Assassin PX3T review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reliability & Durability: 10
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 10
  • Features: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (65 votes)
B.C. Rich: Assassin PX3T

Price paid: $ 699.99

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Sound — 8
The sound does suit my own personal needs, mostly being Metal and Clean licks, yet not all of them. I plan on changing the pickups. Yet this is my own personal preference. I play this through my very own Peavey Triple XXX Head and Cab. It's has very little feedback without a noise gate which can very helpful to me because I tend to play without one due to I have trouble with it taking away from my tone. On clean this guitar has one of the most beautiful tones I've heard. It's clear, with plenty of warm and with a slight hint of brightness in there on the neck. It's the same on the bridge, yet with the typical treble and bass differences. Distorted, it is pretty chunky. It has a pretty heavy low end with a decent amount of bite. The chords come out clear and powerful. Leads have amazing sustain and warmth. Everything comes out clear. With the coil-split on, it's the same yet in single coil form. No too big differences. It doesn't vary too much, yet the crowd it's designed for will surely be pleased. The only problem I found is it had a bit too much low-end for me.

Overall Impression — 10
For the style of music I play, This guitar kicks ass. My only complaint was a bit too much low-end. I've spent almost my whole time playing guitar hating B.C. Rich. Since trying a few models I found them pretty terrible. Yet on my second chance with them, I was completely amazed and astonished. This was a all-out great guitar that should cost a lot more. With a $699.99 price-tag, this guitar has to be one of the most amazing any company can offer you. Everything about it is perfect. If you play lead (great upper-fret access) or rhythm you will not be let down. I highly recommend this guitar for anyone. I bought this guitar after selling my Dean Dime Razorback and I could not have been happier. Comparing the 1, 100 price-tag of a Razorback to the 700 of a Assassin and seeing that the assassin gives you all the top features including a Original Floyd and Ebony Fretboard and 24 Frets for such a little price as the Razorback refuses to even give you a Original Floyd, the pick doesn't even need thinking. If this were stolen, I would buy a new one ASAP. B.C. Rich has become one of the top brands in my book because of this. This is now my new favorite guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 10
This guitar will do you great Live. I've took extra good care of it so far and I have yet to gig with it. So far the finish seems pretty durable. I have yet to get any major scratches and I tend to be clumsy so it has took some hits that have almost made me cry, and it's yet to have any huge scratches. Everything is solid and perfect. This is already set as one of my main gigging guitars. The only thing that I am expecting is the tinted black chrome hardware to soon fade. It has yet to fade yet Most all the time, hardware with any tint will fade back to it's original color. In this situation chrome. Throughout this guitar is reliable and durable.

Action, Fit & Finish — 10
This guitar was absolutely perfect from factory set-up. the action was set perfect and came with the floyd evened out perfectly. The pickups were leveled perfect as well. The glossly black finish had no scratches at all. There were absolutely no flaws. This guitar literally had one of the most perfect set-ups from factory that I've ever played.

Features — 10
I've always disliked B.C. Rich guitars since trying my friend's warlock. I had a online talk with Jason Hager or Years of Fire (ex-Chimaira) and he told me they were a great company and have some great guitars. Thus, he talked me into getting this. The B.C. Rich Assassin PX3T. The Assassin brings forth a well dressed "Hitman" look with 2 Rockfield Mafia pickups ass the weaponry. What shocked me about this guitar is for 700 I got all the features of a high-end guitar. The B.C. Rich Assassin PX3, featuring a licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo and Rockfield SWV pickups, is one screaming mean Assassin! A maple neck through a deeply arched, nato mahogany body with white binding, an ebony fretboard featuring 24 jumbo frets and a white, pearloid bird skull inlay are just some of the highlights of this guitar that absolutely oozes inspiration. Black hardware, revolver control knobs, ebony fretboard and a deep onyx finish top off the subdued all-business appearance. The feel resembles slightly thicker Ibanez RG (fast). The Original Floyd is a dream and compliments with the pickups with amazing sustain. The inlay is a bird skull yet you can't really tell. It mostly looks like a neat X kind of design. The finish is such a beautiful glossly black. The head stock has the B.C. Rich logo put on in a pop-out chrome color and the revolver knobs are definately a nice unique touch. All together for $699.99 it is truely one of the best deals you can find. Amazing high-end features for a great price.

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    Pingis_Or_Death wrote: So is the assasin better than your Dean Dime Razorback?
    Hell yeah it is!!! btw, it's an ORIGINAL FLOYD ROSE. not a licensed
    they modified my review a bit ._. it's a original floyd. not a licensed.
    dammit the person who modded this ****ed with it too much x_o... its chrome black hardware, which is basically chrome with a tint of black... not black hardware... god dammit
    Thank you finally for reviewing this. Im in that exact same position and i was kinda leaning towards the razorback but not i think im gonna go with the assassin. Thank you!
    BC RICH is my favorite brand of guitar... the bronze models are terrible, but their others are nothing short of spectacular. good job with the asassin, the only think i dont exactly like about this model, is that it doesnt have the body shape, of the warlock and beast and such. great review, i want another BC Rich now
    Gypsy Guitars
    i totally agree w/ SMK626 ! i own 2 of these PX3T's & it is my main axe for playin' Gypsy 'Metal... i actually love the sound of the Rockfield's for that sweet Santana sound & prefer this to several PRS's i own because of 1] the Neck-thru neck construction for better sustain, 2] the Ebony fingerboard & 3] 'da Floyd Rose... all NOT available on PRS's ! & the PRS are 3X's as expensive as this Assassin !!! anyway, i want an endorsement deal on this electric for my band from BC Rich... LOL !!!!!
    does anyone knows if it has a coil tap on the pickups? im considering buying one
    skinar wrote: does anyone knows if it has a coil tap on the pickups? im considering buying one
    Yes, it does. I however, have a relatively negative opinion. Ever since owning this guitar, I've had nothing but problems. The tremolo cannot hold E standard for more than three or four days, and it can't go below C standard - Giving little space for variation. Even the generally solid locking on the guitar cannot hold it in place. I have reverted back to my Mick Thomson M7 as a result. On a good note; I do not knock it's price. I would indefinately pick it over the Razorback if I had trouble saving money for it. It's built like a beaut, and I wish they made a non-trem spec and look equivalent.
    Thank you dax, there is a non trem version called the FX6 and it is very nice but discontinued so buy one quick (theyre about 500). but i prefer trem and i dont mind the tuning problem, i travel so much i have to re tune my guitars every day cuz of my dam gig bag...should really get a new bag before getting one of these. all ready got a mocking bird and ibanez iceman so ill use alternate tuning on them.