Bronze Mockingbird review by B.C. Rich

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  • Sound: 5
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reliability & Durability: 4
  • Action, Fit & Finish: 5
  • Features: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 4.8 Poor
  • Users' score: 6.7 (54 votes)
B.C. Rich: Bronze Mockingbird

Price paid: $ 60

Purchased from: Flea Market

Sound — 5
I like to play classic rock, hard rock, alternative and modern rock, and I play through a couple of pedals into a Line 6 Spider Valve 2x12 and it is not suited at all for my style. The only thing that sounds okay is the clean sound which is very rich-bright sounding (with the exception of the high e string unable to be heard). The pickups on this are trash they suck they are the worst damn things I've ever played with! Even with the Line 6's INSANE mode it sounds overdriven, not at all distorted, it is terrible with distortion and effects. The volume/tone knobs hardly make any difference to the guitar's sound.

Overall Impression — 4
I was very dissapointed in this guitar, I've had it for ALMOST A YEAR and I'm trying to sell it but I've got no luck so far. It sounds bad, feels bad, and looks bad as well. I wish I couldve just walked past the damn thing, but it somehow called out to me in a crying voice begging for me to buy it. I'D BE GLAD IF SOMEONE STOLE IT! I hate it, hate it, hate it and no, there is no guitar out there worse than this save yourself some time and money and buy a REAL guitar.

Reliability & Durability — 4
This thing sits in my closet dreaming of being played live someday, but its gonna have to keep dreaming because it sounds like crap, feels like crap and looks like crap, so bad it's not even worth fixing up. Its going to have to last because it'll be sitting in my closet for a lifetime until someone takes it.

Action, Fit & Finish — 5
The guitar was old, used, and dirty (fill in joke here) I had to clean it inside and out, re-intonate and re-string it, the pickups werent good in any position I put them in, it had a whole lotta little scratches and dings, but the coat was still shiny and cool-lookin'. The thin-ass neck is my worst enemy I can't STAND IT AT ALL. ALL THE STOCK HARDWARE WAS TERRIBLE it never stays in tune and the electronics inside are the absolute worst there could ever be.

Features — 6
When I first bought this guitar I thought I got a Killer deal on an awesome guitar, but sadly I was wrong, anyway, this guitar was made somewhere in asia, and it was made in the very early 2000's. It came in a black finish and came with the original B.C. Rich logo on it, not the big ass bronze logo. (Thank god!) It has 24 medium-jumbo frets with some ugly Dot inlays, a wrap around Bridge which is horribly ugly, some Standard tuners two HUMBUCKER pickups, a 3-way Switch one volume and one tone knob. The guitar is very heavy and weighs somewhere between 8-9 pounds. It has a maple body and maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.

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    dustjunk wrote: Eric 666 wrote: Blackskall wrote: I'm a big fan of B.C. Rich guitars, but this is the one guitar of B.C. Rich that I'm not really fond of...looks kind of dumb dude i say that to everyone, i'm a huge B.C Rich fan and the mockingbird just looks gay to me, i had a 91 "Class Axe" Warlock and i would prefer it anyday...i wish i wouldnt have sold it. you've got it all backwards, Mockingbirds are the only cool looking guitars B.C Rich have made. Warlocks look like pieces of reject shit.
    + 1 but Gunslinger is pretty cool too.
    I love my Mockingbird (Bronze). Been playing for a few years now, and though it's not got the fastest neck by any means, i's a good allround guitar. Holds tunings perfectly, I tune up like once a day. If I tune down from E standard to drop A, it only requires one more tuning like 5 mins later and it'll go all day. It's got a bit dented over the years, but works perfectly, never had any problems.
    okay, so I won a used one of these at a benifit concert in Los Angeles last night. I've only had it for less then 24 hours now, I dont know the history of the guitar but the pickups aren't stock forsure, and I've been playing a Gibson Les Paul traditional Pro for the last 3 years, and honestly I will be using this guitar 50/50 with my gibson(with new seymour duncans) stsrting today depending on what I'm doing. I cant find the best way to explain it but at least with whatever pickups are in it, this guitar kicks a different level of ass,
    f&(k every aspect of the cheap price, cheap wood, or that'it doesn't have the fastest neck' or whatever. If you can achieve that sound in your head, what does any of that matter? This guitar is for rocknroll metal.