: 9.5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 8.5
 Features: 8
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overall: 9
STG-006 Reviewed by: hitman_47, on october 14, 2010
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Price paid: $ 250

Features: I've had this guitar for almost 2 years now. It's a made in Korea, 22 frets solid body electric guitar. Fairly Standard Stratocaster style guitar. It has 2 humbuckers and one single coil pickup. The pickups are Standard passive Aria pick ups. Mine's in natural finish and it has a tremolo which I've never used. 2 tone controls and one volume control. It has decent tuners (they rarely go out of tune) and it came with a soft carry case. // 8

Sound: I'm into blues/rock/funk, a little bit of metal (nothing too heavy) and am trying to get into jazz. I play this guitar through a Line 6 Spider 4 and a Boss GT 10. To be honest, its an amazing guitar. It's not the most expensive axe out there, but it is very very good and very versatile, although I hesitate to use that word. It can do very good cleans, lightly distorted, crunched, mellow (jazzy) sounds but isn't a metal players axe. Clean, on the neck pick up, it has a full mellow sound and the bridge pick up has a bit of bite to it. Not enough for a good distorted sound, but good for crunchy rhythms (think Funk). The single coils are a little weak, but when used in conjunction with either of the humbuckers, sound very good. Distorted, it does sound good, but not as good as something with EMG's; the sound is just a little lacking in crispiness there. For the money, its a beautiful guitar that plays really well and can do a wide variety of sounds. With the right sort of effects you CAN get it to sound like a decent metal axe, but there are other guitars better suited to that sort of music. With a little bit of tweaking, you can get a very wide variety of sounds from this loaded guitar, but metal is not its forte. // 8

Action, Fit & Finish: The action was ok out of the box, but it needed a little tweaking to get it as low as it could go. To be fair, I've messed around with just about every aspect of this guitar, so that not such a big issue. I don't remember how the pickups were adjusted, but I've messed around a little with that too (its fairly simple with this guitar), and they are really responsive to the height. The reason I bought this guitar was that it sounded beautiful acoustically. Before I even plugged it into an amp, this guitar had a nice resonant sound with a bit of volume to it. The hardware is of excellent quality, certainly much better than the hardware on MIM strats (a friend of mine has one and I was quite surprised at how cheap the tone/volume pots felt). The tuners rarely go out of tune and I've never faced a significant problem with the tuning. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have played this guitar live regularly. Up until about 6 months ago I used to gig regularly and this has always been my instrument of choice. I've never used a back up guitar on all the gigs I've done and I haven't faced a problem yet. Again, the hardware is rock solid. The only thing I've ever changed is the volume pot cause I screwed that up while messing around with the guitar. Even when using significant amount of gain (12 o'clock Drive on a tube screamer), the guitar is relatively quiet. I've banged the guitar around a bit and the finish has withstood all the minor mishandling. It was only when I dropped the guitar that a small part of the finish came off. This is a dependable instrument. // 10

Overall Impression: As I've said, I'm mainly into rock/blues/funk and this guitar is a good fit for those styles. I like playing a bit of tool on the side and though it delivers, it leaves something to wanted in that department. I use a lot of effects and the basic clean tone is great to work with. I've been playing for close to 3 years now and recently I thought I'd get a new instrument. Nothing I played however, gave me a significant improvement over any of the tones I can currently get with this guitar. Granted, a Strat tone is a Strat tone, and something with EMG's has that distictive EMG sound. This isn't an instrument that competes with those guitars, but it does hold its own against them, and easily at that. If you're looking for a very particular stereotypical tone, this wouldn't be the best buy for you. However, if you're willing to experiment and don't play death metal all the time, chances are, you can get whatever tone you want out of this guitar. You can't beat this guitar for the money and even more so, if you know what you're doing you can get a lot out of it. The only thing I need now, is a hollow body. // 10

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overall: 9.8
STG-006 Reviewed by: ParamoreRocks!!, on november 01, 2011
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Price paid: £ 120

Purchased from: A local music shop

Features: It has: - 22 frets on a dark rosewood fretboard and maple neck - 25.5 inches long - chrome hardware - 2 OH-1 humbucker pickups and 1 OS-single coil pickup - 2 tone controls and a volume control - 5-way selector switch - Peavey Transtube Audition amp, cable, strap and whammy bar included as well as spare strings and a tutorial DVD (not a good DVD). // 9

Sound: It's got quite a rich tone and works well for both distorted and clean. It sounds very smooth and it's my favourite guitar. I play a lot of alternative rock like Paramore and 30STM and it does suit the style but it also suits gentler songs. The tuners are very good and it's a very playable guitar. I'd recommend it to beginners. // 10

Action, Fit & Finish: I didn't have to do anything to this guitar when I bought it. The guy who I bought it from adjusted the bridge a little but that's it. I took it home and literally got started as soon as I opened it. There were no flaws and the finish was amazing. The wood is very good quality. I've had it for 2 years and the fretboard hasn't shrunk or anything. I've dropped it a couple of times and it's fine. // 10

Reliability & Durability: I think you could play this live! The only problem I've had is that the whammy bar broke inside of the bridge so I'll have to get that out. The strap does come off the strap buttons sometimes but they're solid. I would definitely trust this guitar. It has never let me down. The finish is very long lasting and withstands a lot of rough and tumble. // 10

Overall Impression: This is the perfect guitar for me. I have 2 other guitars and this is by far the best. I have a Fender StarCaster which is a cheap Strat and it's terrible in comparison. This was my first guitar and I love it. If it got stolen I would die. I would buy it again though. I love pretty much everything about this guitar. // 10

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overall: 7.8
STG-006 Reviewed by: ShaneCallaghan, on january 26, 2012
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Price paid: € 180

Purchased from: Reynolds Music, Letterekenny

Features: Not sure what year it was made, 22 medium jumbo fret neck, 25 and a half inch scale with rosewood fretboard, maple bolt on neck, Tobacco sunburst finish with white/black/white scratchboard. Strat style Alder body with Vintage style trem, HSS pickup configuration with 5 way pickup switch and coil tapped humbucker. Active pickups with grover tuners. Came with a gig bag, strap and cable. // 8

Sound: This was my first guitar and I've bought 2 of these as I like the way they sound and feel. I played a lot of punk and heavy rock when I started playing. The coil tap is excellent, gives you a nice punchy sound when you want and then a nice Strat sound when you want it. I used this through a solid state and valve amp. Sounds excellent through both, not noisy when its set to the humbucker but gives a little hum from the tapped single coil. The neck gives a little smooth creamy sound and gives a little hum which I've never had with another guitar. The hum, not the creamy lead sounds. Sounds good but the hum does get annoying so a 6. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was set up well out of the factory, I had it set up for different gauge strings though. I adjusted the height of the humbucker as I always do, I like it to be as close to the strings as possible but not contacting the strings when I mute heavily. There were no blemishes or scratches but when I used the tremolo I got this weird sound so I opened it up to see what was happening, when I depressed the bar, the springs at the back were rubbing of the body where a little to much sealer and lacquer was used. I sanded it off and now it's not as noticible but still rubs, so I just don't use it. Because of this, I'm only giving it a 6 as everything else was perfect and it was comfortable as hell to play. // 6

Reliability & Durability: I have used this guitar live before, it held up well. No serious faults and holds it's tuning well when you don't use the trem. The strap buttons have beeen reliable, doesn't slip, the input jack was good and solid but after a while it came loose and stopped making a connection but this happened over a year. I dropped this thing once, straight of a stage head first and I just hopped down, picked it up and went straight back to playing. It didn't even lose it's tuning and just a small nick in the headstock where it landed. So it's pretty solid. I've had this guitar for ten years, it's still getting used when I want to play some rock or lighter stuff even though I have had guitars 5 times the price. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall, this thing covers a large range of music. I can't really compare this to my other guitars as I have a load of 7 strings and this. I wish the bridge was a little more tuning stable and the tuners too but it's pretty solid when you don't use the trem. If I lost this I'd be pissed as it was my first guitar, I sold the second one I bought. What I love about this is the chunky neck that's just so comfy, the fact it's not heavy and the coil tap. I compared this to the squire strats and the Yamaha pacifica and I chose this out of cost and feel. It just seemed to fit me more. For the price, this thing is as good as you can get, I believe it's one of if not the best entry level guitars. Gets full marks in my books because I've seen guitars the same age and get the same treatment fall apart where this thing just keeps on truckin. // 10

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overall: 8.4
STG-006 Reviewed by: badpuneetbad, on march 02, 2012
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Price paid: $ 175

Features: It is a 2010, model made in China. I got it the starting of the year 2011. And has medium jumbo frets. It is a solid guitar made and is not hollow. Body is made of mahogany nd the fret board is of rosewood with maple neck. It is a Strat style guitar with black color which has a HSS pickup configuration. It also has 2 tone and a volume knob, and a 5 way pickup selector. It has Aria tuners which work excellent. It also came with a gig bag, a strap, cable and some l keys. // 7

Sound: I play a lot of punk, which sound awesome on this guitar(when played through the bridge pickup). I also play lead stuff like Slash's solos and a lot of blues stuff. So neck pick up also gives you a warm and clean tone which sound best with any amp. I have also started playing some Van Halen stuff and I must say this guitar's respond to harmonics is pretty well! The sound of this guitar is bright not humbukery, but the tone knob work pretty well. You can get a much richer Les Paul style sound when you start working with the tone knob. It can create a great kinds of sounds, as I have covered songs like "November Rain", "Beat It", "Tattoo", and many other songs which do sound great! // 9

Action, Fit & Finish: Every thing was perfect with this guitar from the day I bought it. Pickups were adjusted properly, the bridge was also at its place. The finish was amazing and is amazing till this date. // 9

Reliability & Durability: I have performed with this guitar on stage and is really playable. It's a really durable guitar and dependable at the same time. I don't need a backup for this guitar as I have said t is really reliable, I do have 1 more Fender Squire but still I love to use this 1. // 9

Overall Impression: Well as I have said b4 I don't play 1 style of music I play a lot of versatile stuff which do sounds great on this one, and I think I couldn't have found a better match that this 1 for me. I have been playing this from 11 months and I also have 1 acoustic guitar and 1 Fender Squire Bullet Start Strat, but I love this guitar more. If it stolen I will buy a new one. But it really depends on my budget, I can get a better model that this if I have more money. I love the punk sound which I get from this guitar and the only thing is dislike is that it is a bit heavy, not too much but is. // 8

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