Assassin PX3T review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reliability & Durability: 8
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 9
  • Features: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.6 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (65 votes)
B.C. Rich: Assassin PX3T

Sound — 8
Solid & Sweet sounding pickups w/neck-thru-body sustain & "feel" of the sounds you make. Sounds grrreat either clean or in 'metal modes. Measa Boogie Studio 22 amp & Boss ME-50 & Klotz kables w/ Boomerang complete my basic setup. I have been playing guitar all my life, I'm 55, and it is my life, my wife as well as my business. I own over a dozen guitars, mostly flamenco negra acoustic cutaways for my solo show & an eclectic collection of tools for recording guitars & equipment. I spent alotta time researching this purchase as I was looking for a Paul Reed Smith styled guitar BUT with neck thru body construction, Ebony fretboard, & Floyd Rose, all features sadly not available from PRS, not easy to find at a reasonable price, the only feature I wanted I could not find was a Tung Oiled finish yet this finish is soooo smooooth that I Live with it's feel until I order a custom Tung Oil finished version of this model.

Overall Impression — 9
I would definately replace it if it was stolen as I consider it a truly classic designed guitar that represents an evolution of the Les Paul/PRS concepts & design. the BC Rich Assassin PX3T has every feature I was looking for but could not find in a dual humbucker, 24 fret, arched top solidbody guitar except in an ESP Horizon which was 3-4 times more expensive. This Assassin is an "instant classic," a true Diadem for a guitar player looking for it's unique features & design among the PRS/Les Paul styled designs. I am still in deep amazement that I could find such a well, designed & well-made solidbody for such an affordable price! I want to say I am not being paid by B.C. Rich to endorse this guitar & I did this review because I am truly impressed with what I consider to be an evolution in the design features of PRS concept. A Santana- styled guitar but w/ neck-thru sustain & feel, Ebony feel to the fretboard & Floyd Rose "divebombing" capability to capture the wildest nuances of emotional expression, features all sadly lacking from PRS & only available in much more expensive guitars which I cannot imagine being any better made than what I purchased. But in any line of mass-produced guitars, there are good & bad & average ones, I just got lucky to receive a grreat guitar, the right tool for the job for playing in a Santana tribute convention band.

Reliability & Durability — 8
Every detail about this gorgeous guitar impresses me & I have worked in many retail music stores & am now a professional, full time solo guitar performer & own over a dozen guitars. So, being this impressed w/ an electric solidbody is extraordinary! The neck thru design feels totally solid & the hardware feels solidly assembled for decades of enjoyment.

Action, Fit & Finish — 9
This beauty was set up w/ new strings before it was mailed to me & arrived w/a extremely comfortable action & sound. it looks soooooo smooth & sleek w/ it's well finished black paint job, dark chrome hardware, bound body & neck, deeply arched/carved top as well as "Assassin" inlayed fretboard! I just admired it's presence on my guitar stand for a while before I engaged it's well-setup, well-made machine in makin' music. This solidbody exceeded all my expectations & hopes.

Features — 9
2007 BC Rich Assassin PX3T, made in Korea, features neck thru body construction w/ Maple neck & Nato Mahogany wings & a deeply arched top. Smooth Black w/ pearl white bound body w/ dark chrome hardware, sleek 25 1/2" bound 24 fret Ebony fretboard, Grover tuners, Floyd Rose locking system w/ bar, 2 Rockfield ceramic humbuckers w/ a split coil tone control, 3-way toogle switch & volume pot.

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    I've played this guitar and I must say that's been hard to go home without her. Although this pickups are mostly for rock style or something smoother and not for anything harder like metal. But the feeling is awesome. It's a great guitar.
    Shikari Hybryd
    can someone please tell me what an ideal guitar (preferably BC Rich) would be to play metal on? (top quality pinches etc.)
    Shikari Hybryd wrote: can someone please tell me what an ideal guitar (preferably BC Rich) would be to play metal on? (top quality pinches etc.)
    hmmm Iron Bird, Gunslinger Retro.
    This is the only BC Rich guitar I'd ever buy, other than the Mockingbird Special(maybe).
    This and the ASM Standard is the most good looking B.C. Rich guitars... Especially ASM Standard in Gun Metal! \m/
    i play bass and i want this guitar lol! its so sexy. im using a b.c. rich bronze warlock right now. i wish they make a bass version of this guitar.
    Does anyone know if the Assassins with the natural finish are still in production? I like this guitar but I'm trying to move away from all black stuff.
    StraightxXxEdge wrote: Does anyone know if the Assassins with the natural finish are still in production? I like this guitar but I'm trying to move away from all black stuff.
    No they don't. Much like the FX6 which I have no interest in due to the horrid rose inlay, it looks like a tart's handbag. On a lighter note I bought a new guitar, a discontinued Jackson King V with Duncan Designed pickups, which I've ripped out and replaced with a bridge Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8 and a neck Full Shred SH-10, and it's amazing. Bought some Revolver knobs from the BCR Assassin to put on, so it looks and plays brilliantly. Custom spray too. Hell yes.
    Assassins are the same exact thing as outlaws except with different knobs. But it's a damn beautiful guitar. I saw a dark blue on and the design down the neck was sick.