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manufacturer: AXL date: 10/19/2009 category: Electric Guitars
AXL: Marquee SRO
Featuring an all new body design and incredible playability, the Marquee SRO takes you from the garage to the arena with every power chord you play. This original model has a lively body design and features EMG-designed pickups, a solid alder body, a rosewood or maple fretboard, and a classic or typhoon-style pickguard. With classic configurations and controls, the SRO is perfect for a rock or blues-oriented sound.
 Sound: 5
 Overall Impression: 5.5
 Reliability & Durability: 5
 Action, Fit & Finish: 6
 Features: 5.5
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overall: 8.2
Marquee SRO Reviewed by: Spitz13, on december 06, 2007
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Price paid: $ 160

Purchased from: Todo Musica

Features: This guitar has 21 frets, Rosewood style neck. A laminated top, the body on the one I choose is red, although there's a variety of colours to choose from, and you can also choose from a Typhoon or classic pickguard. It's got a Strat style body. It has got 2 tone controls, 1 volume control and a 5-way pickup selector. It's got 2 single coil pickups and 1 humbucker brand AXL, like the guitar. // 8

Sound: I believe most of the sound issues have to be blamed on my amp. Witch is a Marshall MG10CD. I currently use either a Behringer distortion pedal or a Boss flanger with it, and they both have good outcomes, although with the distortion it does sound a bit too messy and sometimes you can't hear the guitar. // 6

Action, Fit & Finish: The factory set up on this guitar was good, I played almost every day for 4-5 months with the factory strings and they didn't break. Overall it came in a very good state. The guitar contained no flaws, the pickups were well adjusted, and the bridge was properly routed. // 10

Reliability & Durability: This guitar defenately looks like it will withstand a lot of time, it seems almost impossible to accidentally break, the paint also looks like it's very hard to chip of. The strap buttons are not really realiabe. They have given up causing the guitar to fall about 3-4 times. But the guitar withstood all these hits without a problem. I would use it at a gig without a backup, I highly doubt this guitar could be broken accidentally. // 9

Overall Impression: This guitar isn't perfect for the kind of music I play, witch is mostly 60s-70s classic rock, mainly because other models were more popular in that era, but noise wise, the guitar is a good match for the kind of music I play, I have been playing for about 2 years, and don't own any other gear, mainly because this guitar is all I need, although I would not buy this guitar again if it were lost/stolen, I would rather get something that suits me more. I love how it is cheap, and good, it's not one of those things were it's cheap, and it isn't good/reliable, this guitar was relatively cheap, and was good overall. // 8

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overall: 2.6
Marquee SRO Reviewed by: Riffofthebeast, on october 19, 2009
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Price paid: $ 200

Purchased from: Local Music Store

Features: I am not really sure what year this was made but I think I got it in 2008. It does not say where is was made. It has 22 thin frets on a rosewood fretboard. This guitar has an alder body and a Strat body style. It has 2 tone controls, 1 volume control and a 5-way pickup selector Switch. Unlike most Marquee SRO's mine has all single coil sintead of 2 single coils and 1 humbucker. // 3

Sound: Honestly, this guitar does not really suit my music style as much as my other guitars do (metal). The pickups have a bright sound but they don't really have as much as a rich or full sound. In the right hands this guitar can make a decent amount of sounds. When I let other people play this guitar they can generate bluesy sounds. // 4

Action, Fit & Finish: The guitar was not set up in the factory very well. The screws on the birdge were all loose and fell out constantly until I finaly replaced the screws. (everything on this guitar should be replaced most of the things on it are just cheap and poorly manufactured.) Also some of the frets were loose. The pickups were adjusted decently though. This guitar also does not stay in tune very well at all and will most likley come out of tune within 2 sittings of playing. // 2

Reliability & Durability: This guitar will not withstand Live playing. The hardware is cheap and does not last. The strap buttons are not very reliable. They are too small and sometimes slip right through my strap. I could not depend on t and I would not use it without a backup (I wouldn't even be using it at a gig to begin with) The finish is thin and wears off with lots fo playing. The body scratches easily and chips easily also. This guitar is small and light and I feel like I can crush it if I am too rough with it. // 1

Overall Impression: This guitar is not a good match for my style of music. I play lots of metal and this guitar cannot hold up to it. If it were stolen or lost I would not buy another again. However just because this guitar is not the right choice for me does not mean it isnt the ight choice for everyone. This guitar seems to be made for more of classic rock and blues. I wish this guitar had a bigger body and neck because it is too tiny in my hands. I also with it has a Flyod Rose tremelo system and a bridge humbucker. // 3

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