STG-STV review by Aria

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  • Sound: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reliability & Durability: 9
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 8
  • Features: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.4 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.8 (6 votes)

Price paid: $ 170

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Sound — 9
This Guitar pretty much suits my style, I generally play heavy rock. The Bridge Humbucker has a nice fat tone, good for both rhythm and lead. The Single coils have a clean & crip sound, and to my surprise, the guitar is preity silent at high gain. I don't have an amp or pedal, I use Amplitube 2 live. You can get a variety of tone out of this guitar, from early led zepplin led zeppling style bright tone to modern heavy rock tones. This Guitar is preity versatile and can do almost anything! Using the coil tap, you can get those crunchy Strat bridge sounds too!

Overall Impression — 8
Overall, This Is a nice guitar and I couldn't have asked more from a 170$ guitar, I have been playing for almost 1.5+ years and this guitar suits me well. I don't regret buying this guitar, it has everything that I need to rock. If it were stolen/lost, I would probably buy another guitar, not because this guitar is bad, but because I would like to experience other guitars too, if I ever though of upgrading, I'll just get some vinyls and a good Pick-up for bridge. Over-all: This Guitar Is awesome for Beginners and Intermediate Guitarists, but Experienced guitarists might not be satisfied.

Reliability & Durability — 9
The Guitar Is rock solid, it could take crap loads of beating and still play well, everything is intact, The strap-buttons are solid and hold the strap well. The guitar will probably last a long period of time. If I Were to gig with this guitar, I wont be needing a backup. The finish was awesome, and it will last for a long time I guess

Action, Fit & Finish — 8
The Factory Setup was Almost perfect! Everything was the way I wanted it, the pickups were adjusted well, no scratchs/cracks or even a hair on the body! Everything was intact and tight. The intonation was a bit off, but unless screw drivers costed 1000$'s of dollars, it was a walk in the Park to take care of. The action was not too slick and low, but it was no way near rough and high! Overall the action was good and I could easily solo with it!

Features — 8
A Standered Fat-Strat style Guitar, it was made in japan. I don't know what year though. It has a a tone control, a Volume control, a 5 way pickup selector, and a coil tap Switch. The first thing that a good guitarist will notice, is that this guitar has a fully functioning Tone control! (Most Cheap guitar I.e. Guitar below 200$ range lack a functioning tone control due to improper internal shielding). It has a 25' scale, Alder body, mahagony neck and a rosewood fretboard, it has a standard tremolo(vintage one I guess). Three passive Pickups, Humbucker on bridge and single coils on middle and bridge positions. It stays in tune pretty well! I don't use the tremolo, so I don't know if it will retain it's tuning with it, but as far as playing without tremolo goes, it's fairly tight. It has a string through body bridge. They Also provided: A gig-bag, Few Alice 0.77 picks, a Guitar Strap and a guitar cable. I don't know about pickup make or model!

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    Stop being rude people - not everyone learns english as their first language - english is not the center of the world. Thanks for the review! I had this guitar as my starting guitar! It was great and i still have it to this day! Although i am on Ibanez RG Prestige 2008 model now
    I have a very similar Aria - you do string it up thru a panel on the back of the guitar, directly under the tremelo bridge - thus "strings through body" - check your facts, too before criticizing.
    Isn't 170 bucks a bit cheap for a Japanese made guitar? Did you buy a new or a used one? btw nice review
    Seriously? Standerd? Is english your third or fourth language? You don't seem to have a grasp on the idea or plurality either "Most Cheap guitar I.e. Guitar below 200$ range lack a functioning tone control due to improper internal shielding" Dude, toss your review in MS word and spell check it before you post it.
    SayHello2Heaven wrote: Seriously? Standerd? Is english your third or fourth language?
    Purchased from: Seeing how it was bought from an INDIAN website, I'd say english is not his first language. Honest review; most reviewers of beginner-intermediate guitars drop 10's like it's going out of style and concentrate more on making a funny bit for the "lost or stolen" bit than telling you about the damn guitar. I love the contrast of the black pickups on the white fretboard.
    People jump on the bandwagon at spelling errors. Perhaps actually reading the thing first and then UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING would help..
    everjump wrote: Isn't 170 bucks a bit cheap for a Japanese made guitar? Did you buy a new or a used one?
    It's new lol!! and yes my english is uber bad, but just lemme ask, if your english is so good, why do you have trouble interpreting what i write??? i mean it must be a piece of cake for you guys! btw nice review [/quote]
    English is not the centre of the Earth and one doesn't write guitar reviews in order to show up how good is his spelling. I have other problems with Aman_Sin93's review: 170 bucks for a Japanese-made guitar is impossible... and Aria doesn't manufacture in Japan anyway, despite being a Japanese make. Only a few high-end models are currently manufactured in Japan. Some are (or were) reportedly manufactured in the USA, but we are talking about instruments way above 1000 dollars. STGs were made in Korea a few years ago, now it's more likely to assert China as homeland of a 170 dollars guitar. The other problem comes from a wrong description of guitar's body: an axe with tremolo bridge simply cannot be a strings-through-body construction, my friend. This one is reserved strictly for non-tremolo bridges. Aman_Sin93's review seems honest, however, despite his enthousiasm for an instrument rare enough in his country. Marks are too high, but the general overlook is fair enough: entry level Arias aren't great instruments in terms of sound and playability, but they are reliable and decently built.